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    Mayport 6/16 Mangos and Trigger - 18 Jun, 2018

    Got to the ramp right before the rush at about 0545, slipped in the water and we were off in search of pogies. Get to the poles and see a couple boats throwing but nobodys getting any. Cruise further south looking for birds diving and right before we get to the pier I see some on the Garmin. One pancake and we've got plenty in the well live and some go in the cooler for chum. 1 hour burned on finding bait but well worth it. Plug in Casa Blanca and we're off, but get to PG area and there's fish busting the surface everywhere. Put some pogies out on wire and idle toward the barge. 30 seconds into deploying first line and we're already hooked up. Get a small king into the boat and we're smiling already. Not even 2 minutes later and we have a second king hooked up. He gets thrown on ice. 5 minutes later and we get another hit, This one feels bigger but comes unbottoned and we decide we don't wanna burn any more time on kings so were off to deeper water. Get to Casa Blanca and theres a boat anchored up and another boat that arrived at the same time as us. Two of us jig and one sends down a chicken rig. One jigger gets slammed and can't stop the fish from going down. Popped off when it got to the wreck. The other jigger pulls in two almacos and the chicken rig produces some grunts and short vermillion. We don't stay long because it's so flat we decide to run 18 more miles to a Ledge in 118 ft of water. When we arrive the bottom is lit up, quick test drop of the chicken rig produces 2 big vermillion. Get anchored up and toss out 2 freelines and start chunking with cut up pogies. Not even 5 minutes into chumming one flat line goes off and I get real excited when I can see its a snapper and not the Red kind. One mango in the boat and high fives all around. The mangrove stayed in our chum slick for a solid hour but we were only able to boat 3 losing one right at the boat. We shouldve had a few more but some were missed due to mistimed hook sets and break offs (25lb test leader) The biggest mango measured 26 inches. They caught on to our bait and switch technique and the bite shut down so we moved a mile north to see if we could find something else. Started catching way too many red snapper but did see some mangrove follow the reds up to the surface. They were down there but the red snapper were beating them to the bait every drop. Got tired of catching endangered fish so we switched up to chicken rigs with small bonita strips. Wise decision because the trigger bite was on fire. We put a few in the boat when I realized it was already 330 and I had told my wife I'd be back by 4. She let me go fishing as my "father's day gift" but I didn't wanna push my luck. With an almost 2 hour ride back in I was already over past my time limit so we left them biting. Get close to the jettys and we can see the entire sky is black over land, but offshore is still sunny and clear. Finally a good day after 2 very slow trips so I had to post.