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    Offshore 4/4 - 05 Apr, 2020

    With Publix's shelves empty and being stuck in the house with the same people for two weeks I decided to take a solo trip to pick up some groceries. Gassed up at the marina for $1 less a gallon than I did the last time, $80 saved, win! Broke the inlet at 7am and had my spread out a bit before 9am. 15 minutes later I had a nice Blackfin in the box. 30 minutes later with no bites I got bored and bottom fished at a spot I marked while trolling. Got my 10 trigger limit in 8 drops of the chicken rig. Headed home to find glass like conditions starting at the 30 mile mark and was back at the marina before 2 to beat the afternoon rush. Great day to be on the water!