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    Wahoo Friday 12-6 - 07 Dec, 2019

    Cleared the inlet at 6:00am and headed out in the dark to 105 feet. Put out the high speeds around 7:45 and headed east. Cow bell in the prop wash gets hammered and the fish takes 300 yards or more. At 18 knots the reel was screaming and as soon as the fun began it was over when the hook pulled. Reset and made several passses over the mark in 130 feet of water but no strikes so we moved further out. Shortly after 11:00 we get another strike on the shotgun and begin to worry about getting spooled on the tld 20. Work the fish on the turn to keep the other lines in the water and my buddy Joe says the fish is gone. I take the rod and start reeling fast and pull tight on the fish. I let Joe bring him to the boat so I could gaff the fish. Wahoo in the boat and back fishing. After cleaning the boat and fish we take some fillets to our favorite sushi restaurant and have wahoo sashimi for the whole family.