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    New - Yellow Tail Snapper Jigs 75ct Variety Pack - $27 Free Shipping - 14 Jul, 2019

    I sell a lot of these Jigs and the most often asked question is "What color is the best".  I personally find no difference in color preference in regards to what the fish want.  I tend to focus more on getting the bait to drift how I want it to ie. which weight.  But Fisherman have their preferences so to kind of eliminate a whole lot of typing responses, I put together a variety pack which includes 5 jigs of each color (Chartreuse, Pink, Glow, White, and Red)  and weights (1/32oz, 1/16oz, and 1/8oz).  This will allow people to try everything and then figure out which is the most effective and then save money by buying a specific model.  

    In case your interested, Chartreuse is #1 by far close to 2-1 of all the others combined.  Next is Pink, Glow and White are about even (Glow is $1 more per pack), and then Red.  

    You can get them on my Website at  I should be adding them to the original selection this week which is available at Esky Rods in Key West.