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    SUPER Epic fishing - 18 Sep, 2019

    No, Not really....and no video either.  But since I finally caught a Redfish ( 4 actually)...I figured I better put up a report before I forget how it has been this week.  Most days have been OK except for not being able to get on any Redfish. Of course the water is partly to blame because there is less than a foot of visibility so actually looking for them is out of the question.

    Monday, I had great numbers on Trout with 13 with half of those near the top of the slot but only 2 small snook.

    Yesterday the snook size really jumped.... with the fat girl at 35 inches and the other one just 1/8 inch short of the magic keeper slot. It wound up being 3 Trout and 3 snook....but the size made up for the lower numbers. 

     quick. The trout was pulled from a school of fingers on a CAL....then I tossed on the school and got enough bait to last the morning.  I got the Red at the first spot with bait....and the next bait had my snook.
    The crazy part about today was I caught 4 Redfish.... after day after day of none...
    I finished up the day with 4 Trout, 4 Snook and 4 Reds.... jumped off a few snook and had too many missed hook sets....

     tomorrow will be a short day and Friday I have a meeting with FWC to attend.....Then Ducks for the next 9 days most likely.....looks like this will be my worst season due to the Redfish being hard to get.