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    Short 3 hour trip 9-19 - 20 Sep, 2018

    On Wednesday took my boat out for the first time in over a month. Took my wife (the hawk) and our friends, who don’t fish and who are afraid being out on the boat if you don’t see land or if there are waves. Anyway, decided to go to the Chaz area about 2 miles north of the entrance. The water was calm and 89 degrees. It was also hot about 92. We caught some puffers, catfish and porgies. I decided to go further south with more rocks, and went near the honeymoon rock area. My wife caught a nice keeper trout and my friends wife caught a keeper snapper. I had a Porgy out on a flat line, hooked a little in front of the dorsal fun, but whatever it was took half the fish starting from the tail area. Got back at the dock by 2:30. Otherwise, it was a nice day but tiring. BTW, a lot of floating grass.