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    "Frigid Grouper" Trolling Homosassa 12/12/2018 - 13 Dec, 2018

               Saw the wind maps had Wednesday looking real good. But it also had the temps at 34 degrees!! Called my fishing crew and told them " we will wait till the sun comes up, till it warms things up". So, wait awhile and it pushed our fishing back to about a half day trip. 
               Crew for the day was Gary(Doby One ) and his friend Joe. Needless to say, the trip down the river was COLD! I think it is the coldest day grouper fishing I can remember. The whole way out, I was wondering if the temps would put a damper on the fishing. I decide to try some shallow spots, first at 10ft. Lot of crab traps and no takers. Water temp was 52 degrees!! Try at 12ft, same results. Not looking good. Temps are coming up, now 55degrees. Go to 16ft. Temps are now at 57degrees. Lizards start biting, with a few sea bass. So, I reason if they are starting to bite, the groupers can't be far behind. It's now almost 2 o'clock, but the sun is doing it's best to warm up things. 
                 Head to 20ft. It's now 2:30 and the water temps are almost 60 degrees. Put on two smaller 24ft  Nomads in Red head and Mackeral. The fun starts!! First pull over some really nice live bottom, one rod goes off. Joe hand works the second rod and he's on. I pitch a cobia jig and I am on. Triple!! Not only is the bite coming, but the "Wolf Packs" are here!! That becomes the story for the next 2 hrs. Trolling rod catch's the first and the cobia jigs get the second and third fish. But, most are in the 22-23 in range. Finally after a lot of catching, the first keeper comes in on Joes rod and I pick up his buddy on the jig. The jig fishing was off the wall. Major fun.   Another run over the structure that produced our last keepers and Gary's rod brings in a grouper and Joe gets his buddy with the jig. It's Wolf Pack City. I don't think we have had this many followers ever.                                 My cobia jigs have really taken a beating. It's time to get on the phone and get some more. The jigs didn't just catch the fish in the jaw. The groupers inhaled the whole thing.                                                                             
    Again, time is running out. We close everything down, clean up, ice the fish and head in. We have had an enjoyable half day. Today, it had to have been the water temps that turned these fish on. All the keepers were stuffed full of nice sized grunts, but they wanted more. The amount of followers was nice to see. One grouper would bring in 2 or more, the competition was fierce. It made the jigging out standing. It's always fun to have a gag grouper pound your jig on a spinning rod. It makes for a really fun shallow water experience.