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    Grand kids fishing trip C/R 10-15-18 - 16 Oct, 2018

    I had planned on slipping in on the bash Sunday but discovered that Eli had the day off from school and  Rachel wasn't teaching this week, so it presented a rare opportunity to get two of my grandkids out fishing Monday. Eli came home from Spring Hill with us and Rachel drove up from Brooksville monday at 7. As too rarely happens, it was a perfect day with light winds and the fish were hungry. We brought home 44 sand trout and 1 whiting and threw back a bunch of keepers. They kept me busy baiting hooks and taking off fish. When I could manage to get my line in the water I used a half ounce jig with soft plastic and we had a few triple headers. Three sand trout were cut in two by sharks one of which was a decent bull that I couldn't get to take the bait on the shark rod. We wouldn't have slowed him down on the spinning rods. A fun day for us all. Not so much fun cleaning all those fish this morning but eating them will more than make up for it. Good to see you all had fun at the bash.