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    8/10 First time Fishing Barge Canal. Thank you Dave for the rescue - 12 Aug, 2020

    Went with my stepdad to try fishing the islands around the power plant and barge canal. Launching at the barge canal is definitely not for beginners. I also think I saw a tarpon or two rolling in there.

    Anyways I just learned to throw a cast net so I went on one of the shallow islands and threw around and was able to catch finger mullet, pin fish and mojarra. There was bait all around the spoil islands and it seemed like every island had its share of small greenbacks.

    Setting up we get some cats and my stepdad tries throwing a gold spoon for a red. On the fourth cast the line starts to really zing and we were thinking big red. It takes a few min and it comes up to the boar and it’s a good snook. We were both so amped up about it. She measures at 28-29 and gets a good release. The rest of the day we were able to get two reds, one lower slot and one under. Couldn’t find the trout for  the slam but had a great day. Any bait we put out was getting eaten or clobbered by something. Way more active water than I’m used to around Bayport! We were hoping to find black drum but didn’t see any ourselves. We ended up having motor issues and a nice guy named Dave towed us back in. We can never be thankful enough. Are there any other ramps suggested to launch around there? What’s a good tide to find the black drum?