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    Fishing the Trail (Help wanted) - 12 Sep, 2019

    So this weekend I plan on heading down 41 from the Tampa Bay area to fish the trail south of Naples. I’ve taken the trip some time ago, but I imagine things have changed quite a bit. My current plan is to fish the canal systems on fly and jump from spot to spot. Ideally, I’ll be out there at sunrise and I’ve scoped the place thoroughly for some promising spots. I’m primarily targeting juvenile tarpon.

    Some questions I have are:

    How pressured is the trail? Is it consistent regardless of the circumstances or is it similar to the dreaded Tampa Bay tarpon who won’t even flinch at a line in the water?


    Are the residential areas and canals in Everglades City / Chokoloskee with the drive down to fish?


    Any preference on Fly Color / Pattern? I understand the water can look like Nesquik down there at times.

    Is "Golden Gate" worth the hype to and is the Peacock bite pretty consistent this time of year? 


    Also, if you have any additional input or tips they’d be greatly appreciated.