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    Saturday@ The Pass - 23 Jan, 2021

    Launched @ 7am with a 55 degree ambient and 64 degree water temp. To avoid a chilly long run, went to the Marco Rocks. Girfriend, who now ties her own bucktail jigs, tosses a homemade and on the first cast, catches a 24" snook! Continued on and I catch a 15" sheepshead on a smoke/chartreuse 4" shrimp tipped grub. To the outside of the rocks, we caught 4 mackerel, all 14" inches. A chilly ride to the inside to a small inside mangrove island. I throw a 5-1/2" blue Yo-Zuri and the trout are flashing on it, but not taking it! We are in 8-feet of water and the trout are flashing at 1-foot. Finally did manage a 16" trout and probably 10 more at 14".
    Out to the SE corner of Cape Romano, nothing! Into the Morgan River and the same situation as earlier, trout flashing, no takers. I tell the GF, I got something for their *ss. I pick up a popping cork rig with the float 6-feet about the live shrimp. Get a 16" trout, 4 more at 12-14" and then an 18" trout. More shorts and another 16". 3 short sheepshead and a large ladyfish and a few small jacks.
    To the outside of Blind Pass and get more jacks, mackerel and a sand perch. Back to the inside and the GF gets a 16" trout among maybe 20 more short trout.
    All in all, a great day in the 10K area. Zero wind and the inside and gulf were flat. 
    We did go 3-weeks ago on a negative tide and saw hundreds of dead fish and many vultures feeding on them on the beaches/sand. Saturday, no dead fish and no vultures and the water was clear everywhere we went.
    Might need to go next weekend hopefully after the Buc beat the Packers on Sunday!

    Be safe out there and be thankful we have the opportunity to fish the 10K area!