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    February Camping and Fishing South recommendations - 05 Jan, 2019

    Happy New Year everyone,
    I am still learning the south areas from Choko and have started fishing Chatham and Huston Rivers with some success.  I fish from a 16' Action Craft with a poling platform.  In February, I am planning a camping/fishing trip near those areas with my son-in-law (3 days-2 nights).  This will be my first time camping by way of a boat.  I will be organizing what I think I should need and planning on what areas to fish, given weather conditions.  I am looking for any input re: must have's and fishing areas.

    I wasn't sure if Watson's Place is a good pick, or would the Turkey Keys would be better; either way I know I have to have first and second choices figured out before I check in.
    I have a couple of regular coolers and was thinking of using dry ice (not sure if it's a good idea).
    Of course a tent, lights, water, food, bug stuff, some extra fuel (my boat is pretty economical to run).
    I am looking into a "slide anchor" or something that would keep my boat from grounding during tide changes.

    Would love to have live shrimp, but even with 3 batteries, not sure if the system could keep up the charge.  I also run a trolling motor.  I will have a good supply of gulp and other artificials (color suggestions are welcome).
    I would like to target redfish, trout, sheepshead, and black drum.  I have had no success so far with finding larger redfish.  I was hoping for some input on exploring the bays that are up river; or, should I stay in the river and keep exploring the outside.   

    I appreciate any input, Tracy.