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    Hammered!! @ The Pass - 10 Aug, 2020

    Launched Sunday @ 7am and went to the beach. Many jacks, ladyfish and mackerel. (did keep 2 ladyfish for later) No trout, reds, snook. Lots of big blow-ups on the topwaters, but all "swing and a miss". Into the Morgan river and only one 22" snooklet on a jerkbait. Off to a little mangrove island and more ladyfish. Getting hot and tide slowing, went to the cut south of Dickmans Point. Chunk ladyfish......After 15 minutes, girlfriend says, "look at the shark". It was 20 feet away on top. It turns to the boat and is a 6-foot hammerhead. It swims a couple times near the boat (3-feet away) and then swims off. GF reels in her chunk and 4 feet from the boat, the shark is right behind her bait. I tell her stop reeling and the hammerhead hits the chunk a foot off the gunnel and a foot down. And then heads to Mexico. Drag screaming and then slows. GF fighting it well and another run.....to the mono backing. A few more jerky runs and the 30lb. power pro pops. Reel it in and the braid is "scraped" pretty bad. Oh well. GF had a few minutes of fun.  Did hook 3 more sharks (rays?) but same story...long runs resulting in a new hook, sinker, leader. Thinking of changing from 30 to 50lb line and 30 to 80 mono leader. Just want to see the fish and not feel the tug and nothing.
    That's it for now. Still working on the new job trying to find a job :disappointed:
    Be safe and I'll be out sometime this week as next weekend is full. Enjoy the 10K!