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    Fishing Report Chokoloskee - 18 Oct, 2020

    I haven't had a chance to post, but I finally got a couple of days on the water. Day one was this past Thursday, not as early as I would have liked to launch, but I got out there. It was a great day to be on the water!  I launched out of Choko and headed south. I was amazed at the amount of bait fish, unfortunately I didn't have my cast net and stuck with artificial. I caught a few trout and kept a couple larger ones.  Later in the day, near shore, I saw the largest prehistoric fish I have ever seen, at first I did not recognize it to be a Triple Tail. It was swimming on it's side, alone, and in line to intersect my Poppin cork setup, my heart was pounding and my mind was racing. It was my first day on the water in weeks and I did not have my dip net; I'm not sure if I he would have fit into the net.  I was thinking like a wide receiver who was running before I even caught the ball. I did a second look around the boat and could see I didn't have my gaff either. I lost sight of the fish as my bait got close, and boom, fish on. For a few minutes, we battled and then he was next to the boat. I guess he hadn't realized he was hooked, because when he saw the boat, he took off like a rocket.  He wore through the leader and that was the end. Later in the day, it was cool to watch thousands of bait fish with tarpon lazily swimming on their sides with their mouths open. It was surreal as they emerged from the dark clouds of fish and slowly back into the abyss. A memorable day. 

    Day two.  An earlier start, brought the cast net and right away we had plenty of pilchards. I had my partner on this day and we were able to catch several snook, some smaller and a couple of nice size ones, but nothing in the slot.  We did catch some Red's, and kept two for dinner. No giant Triple Tail, but we saw a large crock, at least 10' and another one swam by later, probably about 8'. Lot's of action on both days, much adventure, and amazing sights. God is good.