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The year was 1996, and Florida’s fishermen had counted on weeks’ old dockside reports about what’s biting where for way too long. The jokes about the weather service, and their lack of abilities to predict sea conditions were an everyday occurrence. Florida Sportsman had already been the leader for 30 years when it came to helping Florida’s Fishermen catch more fish, so it was only natural we’d be the ones to step out front and get the word out, about what’s really happening on the water, live as it happens.

From Boca Raton to Fort Walton savvy fishermen can tune in to their favorite AM radio stations each and every Saturday morning to not only hear the best fishermen in their areas discussing the hot bites, but they’ll get to listen in, while an all star team of action spotters bring them the live reports from the water. Whether it’s a swordfish boat reporting from the temperature break 70 miles at sea, or a fly fishing guide trying to sneak up on a tailing red, it’s live, it’s happening now, and it’s brought to you by Florida Sportsman.

Not only has the network been great for Florida’s fishermen, but major sponsors like Yamaha, Costa Del Mar, Mid Atlantic Bait, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), along with countless local businesses have learned the advantage of sponsoring the hottest outdoor radio network around. Fishermen just can’t get enough fishing news. In Florida they get it real, and they get it live every Saturday morning, and it’s all brought to you by Florida Sportsman.

WEBY 1330 AM 8 a.m. – 9 a.m. Pensacola, Milton, Ft. Walton Beach
The Game 97.3 FM 7 a.m. – 10 a.m. Jacksonville
ESPN 106.3 FM 7 a.m. – 8 a.m. West Palm Beach, Delray, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Stuart

21 years and 3,600 shows

Florida’s Fishermen are tuning in to find out where to fish:

♣ Largest Live Radio Fishing Network in the nation.
♣ The Network brings up-to-the-minute fishing coverage into the homes, cars, boats and offices of Florida’s most devoted sportsmen.
♣ Radio’s immediacy (“the mackerel bite is fast and furious on the color change…”) has been the reason for the success of the show.
♣ After 21 years and 3,600 shows the Network is stronger than ever. Call to find out how you can become part of the show.

Local and statewide sponsorships are available. Radio Program Director, Rick Ryals 904-334-8808


The Florida Sportsman Magazine Live Radio Network is broadcasted for a potential of more than 30 million visitors and residents of the fishiest state in the nation.

The network brings up-to-the-minute fishing coverage into the homes, cars, boats and offices of Florida’s most devoted sportsmen.

The format philosophy and purpose is to provide helpful entertaining expertise, including live interactions with listeners and special sources.

Radio’s immediacy (“The mackerel bite finally started this week at…”) ties in perfectly with the in-depth, full-color coverage in Florida Sportsman Magazine every month. The printed magazine and broadcast coverage offer a synergy that benefits Florida’s huge sport fishing community in numerous ways.

“Even after more than 1,000 Saturday mornings, hosting Florida Sportsman magazine Live on WFXJ 930 is still my favorite 3 hours of the week.” says Capt. Rick Ryals.

“Satellite phones have even made our show better over the last few years. Not only do we talk with Captain Baau Hall of the Mayport Princess, on his way offshore every Saturday, but we can get reports from the blue water fleet 50 miles offshore, as well as getting the word from Rodman Reservoir on where the bass are schooling.”

Kingfish expert Roger Walker, and inshore master John Botko make up a broadcast team with over 100 years of local fishing knowledge. “ We really understand where we are in the fishing community Ryals continues. We understand what a gift our fathers gave us when they taught us to fish, and we understand how important it is that we pass it on to the next generation of fishermen. Not only do we try to help them catch more fish today, we try to impress on new anglers that they will be the stewards of our sport in the future.”

Special guests like the Hilstrand brothers, Guy Harvey, and Hank Parker, have really shown us how similar fishermen are. When the marlin are biting, the bass are schooling or the crab pots are full, it’s the same high. Suddenly the sky is bluer, the waves are smaller, and the crew all love each other.

If you want to get your word from the water instead of relying on yesterday’s news, you need to listen to WFXJ 930 from 7-9 on Saturday morning.

Keeping up with the insanity that is fisheries management in the year 2017 can be challenging. Unless of course your within earshot of 1330 WEBY, between 8 and 9 AM on Saturday morning. That’s where you can call Capt Mike Flowers and Ed Fish. They’ve been filling in panhandle fishermen on everything from the latest gulf council ruling, to where the bait is RIGHT NOW.

For 1,000 consecutive Saturday mornings, Mike and Ed, have gotten the latest news live, from the best party boats in the area. Capt Eddie on the Lively One II, and Capt Jerry on the Entertainer can give panhandle fishermen up to the minute reports on actual sea conditions and where they can catch their bait, and maximize their hard earned fishing day.

Want to remember how most of us started fishing. Every week, Jim’s fish camp gives the boys the latest on where the redbreasts are bedding, and how many catfish you can expect to catch from the banks of the Escambia River.

Forget counting on week old dock rumors or days old newspaper reports, just grab a cup of coffee sit back and tune in. You can get the word on what’s happening in the panhandle even on the way to the boat ramp. You can call the guys from 8-9 on Saturday at 850-623-1330, and listen on line at 1330weby.com

1,000 shows? That’s right! Captains Eden White, and George Labonte are shown enjoying a piece of birthday cake celebrating their 800th Florida Sportsman Live radio show.

That means for the last 800 Saturday mornings the fishermen along Florida’s Southeast coast, have been getting their news straight from the water. Whether they listen in while Captain George tells them about the swordfish he caught just 3 hours ago, or listen to Bill Taylor on the Black Dog put out the warning that Jupiter Inlet is not a good place to try and get out in your 20 footer, the place to be from 7-8AM is ESPN760 in Palm Beach.

Captain Eden says hosting Florida Sportsman Live is the best job in radio because their show is about helping people catch more fish today, instead of trying to push someone’s product. “ When none other than Curt Gowdy called in to tell us how much he enjoyed listening to the show, I knew we were on to something. George and I are unabashed cheerleaders for our sport. We talk fishing and how it relates to life in Florida. Our day is complete if someone learns something new on each of our 1,000 Saturday mornings together”.