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    Redfish infestation - 13 Jul, 2020

    I got the wife out on the water again. She still wasn't ready to try fishing yet, but she is able to handle the pedal yak like a champ now, even against strong current. We were mostly looking for a way to see some friends without making contact, since my wife works at a hospital and we don't want to put others at risk, so meeting up on the water is a great way for us to hang with friends. My fishing session was pretty brief, but the live pinfish got the job done in no time again. Two nice redfish, the second one I caught on the same spot as the first one about an hour later when we were on our return trip. In previous videos, I caught a slightly smaller one on the exact same spot, and two bigger ones on an adjacent shoreline 20 yards away. The area is absolutely infested with slot/overslot redfish at the moment.