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    Pompano Beach 25 July 2019 - 26 Jul, 2019

    Launched off the beach around 4:30 am in search of live bait.  Was unsuccessful at finding live bait, so headed out for a prolonged session of vertical jigging.  

      At first, the current was strong....about 2kts Nth in 200ft of water, but by 10 am, the current died to less than half a knot Nth in 200ft of water.  Fishing for Little Tunny was consistent and even had a doubleheader release. 

    I put out a little tunny strip in hopes of finding a mahi, but instead hooked a nice yellowtail snapper which I had to share with the taxman:(

    I also found a few king mackerel for 2 bit off jigs, 2 bit off hooks, and 2 landed fish.  I released the smaller one.

    By 1pm, the afternoon showers were building so I headed for the beach.