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Catching Fish and Bringing Home the Cash

Florida Sportsman Member: cbmdk86 Assumed that this was my tournament hopes down the drain, and made my way back to the truck, but after a 17 mile round trip and 6 hours of fishing time, my little dink trout proved enough to secure the victory! Brought it home despite the stiff competition of 175 other competitors, with a good number of them in skiffs. Proof positive you can go out and be successful with just the bare minimum!



Drift Boats in Florida

Where teamwork and paddle craft meet. Fly fishers see a picture of a drift boat and think Rocky Mountain river trout fishing. But lately there has been some talk among fly-fishing folk that the drift boat might be just right for Florida bass fishing, too.

Mark's Blog

Pops getting his first slot snook out of a kayak!

Kayak Fishing Report: Snook Are On Fire

The weather has been breaking it’s winter patterns and the flats are finally starting to gradually warm up; along with…»



Hobie Pro Angler

Considering Hobie Pro Angler’s outstanding stability for standup casting, it’s effective in sight-fishing flats redfish. We snuck in a quick test trip to Indian River Lagoon flats in search of snook and trout.

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Offshore Kayak Setup

) Florida Sportsman member palmbeachpete shows how it’s done in this “how-to” video on rigging a kayak for offshore fishing.…»

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Jigging Rods for Kayaking

Florida Sportsman seminar writer Peter Hinck shares his vast experience with jigging offshore while on his kayak for bottom fish and pelagics alike.