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Hallandale Offshore Kayaking

Florida Sportsman Member: bugdoc Got another runner, then a few drops later I felt something a little larger. Got it about 60 feet off the bottom and it suddenly realized it was hooked, and drag started peeling out straight down. Finally pulled up a 28 pound amberjack after about 15 minutes.



Drift Boats in Florida

Where teamwork and paddle craft meet. Fly fishers see a picture of a drift boat and think Rocky Mountain river trout fishing. But lately there has been some talk among fly-fishing folk that the drift boat might be just right for Florida bass fishing, too.

Mark's Blog

Pops getting his first slot snook out of a kayak!

Kayak Fishing Report: Snook Are On Fire

The weather has been breaking it’s winter patterns and the flats are finally starting to gradually warm up; along with…»



Hobie Pro Angler

Considering Hobie Pro Angler’s outstanding stability for standup casting, it’s effective in sight-fishing flats redfish. We snuck in a quick test trip to Indian River Lagoon flats in search of snook and trout.

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Offshore Kayak Setup

) Florida Sportsman member palmbeachpete shows how it’s done in this “how-to” video on rigging a kayak for offshore fishing.…»

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Jigging Rods for Kayaking

Florida Sportsman seminar writer Peter Hinck shares his vast experience with jigging offshore while on his kayak for bottom fish and pelagics alike.