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Jacksonville Tarpon

Florida Sportsman Member: unincom Eventually the tarpon figured out which direction it wanted to go and pulled my anchor free from the bank and started taking me south. It pulled me back into a side creek above a submerged sandbar, which was a blessing as it allowed to to hop out of the kayak and fight it standing up.



Buying the Right Kayak

How to choose a purpose-built fishing platform. The sit-on-top kayak in the 12- to 14-foot range has become the most popular paddle craft for fishing, and for good reason.

Mark's Blog

First double point tournament redfish on an Egret wedgetail.

The Grueling 3rd Annual AFWC in Delacroix, LA

  What a time and adventure! So much to talk about… First off, if you’re not familiar with the¬†Adventure Fishing…»



Drift Boats in Florida

Where teamwork and paddle craft meet. Fly fishers see a picture of a drift boat and think Rocky Mountain river trout fishing. But lately there has been some talk among fly-fishing folk that the drift boat might be just right for Florida bass fishing, too.

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Hammerhead Shark Stalks Kayakers

We never imagined that the already epic dolphin trip would get any better (or worse depending on how you look at it). We certainly didn’t imagine a sizable hammerhead shark would be closely following us back for the majority of the paddle.


Offshore Kayak Setup

Florida Sportsman member palmbeachpete shows how it’s done in this “how-to” video on rigging a kayak for offshore fishing. Giving…»