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Pompano Offshore

Florida Sportsman Member: jcanracer We decide to pitch some lures that way to play with them for a while but they just wouldn’t hit anything bigger than the white fry they were apparently chasing. As we were giving up on this area I see a mahi jump behind and to my left, then I see it jump again, and I look at my rod as it then bends over and starts to go off!



Pedal Drive Maintenance

How to care for state-of-the-art foot-propulsion systems. Florida has thousands of miles of coastal shoreline to cover, not to mention a few lakes here and there. Paddling can be strenuous, even if the rewards are many.

Mark's Blog

Overlooking Nantahala, North Carolina.

Kayak Road Trip North

I’ve been away from the saltwater for a few weeks for some off-time that my newly engaged fiance and I…»



2016 Hobie Inflatable Collection

Hobie introduces their collection of inflatable kayaks including the new Hobie Mirage i11S with MirageDrive® technology. Like the other three kayaks in the inflatable line, it combines Hobie’s Vantage Seating System comfort and their patented MirageDrive with Glide Technology propulsion. Unique to the i11 is its distinctive low-profile design. The i9S and i12S single kayaks and i14T tandem, long staples in the line, were also visible with totally new looks and features.

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Hammerhead Shark Stalks Kayakers

We never imagined that the already epic dolphin trip would get any better (or worse depending on how you look at it). We certainly didn’t imagine a sizable hammerhead shark would be closely following us back for the majority of the paddle.


Offshore Kayak Setup

Florida Sportsman member palmbeachpete shows how it’s done in this “how-to” video on rigging a kayak for offshore fishing. Giving…»