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Mill Cove Kayaking

Florida Sportsman Member: jacqueo I must have hit the red on the head as I threw it because within seconds my line was screaming. 20 inch red into the cooler! Yes!



The Grass Anchor

Spoil the reed and spare the fish. Let’s face it. Dropping even the smallest anchor in a tidal creek or wilderness canal can turn off the fish. Whether it’s the splash, or simply because fish sense your presence, they can be frightened by anchors, particularly in tight quarters.

Mark's Blog

Getting the kayaks ready for a day on the water.

The Basics to Lobstering in a Kayak

Once lobster season rolls around in Florida, the excitement couldn’t be any more on fire. Being the popular thing to…»



Small Craft Advisory

When winds blow, pack your socks. If you get a rare day this month that allows kayak fishing off the beach, don’t even think about fishing for big game offshore without a drift chute.

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Hammerhead Shark Stalks Kayakers

We never imagined that the already epic dolphin trip would get any better (or worse depending on how you look at it). We certainly didn’t imagine a sizable hammerhead shark would be closely following us back for the majority of the paddle.


Offshore Kayak Setup

Florida Sportsman member palmbeachpete shows how it’s done in this “how-to” video on rigging a kayak for offshore fishing. Giving…»