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Simple Pizzaiola Sauce

Instead of pizza, try pizzaiola. This simple tomato sauce is easy to prepare and is an excellent addition to any meal featuring game such as wild pork or venison. Some chefs prefer it served over grilled and thinly-sliced medium rare loin, but my preference is to use it to slowly simmer tender steaks and feature it in Italian-themed sandwiches.


Fish Piccata

By the time April rolls around, I’m ready to quit eating heavy cool-weather seafood like fried fish, shrimp and oysters and am interested in lighter fare. And what better way to impress your family and friends is there than the simple Italian-American dish of fish piccata?

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Brine Your Meats

Brining all sorts of meat and poultry prior to cooking has become a popular method in recent years. It’s a different technique from what’s known as marinating, as its purpose is mainly to moisturize and tenderize the flesh, rather than flavor it. Yes, marinades do tenderize, but if you want to taste the original flavor of the meat, brine.


Simply Squid

Yep, it’s just squid, but when it comes to the table, it’s calamari. Then it’s romantic, and despite bringing up scary visions of Captain Nemo’s crew repelling a gigantic 10-legged specimen from the deck of the Nautilus, it’s a good way to capture the heart of your best friend on Valentine’s Day.

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Preparing a Lionfish

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