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steinhatchee scallops

Steinhatchee Fun

Florida Sportsman Member: HookemBookem Took my fiancé and the new boat to Steinhatchee this weekend. First time she has ever been out on a boat in the saltwater. Limited out on scallops in the morning and trout in the evening. All the trout were caught on white gulps.

Inshore How-To

wade pic

Wade Light

There’s something to be said about grabbing a handful of lures and hitting your favorite spot, just your two feet and your fishing rod. Covering a lot of ground may be out of the question, but with careful planning you can cover it thoroughly.

Inshore Gear

Rich Vidulich demonstrating his casting stance on a Stuart Beach.

Surf Fishing Gear the Pros Use

Akios Reels and Cast Pro Rods paired up for max-cast distance. While researching for the new Sportsman’s Best: Surf Fishing book, written by Florida Sportsman contributor David Brown, I checked in with surf fishing pro Rich Vidulich on some casting technique and tackle questions.



Fishing for Juvenile Tarpon

Find a dark, stagnant pool or stream tucked way back in a mangrove swamp and there’s a good chance you’ll spot little silver fish rolling at the surface. Odds are they are tarpon, very small ones, only 1 to 3 feet long, and they are gulping air—a survival tactic that enables these fish to survive in habitats that repel most others.

Inshore Boats


Pathfinder 2600 TRS

Versatility best describes the Pathfinder 2600 TRS that gives an angler the ability to fish the bays and light offshore in the same outing. The shoal draft will give you access to many of the flats reserved for much smaller boats. The bays and just inside the inlet would rarely be rough enough to be uncomfortable.


Ranger 2510

If you’re planning on using your bay boat more for offshore fishing you might want to choose this one with features that emulate an offshore deep V hull. The large center console has a big boat feel and enough room for a head that is accessed through a front door on the console. Locking rod storage and insulated fish boxes are forward under the casting deck