Here’s a new nametag for you. We think you’ll wear it with pride.

The idea is to feature you and others who want to be identified as part of a group of folks with common outdoor interests and goals.

Each of us is a Florida Sportsman, embracing the credo we’ve espoused for 42 years, and being proud to say it. What we think and do amounts to a way of life that we consider to be especially important.

Beginning with the February issue, we bring you personal comments from typical persons in this community of diverse interests and dedication to the fishing and hunting world.

What do you think? Your input is more than welcome. It’s essential.

You’ll have a hand on the steering wheel.

One aspect of the concept is to bolster strong and demanding support for effective fisheries management. Let’s prevent ill-advised total closures, for instance, on fish being taken by the ton to market.

Potential benefits of the “ I’m a Florida Sportsman” approach are virtually unlimited.

Does the nametag fit you? We suspect it does.

Karl Wickstrom, Founder and Editor In Chief


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