Here’s a nametag for you. We think you’ll wear it with pride.

The idea is to feature you and others who want to be identified as part of a group of folks with common outdoor interests and goals.

Each of us is a Florida Sportsman, embracing the credo we’ve espoused for more than 50 years, and being proud to say it. What we think and do amounts to a way of life that we consider to be especially important.

Florida Sportsman Magazine celebrates this way of life. In each issue of the print edition, the editors set aside one page to spotlight the special contributions or views of a person from our community.

Does this sound like you? Are you a Florida Sportsman?

We’re looking for “life stories” which might convey a special sense of adventure and fun on the water or in the woods. We’re especially interested in stories about helping others, teaching youngsters or otherwise promoting traditional and fair methods.

Where strong advocacy for the Florida outdoors and its critters is paramount, a Florida Sportsman is clearly on Nature’s side, demanding effective fish and wildlife management and access for outdoors activities, our heritage. It’s a viewpoint elevating the value of a family’s limit over the taking of fish or other wildlife by the ton for the market.

Does the nametag fit? We suspect it does, and we would like to learn more about your story. We think our readers will, too!


Featured Sportsman of the Month

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Are you a Florida Sportsman?

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We’d Like to Feature You.

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