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    Bad Ideas Never Die in Florida - 22 Jun, 2018

    Watched some of the hunting related aspects of the June 19 & 20, 2018 meetings. Interesting to hear of an annual limit for deer being brought up again along with speakers some of whom were dmtag members express their full support for bringing the deer dmtag "tag and report" (e.g. fill out a form b4 gutting a deer then calling the report in to FWC b4 gutting the deer.) One hunter even said he would like to see it it for turkeys and snapper.

    OBTW last time this was attempted I do believe FWC and dmtag supported convicted violators would end up with a high misdemeanor conviction which means you have a Permanent Criminal record to ruin your job applications/career forever for not filling out a piece of scrap paper and making a call (so if this flies cell phones are mandatory and that they have a signal no matter where U are) .

    Looks like a strategy and talking points to push it have been developed already - maybe during last months dmtag meeting one dmtag member mentioned where a presentation was given relative to the "tag and report" concept. IMHO the Trojan Horse to push it will be the supposed need for an annual limit on deer with science/data to properly manage a annual deer limit. Next dmtag and staff et al try to  convince/browbeat everyone that this is needed - Then after that task is accomplished the pushers of this will say that we must know how many deer are killed to set the "annual limit" otherwise it is "useless" (dmtag member 6-19-2018) and then we're off to the races on this "tag and report" issue again. Another old stale talking point will be that many other states do this - so Why not Florida.

    Of course this will probably only impact public land folks because private land folks didn't stand for it 6 years ago and won't stand for it this time and are much more savvy/powerful apparently then public land folks.

    Speakers I witnessed promoting an annual limit and "tag and report" spoke during public comments 6-19-2018 Part 2 of this FWC meeting on the Florida Channel -  Speakers spoke at the following time stamps of the video 16 min-15 sec, 20 min- 20sec,   28 min-00 sec,  1 hr-27 min - 00 sec. Surprising that none of these "tag and report supportive" speakers well known on this forum haven't posted anything here yet about this issue that was quite controversial in the past -  considering they have been discussing it at their last dmtag meeting and plan to at next Thursdays meeting as mentioned by at least one speaker at this FWC meeting.