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    A1-FEB How is this for access... - 22 Apr, 2019

    So for those who don't know, the FEB is now back open.  The FEB is approximately 16K acres, with miles of Levy's surrounding it.  Outside of hunting season the FEB use to allow 10 permits for users to gain access and fish, since its reopening it has INCREASED its access to a total of 15 permits per day for fishing!!! Yes, 15 permits for 16 thousand acres to fish and miles of levies surrounding it and SFWMD feels like they did a great thing increasing the access by 5 permits each day!!!  Please keep in mind during waterfowl season 100 permits are allowed in the same area.

    The permit process to get the sought after A1-FEB permits was filled within the first few days, not allowing any other users to gain access to the area for the rest of the year.  The permit process allows a single user to obtain a permit for the A1-FEB for everyday it is open for the entire season from midnight to midnight, blocking others from gaining a permit.  SFWMD feels it's doing it's users a great satisfaction by increasing the permits this year.  I do not know the truth to it, but am told their are as many as five users that have locked the A1-FEB up by obtaining a permit for everyday it is open till November 6th??

    I have never fished the area, but am being told if you gain access without a permit you WILL be written a mandatory court appearance citation for a NO PARKING PASS/PERMIT and will have to show up in the Belle Glade courthouse by FWC.

    SFWMD told me that they may have to look into this issue to see if more parking passes could be issued, yet no time frame when the issue will arise???