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    Odd Happening on Tag & Report Telecon - 21 Oct, 2019

    Made call which was uneventful until I thanked the operator (A HUMAN) for being there to help instead of a machine or automated  call operator.

    After the operator said one could comment  on FWC site whether One prefers human or automated operators on this line. I then  asked "where do I go to do this?"  - Operator said FWC deer harvest site pages.

    Went to many areas of deer harvest info sources but found nothing on this - Question - Does anyone else here have any info on this issue ?

    OBTW operator also mentioned there may already be plans to automate the line next year.

    Maybe we could all support humans answering FWC's  report line all the time. I had questions when reporting that an automated line would never be able answer IMO.