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    Still tryin to figure it out - 21 Jul, 2019

    So, I've started hunting this dog hunt area.  And I've noticed, out of let's say 8 or so blocks, they always seem to hunt the same 3 blocks.  I've been trying to give them space and hunt a corner that they never go.  Not to mention, I thought it would make sense that the game would try to stay away from the relentless dog activity. But day after day, week after week, those guys are in the same spots.

    I'm thinking I should focus on those blocks this year.  But out of 1200 acres, why would deer continue to concentrate in a 300ish acre area with all the regular pressure?

    I've been hunting alongside the river near the cypress and palmettos.  And these blocks tend to be more planted pine with marsh.and thick scrub.