Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Kershaw Fillet Knife

You’re safely back at the dock, with a well-chilled, 54-inch blacktip shark (the minimum size in federal waters). Now you need a big knife, like the 9 1/2-inch Narrow Fillet, part of Kershaw’s Pro-Grade Specialty Fish & Game series. The 1289’s 9 1/2-inch blade is the right size for large fish, because of the greater girth and the extra surface area you’ll need to cut through. All razor-sharp Pro-Grade blades are 420J2 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance. It offers just the right amount of flex to make filleting easier and to preserve the delicate flesh—and flavor—of the fish, or shark. The Pro-Grade handle is a proven design that enables your hand to lock easily into place for comfort and control, even when you’re doing a lot of processing.