In season four of Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat we’ll be following exciting, cutting-edge work at three different shops in the Dreamboat District: L&H Boats, Wildfire Marine and Stuart Boatworks. Each shop will have an host active in making their clients dreams become reality.

Debbie and Mike Sternberg of Wildfire Marine.

Mike and Debbie Sternberg with Wildfire Marine specialize in restoring classic Sea Crafts but accept just about any project dropped by, none too small or too large. Mike and Debbie do all the work themselves, in addition to caring for their six month old grandchild. After 14-years of working at Pursuit Boats and now currently building the wire harnesses for Sea Vee’s 27 Bay Boat, there aren’t many people that can wire a boat like Debbie. Man, woman or grandmother.

One block away you have another custom boat shop, but instead of specializing in thirty year old center consoles you’ve got a shop who’s expertise is in the larger sportfish arena. Glenn Muller of L&H Boats builds his own line of sportfishing boats, but also has a very active re-fit and restoration side of the business. With neighbors, and sometimes customers, like Willis, Garlington and Jim Smith, you don’t have the luxury of taking a boat off. Every project and every boat build is under the most the microscope of the District.

The third shop to bring dreams to life is a different type of shop in that it specializes in factory direct new boats. Flats boats, bay boats and center consoles. Clients in this case go to Stuart Boatworks not with a dumpster dive or family airlume hoping to bring it back to it’s glory. But here the client goes to Stuart Boat Works not to recreate but to create from scratch. No two boats are exactly alike says owner Richie DeVito. “Once they come out of the mold the dreams begin to take shape.”