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A Miami Adventure

Florida Sportsman member: Spicyswamprabbit This past weekend my brother, a friend and I took a guys’ trip to Miami to fish for exotics. We took our kayaks with us so we could explore some of the canals. We managed to catch quite a few peacock bass as well as Mayan cichlids and oscars on artificial baits, shiners and even a few on fly.

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Double-Take: Angler Practices Catch-and-Release and Lands the Same Trophy Bass Twice!

Robert Burnett, 55, from Inglis, Florida is one of the most productive participants in TrophyCatch, with 26 Lunker Club (8.0 to 9.9 lbs.) and 1 Trophy Club (10 to 12.9 lbs.) entry. His story and videos highlight the success of catch-and-release.

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Three Tricks With Spinnerbaits for Bass

You can do a lot more with this lure than just cast and reel it. There are a lot of ways to use a spinnerbait, and a number of different retrieves that can make it more effective. Here are three retrieve methods that can increase your catch.



Fishing Lake Okeechobee

Located in the eastern middle of the state, Lake Okeechobee is truly a huge body of water. Miles of shoreline, bays, airboat trails, grass edges, floating hyacinth islands and a host of other bass habitat await anglers. It seems that every foot of it is prime bass water. The lake also holds stable populations of black crappie, shellcrackers, bluegill, channel catfish, gar and a host of other freshwater fishes.



Northland’s “Impulse” Tube Lure for Panfish

Northland Fishing Tackle introduces the new IMPULSE 1″ TUBE, a tube lure that is molded hollow for panfish to swallow. The tube is small, subtle and natural, with a design in mind to mimic diminutive natural forage species, and to slip between the lips surrounding tiny panfish mouths.

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Flippin’ Freshwater Baits

n this Florida Sportsman seminar, Reel Time Host Capt. George Gozdz demonstrates a common freshwater technique of flipping in heavy structure.


Choosing the Right Hook

In this FS Seminar, Rick Ryals tells us what the most important things are to consider when selecting the right hook for the job. Ryals explains which hooks are best for live bait and dead baits, and the key differences and advantages of using j-hooks and circle hooks.