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Florida Sportsman member: chut03 Forum member chut03 and friends have been catching a nice variety of fish in the South Florida Freshwater systems, including, bass, carp, snakeheads and even snook.

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BMI (Bass Mass Index) for Freshwater Fish

Whether you want to pay attention to it or not, use of the body mass index (BMI) is well established. Though it may not be perfect, the concept is sound. It uses a weight to height ratio to let you know how you compare to an average healthy person of your size and age. When FWRI freshwater fisheries biologists are assessing the health of fish, they use a measurement they call “condition.”

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Take Your Shiner For a Stroll

It’s not the most glamorous bass tactic, and you’re not likely to see it on the cable TV fishing shows. But there’s a reason why slow-trolling live shiners is the bread and butter technique for bass guides from Lake Okeechobee to Talquin–it works.



South Florida Peacock Bass

When you hear the word bass, most think of sparkly boats, baitcasters and big tournament payouts. But for fisherman in South Florida, the peacock bass is the staple in the local freshwater systems. With their aggressive eats, strong runs and beautiful colors, these fish have become prized gamefish.



Northland’s “Impulse” Tube Lure for Panfish

Northland Fishing Tackle introduces the new IMPULSE 1″ TUBE, a tube lure that is molded hollow for panfish to swallow. The tube is small, subtle and natural, with a design in mind to mimic diminutive natural forage species, and to slip between the lips surrounding tiny panfish mouths.

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Snakehead Fishing 101

“I have been getting an over whelming array of questions about the South Florida snakehead fishing. Most of the questions were where can I catch them, how do you catch them and what are the rules.”

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Flippin’ Freshwater Baits

n this Florida Sportsman seminar, Reel Time Host Capt. George Gozdz demonstrates a common freshwater technique of flipping in heavy structure.