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A Day on the Lake

Florida Sportsman member: greenie-slayer The morning started out a little windy but once the wind laid down in the afternoon the fishing started to pick up. We ended up with only 5 crappie, some small bass, 1 catfish, and a pleco. We missed a couple bigger fish in the weeds because we were using some very light tackle.

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Researching Regulations

Can we change regulations to promote a stronger trophy bass fishery in this state? That is a good question. I’m glad you asked. The angling culture is changing; subsistence angling for bass is not as common as it use to be and everyone seems to be gunning for that trophy.

Freshwater How-To


Fishing Fast with a Worm

A slow-moving, bottom-bouncing worm is great for thoroughly working a small area. But there are situations where getting that worm off the bottom can be a better bet. Here are three ways to turn that bait into a faster-moving lure.



Phosphate Pit Bass Fishing

Not too long ago if you wanted to fish for largemouth bass in one of Florida’s reclaimed phosphate pits, you had to be a V.I.P., trespass, or visit Tenoroc. Some new waters have been made available recently, though (see sidebar). If you want to fish in a pit you now have more options than ever. It’s still not a bad thing to be a V.I.P., though.



Northland’s “Impulse” Tube Lure for Panfish

Northland Fishing Tackle introduces the new IMPULSE 1″ TUBE, a tube lure that is molded hollow for panfish to swallow. The tube is small, subtle and natural, with a design in mind to mimic diminutive natural forage species, and to slip between the lips surrounding tiny panfish mouths.

Freshwater Videos

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Flippin’ Freshwater Baits

n this Florida Sportsman seminar, Reel Time Host Capt. George Gozdz demonstrates a common freshwater technique of flipping in heavy structure.


Choosing the Right Hook

In this FS Seminar, Rick Ryals tells us what the most important things are to consider when selecting the right hook for the job. Ryals explains which hooks are best for live bait and dead baits, and the key differences and advantages of using j-hooks and circle hooks.