Behind the scenes web extras from your favorite episodes of Florida Sportsman Watermen

Benny Blanco talks about plastic alternatives when on the water.

Benny Blanco goes over the basics when it comes to sight fishing.

Benny Blanco explains the benefits of covering your hands from the elements.

Benny Blanco discusses tips for casting to fish in shallow water.

Captain Benny talks about the light tackle combos he prefers when targeting bonefish and permit.

Captain Benny explains why he chooses Ram as his tow vehicle of choice.

Captain Benny Blanco discusses rigging soft plastics for working the water column.

Captain Benny Blanco explains why he chooses Frogg Toggs when it comes to staying dry.

Captain Benny Blanco discusses why he prefers Engel when choosing a cooler.

Captain Benny Blanco explains how a shallow water anchor can improve your fishing.

Captain Benny Blanco discusses your options when it comes to choosing a boat.

Captain Benny Blanco goes over his choices when it comes to hard baits.

Captain Benny Blanco touches on the reasons why SeaDek is essential when on the water.

Captain Benny Blanco explains why he prefers Yamaha as his choice of outboard when guiding.

Captain Benny discusses his perfect light tackle setup to handle a variety of inshore species.

Captain Benny explains what he prefers to wear for maximum comfort on the water.

Benny Blanco discusses the most important connection of the day when fishing, leader knots.

Benny Blanco shows the perks of owning a versatile boat.

Benny Blanco explains why a Power Pole is a necessity in shallow water.

Benny Blanco discusses prop selection for your boat.