Season One



FS Project Dreamboat – Season One Recap

The owner of Marine Customs Unlimited, Brian O’Donnell and Florida Sportsman Boating Editor Dave East, revisit some of the most memorable builds and projects of this season of <em>Project Dreamboat</em>.


FS Project Dreamboat – Mako Reveal, Shipoke Surprise

The crew at MCU wraps up the final rigging on the classic 22 Mako restoration; FS Boating Editor Dave East heads out with Brian O’Donnell, owner of MCU, to discuss one of his first custom builds…


FS Project Dreamboat – Classic Mako Resto, Shipoke Resurrection

Tyler’s 32 Seacraft project receives a final splash of color; FS Boating Editor Dave East heads out with Royce Brooker, to discuss the build of his 15’ Hobie Skiff, customized for fishability and functionality; the crew at MCU brings back a classic 22 Mako to its former glory; and…Brian meets with Jason Baumiller, who is looking to restore a run-down flats boat on a fixed budget.


FS Project Dreamboat – Customized Seacraft, Intrepid Cruisin’

Today, on Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat…The paint crew at MCU adds some custom touches on Tyler’s 32 Seacraft project; FS Boating Editor Dave East heads out with Frank Hayden, to discuss the customization of his 32 Intrepid…


FS Project Dreamboat – Seacraft Perfection, Transformed Classic Bertram

The crew at MCU works to make the dreams of 32 Seacraft owner Tyler Gorman, become reality, with a perfect paint job in their sights; FS Boating Editor Dave East heads out with Brian O’Donnell, owner of MCU, to discuss one of his most custom builds, a completely transformed classic Bertram; and…Brian is called to make an emergency fix on a custom sportfish.


FS Project Dreamboat – 32 Seacraft Intro, Costa Rica Bound Panga

Boat owner Tyler Gorman looks to the experts at Marine Customs Unlimited to convert his recently purchased 32 Seacraft into a boat perfectly suited for family fishing and diving; FS Boating Editor Dave East meets with Craig Sutton, to discuss the build of his custom built Panga, headed to explore bluewater in Costa Rica; and the crew at MCU works on a custom 30 Dorado, being transformed into an inshore fishing machine.


FS Project Dreamboat – Custom Classics, Mako & Hewes Bonefisher

The crew at MCU has their hands full; glassing and blending-in a custom made leaning post, installing high-powered underwater lights on a classic Mako, and more; also, FS Boating Editor Dave East meets with Jamie DeSantiago, to discuss the restoration of his classic Hewes Bonefisher, customized at MCU for targeting snook and tarpon.

FSPD_EP6_Main 2

FS Project Dreamboat – Hydra-Sports Dream Splash

With the finishing touches being put on the 25 Hydra-Sports, Rick Weinstein travels to Stuart, FL to pick up his completed dreamboat; ready to fish, Dave East joins Rick on the maiden voyage; and, the crew at MCU works on a project tailored to be perfectly custom.


FS Project Dreamboat – Hydra-Sports Tab Install, 23 Seacraft Dream Splash

The bracket and engine are bolted onto the 23 Seacraft, after some time-robbing challenges, making way for FS Boating Editor Dave East to join owner, Taylor Mason, in putting its fishing capability to the test out of Ocean Reef, FL; also, the 25 Hydra-Sports build is in full swing, with the engine and trim tabs being mounted and installed.


FS Project Dreamboat – 23 Seacraft Intro, Rigged Out Pathfinder

Boat owner Taylor Mason seeks the expertise of Marine Customs Unlimited to transform his 23 Seacraft into a reef fishing machine; FS Boating Editor Dave East heads out with Tony Eden, who tricked out a 24 Pathfinder for sight fishing cobia and tripletail; and, we head to Birdsall Marine to fabricate a custom t-top for the 25 Hydra-Sports build.

FSPD EP. 3 Still

FS Project Dreamboat – Hydra-Sports Bracket Build, Super Hawaiian Skiff Resto

We meet with the experts at Armstrong Nautical Products to fabricate a custom engine bracket for the 25 Hydra-Sports project; FS Boating Editor Dave East meets with Dan McCarthy to discuss the restoration of his classic Super Hawaiian flats skiff; and, MCU’s paint specialist works to bring an aging bass boat, back to life.

FSPD EP. 2 Still

FS Project Dreamboat – Sea Hunt Flip, Tricked Out “Silver Bullet”

The team at MCU works to make the dreams of 25 Hydra-Sports owner, Rick Weinstein, become reality; FS Boating Editor…»

FSPD EP. 1 Still

FS Project Dreamboat – 25 Hydra-Sports Intro, Custom Contender

Boat owner Rick Weinstein goes all in on the restoration of a classic 25 Hydra-Sports; FS Boating Editor Dave East heads out on a 25 Contender, custom built for hardcore free diving and spearfishing; and, Brian O’Donnell, owner of MCU, aims to make a quick flip out of a boat seemingly beyond repair.

About the Show

Building on what started 30 years ago with Florida Sportsman’s first installment of One Man’s Dreamboat - a popular series of articles in the magazine featuring readers and their custom boat projects - Florida Sportsman has teamed up with Marine Customs Unlimited in Stuart, FL to bring the pages of the magazine to life. Join the crew from MCU for boat restorations, custom rigging, budgets, and watch boating dreams, become reality.