Florida Sportsman Dream Blog Trip

Thanks for joining Meagan and Jeremy’s Dream Trip Blog. For ten days we fished and blogged and you can see our adventure day by day here. We began our trip in Pensacola. Next, we traveled down the Gulf Coast to Steinhatchee, Tampa Bay and the Keys. Then we headed north again, stopping in Flamingo and Stuart, ending at home in St. Augustine.

Day 1: Pensacola


Our adventure has officially begun! We ended up coming to Pensacola a couple of days early to spend some time with family and to do some much needed maintenance on Lil’ Blue.

Day 2: Freshwater Kayaking at Steinhatchee


We arrived at Steinhatchee Landing Resort around 11:30. This place highly exceeded our expectations! Terri at the front desk set us up with our kayaks and a perfect cottage.

Day 3: Steinhatchee with Capt. Tommy Thompson


At our first fishing spot we measured the wind and it was averaging about 18.5 knots out of the southwest. This was the worst wind direction because there is no way to find shelter.

Day 4: Exploring the Mangroves at Terra Ceia


We trolled around countless mangroves, looking for redfish, seatrout and snook. Cooney hooked up to the biggest trout of the day in one of these mangrove cuts.

Day 5: First Time Tarpon Fishing at Marathon


Norm at Captain Pips went through a safety run with Cooney. We had some live mullet ordered, but it wouldn’t be at Captain Pips until 2:30. So we went across the street to get some live shrimp.

Day 6: We Finally Got Our Tarpon!


We were supposed to be fishing offshore today with Capt. Lee Lucas but the seas were upward of 3 to 5 feet. So that didn’t work out. Instead, we were lucky to meet Chris and Christy Johnson with SeaSquared Charters at Porky’s.

Day 7: Tuna Time on the Hump


We had no problem finding the place, and to our surprise we had the privilege to have two captains today. We had Capt. Lucas, with his Spotless 30-foot Angler, and Capt. Jim Griffith with Angler Management Charters.

Day 8 – Catching in Flamingo


We have never done this kind of sight fishing before; we learned to love it instantly. There is such sport in having to perfectly execute the cast and retrieval. Cooney caught another nice trout and I lost a big red.

Day 9: Hitting Stuart’s Night Life


Then it was on to sample Stuart’s night life, fishing the lighted docks. We met Drew Wickstrom, Florida Sportsman’s art director, at the ramp and set off for a little wading on a nearby flat before sunset.

Day 10: Back in St. Augustine


The sunset was beautiful! We spent a couple of minutes throwing D.O.A. shrimp at the creek near our site and I hooked a for-sure slot-size flounder that broke my line.

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