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Lobster in the Keys

Florida Sportsman member: latitudeajustment I made a late run yesterday and thankfully scored two for my wife’s birthday. We got out today and found a few more. Great times and great eats!

Diving How-To

Diving for Black Grouper

Dive Bomb Black Grouper

No matter how good you become as a spearfisherman, the black grouper is a tough, smart and all-around fantastic fish to hunt. But how should you engage this elusive predator of the coral reefs? Dive bomb them.

Diving Gear

Lobster Inn page

Keystone Dive Products Upgrades the Original Lobster Inn Catch Bag

Every year thousands of novice and experienced divers try their hand at hunting for spiny lobster. Experienced divers have learned the hard way that having the best catch bag on the market is important to keep from losing a lobster when opening the catch bag to add another catch.

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Invasive Species: Lionfish

What used to be a popular aquarium fish, native to the South Pacific and Indian oceans, is no joke in Florida waters, where the aggressive invader is stealing food from native fish and eating their young. Lionfish are here to stay, it appears. So let’s make the most of this invasive delicacy.

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Lobster Diving Basics

In this FS Seminar, Publisher Blair Wickstrom dives with his long time friend Juan Comendeiro to find lobsters off of Bimini, Bahamas. They give a few basic tips on how to find and successfully catch lobster.

lionfishpreparation copy

Preparing a Lionfish

WTVJ’s (NBC 6) Jennifer Reeves speaks with Guy Harvey’s Dave Chafin, who demonstrates the art of cleaning/preparing lionfish. With the right preparation, lionfish make for a delicious meal.