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    Beer-Battered King Mackerel Tacos - 09 Apr, 2019

    Just like Veal, smaller fish usually taste much better than the older, bigger ones...
    I caught this (just 2" over legal) 26" King the other day while drifting for Mutton on a bally fished off the bottom....go figure.

    Since Snapper fishing wasn't happening, I decided to keep him, and as usual, bled him out as soon as he came off the hook and iced him down in a saltwater slurry.
    Back at the dock, he was filleted, skinned, cleaned of all bloodlines and bones and cut into 4" "fingers".

    In the Kitchen made a beer batter with flour, Peroni, garlic powder, salt, oregano, chopped culantro, and lemon pepper.
    Dipped the fingers in the batter and fried them in vegetable oil until golden brown.
    Salt them as soon as they come out of the oil and drain them on a wire rack and they will come out nice and crispy like these...

    Toasted up some tacos, and prepared some chopped culantro, chopped lettuce, some salsa, a sliced avocado and some sliced onion (which were soaked in ice water a half hour before serving...try it, it takes away the harshness of the raw onion and leaves a nice sweet flavor).

    Who sez Kings are just for smoking?
    They ARE Good Eats!