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    SPECIAL WAY TO GRILL FISH - 09 Jul, 2019

    -fillet needs to be fairly thick..1/2” thick as a minimum …3/4” or 1” best
    -this is a fillet from a big 4# plus blackfin snapper 
    -skin with scales is how you cook it [you don’t eat the skin]
    -you cook the fish skin side down and don’t turn it over
    -the benefit is getting the tasty flavor from the layer of fat next to the skin

    -used a little kosher salt, ground pepper, little sweet paprika for color and taste 
    -brush olive oil spiked with a little zesty Italian salad dressing…or not…before grilling
    -squirt a little fresh lemon juice

    -grill on low…450 degrees with top down
    -baste once half way through and squeeze some more lemon on it 
    -done when you put a fork in the fillet  and it comes out easily with no sticking
    -look into the small hole your fork made and confirm the meat is pure white not pink or translucent
    -my fillet cooked to perfection in precisely 20 minutes
    -fish comes off the skin easily with a metal spatula