Sportsman HD

Somewhere in Florida

HD – Somewhere in Florida

Somewhere in Florida, photo by Michael Grant. Find a spot to call your own this weekend. It’s out there.

Huge Snook Sept 2

HD – Huge Snook

Hawksley says, “Using only artificials we have been able to land quite a few lunkers this summer and all of them right off Tarpon Bay Beach on Sanibel – no boat or live bait needed. We’ve caught many smaller snook in the canals and passes as well which is a great sign, but the 40-plus inch monsters seem to be out cruising the beaches in droves.”

Cabin Bluff Aug 26

HD – Cabin Bluff

Cabin Bluff Tarpon Cup, photo by Andy Ippensen. Angler Dr. Aaron Adams hooked up to a big tarpon at the second annual Hell’s Bay Cabin Bluff Tarpon Cup, with Capt. Ron Gibson at the helm.

Grass Fishing Aug 19

HD – Grass Fishing

Grass Fishing, photo by Capt. Rich Santos. “The Jacksonville-St.Augustine big Spring tides during the MidSummer – early Fall seasons bring out the ultra light tackle and sight fishing angler to hunt for tailing redfish, sheepshead & black drum that are gorging themselves on fiddler crabs over the flooded grass flats,” says photographer Santos. See more of his work at

Fort De Soto Aug 12

HD – Fort Desoto

Fort Desoto, photo by Justin Tramble. Rebeka casting in the surf at Fort Desoto beach with the sunset in the background. Caught a small snook, but this picture is the best catch.

Bluefin Tuna Aug. 5

HD – Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin Tuna, photo by Walt Stearns. Photographer Walt Stearns caught the incredible image of a bluefin as it makes its…»

Snakehead July 22

HD – Snakehead Splash

Snakehead, photo by Jim Polley.  Angler Debbie Geisey gets hold of a jumping snakehead in Sunrise. Photographer Jim Polley says that snakeheads are pretty common in Sunrise.

Standup Redfish July 15

HD – Standup Redfish

Standup Redfish, photo by Patrick “Tupat” Eichstaedt. “This particular image is a screen shot from a GoPro Hero4 HD video clip,” says pro photographer and surfer Patrick “Tupat” Eichstaedt.

Silent Predator July 8

HD – Silent Predator

Silent Predator, photo by Kristofer Landers. Sargassum transmits golden sunlight while concealing the form of a freediver on the hunt for mahi and wahoo. From the 2015 Sportsman HD Calendar.

Drum Beat July 1_crop

HD – Drum Beat

Carlos DeBruzos and the 45-plus pound black drum he caught in the Big Bend region using live bait, light tackle in calm waters while wading multiple oyster bars.

End of the Day June 17

HD – End of the Day

End of the Day, photo by Jason Rebol. The final spot (Charlotte Harbor) after a long 4 days fishing of fishing. Heading back to our temporary abode on Useppa Island.

Keys Flats June 10

HD – Fishing the Flats of the Florida Keys

Fishing the Flats of the Florida Keys, paddleboard style. Photo by Robin Wicker.

Sheet Glass June 3 (1)

HD – Sheet Glass

Whisper of seabreeze and eruption of sunlight will soon divide water from sky. For now, you’re in a netherworld of stillness as you watch, and listen, for the pulse of tails disturbing the surface.

West Coast Tarpon May 27

HD – West Coast Tarpon

West Coast Tarpon, photo by David Danforth. When you have been out all day, watching the tarpon rolling and bursting into the air all around you, you milk every last ray of sun light in the day to catch just one more,” said Danforth. See more of Danforth’s work at

Lagoon Red May 20

HD – Lagoon Red

Lagoon Red, photo Cyril Tan. Michelle David and her redfish caught on a paddletail lure on an early flood tide season on Mosquito Lagoon.

Banana River NMZ May 13

HD – Banana River NMZ

Banana River NMZ, photo by Steve Clark. Photographer Steve Clark linked up with Capt Alex of Local Lines Charters and angler Jorge Salas to nail this shot in the Banana River No Motor Zone (NMZ).

Big as the Boat May 6

HD – Big as the Boat

Big as the Boat, photo by Sam Root, from the 2015 Sportsman HD Calendar. Huge tarpon takes to the air off Southwest Florida, where the term “big as the boat” isn’t just a fish story.

Chasing the Tide Apr 29

HD – Chasing the Tide

Chasing the Tide, photo by Richard Santos from the 2015 Sportsman HD calendar. Kayaker watches for red drum, which raid the spartina grass on flood tide to eat snails and crabs. An hour ago, this was dry ground. And an hour from now, dry ground it will be again.

A Fly in Hand Apr 22

HD – A Fly in Hand

What determines tarpon fishing success? Casting distance and fly selection are secondary and tertiary to a simple function of line management: You have a fly ready to cast, enough line outside the rod tip, and the nerve to make your delivery with minimal fuss.

Another Day in Paradise Apr 15

HD – Another Day in Paradise

Another Day in Paradise, photo by Eric Wickstrom, from the 2015 Sportsman HD Calendar. Sportfisher heads for the reefline. Turn off the cell phone and turn on the radar. It’s game time.