Sportsman HD


HD – S for Sailfish

S for Sailfish. David Cartee’s image of an Atlantic sailfish illustrates “The 90-Degree Revolution,” in the December issue of Florida…»

Bonefish on fly Nov 20

HD – Bonefish on Fly

Bonefish on fly, Pat Ford. You can always count on Pat Ford to get the fish and get the shot, too. He’s documented the world’s marine life and the sport of fishing for going on four decades now.

The Marquesas Nov 13

HD – The Marquesas

The Marquesas. Professional photographer Jason Stemple ( shot the sun setting over the Marquesas and the stern of the camera…»

sword bill Nov 6

HD – Sword Bill

Michael Grant’s image of a swordfish bill in hand on a cool day illustrates his feature story on daytime swordfishing, “Warming up to Winter Swordfish,” in the November issue of Florida Sportsman magazine.


HD – Snook School

Snook School, Sam Farkas. Another in the series of shots taken by Sam Farkas at Jupiter Inlet on a single…»

Jupiter Inlet Permit Oct 23

HD – Jupiter Inlet Permit

Jupiter Inlet Permit, photo by Sam Farkas. “On this particular day, the water was exceptionally clear while I was free diving in the Jupiter Inlet. I spotted this school of Permit out of the corner of my eye and I managed to get close enough to them to get this shot as they swam out towards the south jetty.”

Looking for Snook Oct 16

HD – Looking for Snook

Looking for Snook. Photo by David Danforth. Kayak fishing at E.G. Simmons Park, searching for snook in the north mangroves early in the morning in the summer. Danforth used his GalaxyS3 cell phone in a waterproof case.


HD – Mullet Run

Mullet Run, photo by Jason Arnold. Jason Arnold’s photo of silver mullet illustrates the feature story, “Crack the Mullet Run…»

Snook School

HD – Snook School

Snook School, photo by Paul Dabill. Dabill’s shot of schooling snook illustrates Brett Fitzgerald’s recent story (September issue) in Florida Sportsman, “State of the Snook,” about the latest developments in snook fishing and conservation across Florida.

Fall Tail Sept 25

HD – Fall Tail

Professional photographer Jason Stemple’s ( vibrant image of a redfish tail, lit teal at the tip, illustrates Ed Mashburn’s story “Marshgrass Music” in the September issue of Florida Sportsman magazine.

The Dock Sept 18

HD – The Dock

The different colors of the water seen from the dock were made by the shade and the sun in the…»


HD – First Longbeard

J.R. Millar’s first longbeard, shot with a 20-gauge in Putnam County at the BJ BAR RANCH. Beard measured eleven and…»


HD – Lift Off

A Great Egret takes off into the skies after grabbing a healthy minnow breakfast by the Stuart Causeway, in Stuart, FL. Shot with Canon 60D: f/stop 5.6, shutter speed 1/1,600, ISO 400. Photography by Christopher Collins of No Slack Photography.

Under Water with the Mutton Aug 28

HD – Under Water with the Muttons

Pat Ford’s engaging eye captures a flats-caught Bahamas mutton snapper in all its vibrant colors. Ford’s photo illustrates David Conway’s…»

Children at Sunset Aug 21

HD – Children at Sunset

Children fishing from the rocks at Shired Island, Dixie County, Florida. Taken by Kelsie Aman of Our Country Home, with…»

Buzzing the Cypress 2

HD – Buzzing the Cypress

Buzzing the Cypress. Eric Lewis on the St. Johns tossing a Producto Buzz Tail Shad to the grass and the…»

Sunrise, Big Bend  July 31

HD – Big Bend Sunrise

Steinhatchee—the calm before the storm. Photo by Tommy Thompson, Florida Sportsman Field Editor and Kitchen columnist. “Shot was made with…»

Red in the Grass Aug 7

HD – Red in the Grass

Pat Ford’s redfish shot reminds us that flood-tide redfishing in the grasses will get exceptionally good in Northeast Florida, along…»

ShiredIslandSunset July 24

HD – Shired Island Sunset

Sunset after the storm has passed. Taken from the boat launch of Shired Island, Dixie Country, Florida.
Taken with a Canon Rebel T2i/50mm – 1/800s, F3.5, ISO 100.

Competition July 17

HD – Competition

Photo by Capt. Mark A Benson in the North Indian River with a Nikon D70. Sportsman HD Gallery