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Arc of Tarpon July 23

HD – Arc of Tarpon

Arc of Tarpon, photo by Pat Ford. Few photographers have traveled as far and as wide across Florida’s waters to bring us its sights as has Pat Ford. Few fish travel as far and as wide around Florida to challenge, frustrate and satisfy anglers as the tarpon.

Sunrise Jensen Beach July 9

HD – Sunrise Jensen Beach

Sunrise Jensen Beach, photo by William Leonard. “I took this photo behind the Snook Nook Bait and Tackle Shop, Jensen…»

Fisheating Creek July 2

HD – Fisheating Creek Backwaters

Fisheating Creek Backwaters. Photo by Paul Marcellini. Fisheating Creek is a favorite area to visit in “Wild Florida”. Abundant with wildlife, it still feels like an great escape from civilization.

Blazing - Blue Cypress Lake June 25

HD – Blazing: Blue Cypress Lake

Blazing – Blue Cypress Lake. Photo by Paul Marcellini.

North Florida Spring Pool June 18

HD – North Florida Spring Pool

North Florida Spring Pool, photo by Doug Stamm. A couple 10 pound largemouths hang out under a dock in a north Florida spring pool.

Mangrove Magic June 11

HD – Mangrove Magic

Mangrove Magic – Biscayne National Park. Photo by Paul Marcellini. A growing thunderhead catches the sunset light over a dwarfed mangrove in the Atlantic Ocean. Shot with a Canon 5DII/Canon 16-35mm. Settings: 22mm, F18, ISO50, 1.6s, 3 stop graduated neutral density filter.

In the Calm June 4

HD – In the Calm

In the Calm, photo by David Danforth. A father and his child get together in the calm waters of Southwest Florida.

Pitch Bait Ready May 28

HD – Pitch Bait Ready

Pitch Bait Ready, photo by Drew Wickstrom. One of the most exhilerating moments in game fishing, targeting your fish by sight and making the pitch.


HD – At the Reef

At the Reef, photo by Clayton Scelzi. Photographer Clayton Scelzi caught the shot on his return from Sombrero Reef. Memorial Day is May 26.


HD – Burrowing Owl in Flight

Borrowing Owl in Flight, photo by Trey Wheeler. “On a recent trip for snakeheads along the C-14 canal I came across a burrowing owl. As I got closer the owl took flight where I was able to capture this photo. This photo was taken with a Canon T3i with a 55-250 lens in program mode with an ISO of 200.”

Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition

HD – Blue Spring State Park

Blue Spring State Park: Blue Spring State Park in Volusia County protects the largest spring on the St. Johns River. The average flow is 165 million gallons per day. The relatively warm 72 degree water makes Blue Spring an important winter refuge for manatees living in the St. Johns River. Lisa Baylor swims silhouetted against sky and overhanging branches shimmering above the surface.

Spring Strutters Apr 30_small

HD – Spring Strutters

Spring Strutters, photo by Ryan Nitz. Sportsman HD Gallery

Cypress Creek Sunset

HD – Sunset from the Porch

Sunset from the Porch, Steve Huskisson. Huskisson is a Jupiter-based photographer specializing in wild landscapes. See more of his work at This image was made with three exposures at 24mm f/11 ISO 100, merged for tone map (HDR).

Northern Everglades

HD – Marquesas Mangrove

Marquesas Mangrove: Photograph by Carlton Ward Jr / A red mangrove tree rises above the grass flats along the…»


HD – Raccoon on Halt

Raccoon on Halt, photo by Ryan Nitz. “As my friend and I were walking down a dirt trail down to…»


HD – Andros Flamingos

Andros Flamingos: Photograph by Carlton Ward Jr / These flamingos survive in an isolated, shallow chain of lakes north of Flamingo Key. They aggregate in this location and no others nearby. Follow Carlton’s work on Instagram: CarltonWard.


HD – Hungryland

Hungryland, photo by Ryan Nitz. The shot was taken in the summer after one of those tropical storms hit in…»

Jupiter, Florida Sunris

HD – From US 1 Bridge Overlooking Jupiter Inlet

From US 1 Bridge Overlooking Jupiter Inlet, Steve Huskisson. Huskisson is a Jupiter-based photographer specializing in dramatic landscapes. See more of his work at This image was made with three exposures at 48mm f/11 ISO 100 – 1/25 sec, 1/4 sec, .06 sec digitally blended.

Brown Water Redfish March 5

HD – Brown Water Redfish

Brown Water Redfish, painting by Capt. Ron Kowalyk. Redfish in hot pursuit of a “Crabby Appleton fly” is an acrylic painting on panel by Capt. Ron Kowalyk of Bonita Beach, who also writes for Florida Sportsman and writes the weekly Fishing 4casts on

0194 Captiva Stilt House II

HD – Captiva Stilt House II

Captiva Stilt House II: Photograph by Carlton Ward Jr / Above the shallows in Charlotte Harbor, this stilt house…»