Sportsman HD


HD – Going Under

Going Under, photo by Christopher Collins. Sailfish season is upon us. With that comes cold, heavy winds and rough, roily seas. That doesn’t stop the sportfish crowd though, when big money is on the line. This photo was taken during the 2012 Pirate’s Cove Sailfish Classic aboard the Outlaw. For more images, visit

Tarpon in the 'Glades Nov 12

HD – Tarpon in the Glades

Tarpon in the Glades, photo by Jason Stemple. A tarpon gets some air trying to shake a hook in the Everglades, one of Jason Stemple’s photos featured in his story, “Bed, Breakfast and Bent Rods” in the November issue of Florida Sportsman magazine.

The Beach Nov 5

HD – The Beach

The Beach, photo by Pat Ford. The weather has switched and kicked off the surf fishing season on the Atlantic coast and triggered beachfront migrations along Gulf coasts. Anglers get their spots early to get the best of the day’s surf fishing. Photo by Pat Ford.

Dawn Colors Oct 29

HD – Dawn Colors

Dawn Colors, Jupiter Inlet. Photo by Adam Byerly ( A beautiful calm morning overlooking Jupiter Inlet. Morning colors on the…»

Flood Tide (if the panorama doesn't work)

HD – Flood Tide Tail Hunting

Flood Tide Tail Hunting, photo by Capt. Rich Santos,

Mullet Run Oct 8

HD – Mullet Run

Mullet Run, by Adam Byerly. Mullet frenzy off Juno Beach caught by Adam Byerly ( Just as the sun was setting the tarpon turned on and they were blasting mullet, capturing them in midair. Shot with a Canon 7D 100-400L, F4.5-5.6 @ F5.6, 1/200, ISO 2000.

Anna Maria Oct 1

HD – Anna Maria

Anna Maria, photo by David Danforth from Tampa. Fly fishing for some evening snook off of Anna Maria Island, using a white Schminnow. Danforth’s website is Photo taken with a Galaxy S5.

Rattler Sept 24

HD – Rattler

Rattler, photo by Trey Wheeler. “Before archery season began my friend and I went to do our scouting to find out the best place to set up. This particular WMA is regularly wet and he decided to wear neoprene wading booties instead of snake-proof boots. This proved to be a mistake.

Snooking Sept 17

HD – Going Snookin’

Heading out for evening snook fishing, southwest Florida. Photo by David Danforth,

Pelican Family in the Marsh Sept 10

HD – Pelican Family in the Marsh

Pelican Family in the Marsh, photo by Capt. Rich Santos. Northeast Florida’s winter time visitors, white pelicans, perch on a shell bed in the early morning light on the Intracoastal Waterway in St. Augustine. For more outdoor photography by Capt. Rich Santos, please visit

Sword by Day Sept 3

HD – Sword by Day

Sword by Day, photo by Islamorada captain Nick Stanzyck. Few sights are as incredible as a swordfish rising to the surface in the sun. Check out the new daytime swordfishing rig in the September issue of Florida Sportsman in David Conway’s story, “Downrigger for Daytime Swords.”

Marsh Skiff Aug 27

HD – Marsh Skiff

Marsh Skiff, photo by Capt. Rich Santos: Fishing the backwater Maze of Creeks in the saltwater tidal marshes Timucuan Preserve. This photo was taken at low tide in NE Jacksonville. This area happens to have to biggest tides in the whole state of Florida averaging approx. 5-6 ft. of water, moving in the 6-hour tide swing which really concentrates the fish for better fish catching. For more outdoor photography please visit


HD – Under the Groves

Last light illuminates these red mangroves in the heart of the 10,000 Islands, probably holding a snook or two. Paul Marcellini is a Miami based Photographer, more work can be seen at Sony A7R, Nikon 14-24@14mm, 3 exposures hand blended for dynamic range. iso 400, f13.

Double Hook Up

HD – Double Hook Up

Double Hook Up, Photo by David Danforth. Tarpon anglers off Florida’s west coast battle the fish close to the beach during the summer season, when tarpon frequently roam just off the beaches.

Bait Blast Aug 6

HD – Bait Blast

Bait Blast, photo by Andy Tasker. A tarpon blasts a mullet out of the water in a feeding frenzy spurred by the annual mullet run off Florida’s east coast. Andy Tasker captured this shot last year during the action off the Southeast Coast. The image is featured in August’s issue of Florida Sportsman in Brett Fitzgerald’s story, “Go Big or Go Home.”


HD – Yellowtail Escape Plan

“Yellowtail Escape Plan” – This photo was shot while fishing with Capt. Pepe Gonzalez out of Key West, FL, for monster mangrove snappers and flag yellowtails. This particular flag showed its size when it saw the net, kicking up an impressive fan of water and a trail of bubbles. Photo by Christopher Collins.