What's Biting Now

wc snook

West Central Snookin’

Florida Sportsman member: CL604 Went fishing with our Son Capt. Mike ( Mangrove Bully ) out of Tarpon Springs. Despite the gusty winds we were able to find fish-able spots with a total of 11 snook and two reds in just two hours.

Troys Wahoo

A Trip to the Rigs

Florida Sportsman member: Billme Packed up the FN PAIR-A-DICE and headed for the rigs again last weekend. The tuna bite was not what we had hoped for, but we managed a few and turned the trip into a mixed bag bonanza with dolphin and wahoo.


Money in the Bank

Florida Sportsman member: Ryanmc6884 Started trolling off of Boynton heading North. Got a king early on to get the team fired up and in gear. Next up was the grown man as buddy buddy calls the wahoo. Started screaming on the planer. After lines all cleared she popped up on the surface to make life a little easier.


Big Bass, Big Smiles

Florida Sportsman member:syd7792 First cast was under some suspending tree limbs. I took my eye off the line to look at Bert as I hear him fighting a fish. I look back at my line and it is slowing moving away from the limbs into deeper water. I set the hook and all of a sudden I was in a fight of a life time!


Season Finale

Florida Sportsman Member: Strippedmyclutch! Snapper season extended two days meant we were itching to get back out. Friday had some decent rain storms and we were hoping for better weather on Saturday 6/11. After watching the radar we said go, go, go at 3 am, glad we didn’t call it.

glades snook

Road Trip to the Glades

Florida Sportsman member: SLW Urocane We used a combo of live shrimp under a cork, topwater, Gulp! swim baits and chunks of ladyfish. Caught 10 species throughout the weekend, including snook, redfish, trout, tarpon (small), bonnethead and blacktip sharks, ladyfish, jacks, tones of small mangos, catfish (surprise!), and sheepshead.


Open Season

Florida Sportsman Member:harbison For the first time in years both American red snapper and gag grouper season will open June first. The Florida Fisherman ll, Hubbard’s Marina, will be leaving on a 39 hour Middle Grounds and vicinity trip Tuesday, May 31, in search of American reds, gags, and a lot more.


Northeast Flatties

Florida Sportsman member: jameslentz I got about a dozen finger mullet and paddled north out of beach marine. Fished the finger mullet on cork and Carolina rig for the last two hours of the incoming with no luck. As the tide started flowing out I switched to a 1/4 ounce jighead and penny gulp shrimp. Started dragging it in creek mouths and banks and ended up with three keepers.

bb offshre

Tournament Winners

Florida Sportsman member: Top Contender The real star of the show and the fish that sealed the deal for us was a giant 60 pound kingfish. After being on ice for 24 plus hours he weighed in at 58.95 pounds. We also had a 40 pound King that would’ve been good for 2nd if that was allowed.

st marks red

St. Marks Redfish

Florida Sportsman Member: spotremover Then a school of bulls moved in and we really had some fun on 2500′s and 15 pound braid as you can see in the photo’s. Fish are there you’ll go get em and we’ll keep dreaming and looking for that tagged fish.

seb phin

Sebastian Phins

Florida Sportsman member:No_Cool_Name Hooked two running the together at 124 feet. We hooked the cow and had Rodney reel her in slowly so I could get lines hoping for a tagalong. Once the fish was next to the boat saw the bull and pitched a ballyhoo on the spinning rod.

grand cay tuna

Grand Success

Florida Sportsman Member: Pensacola Found a bucket floating with some nice mahi on it, pulled a 30 pound bull off it along with a few of his girlfriends. Next day found the birds and found the yellowfin! They were firing off launching out of the water, pretty epic.


Solo Mission

Florida Sportsman member: RG Air The current was ripping and the fly is swept into the grass line outside the creek. Second cast is placed further upstream and halfway through the slower paced retrieval, the fly is hammered. Set the hook, raise the rod tip and the fish takes off down current and immediately deep into the backing.

fire truck

Northeast Bottom Bite

Florida Sportsman member: LouD Our first stop was at 40 miles at 120 feet and later stops were at 140 and 150 feet (50 miles). Continuous action all day. Captain Roger put us on fish at every stop with emphasis on targeting grouper and Mangos using live bait and 8 to 10 foot leaders.


A Red Morning

Florida Sportsman member: GatorInPISound At this point we were hoping the incoming tide would really trigger a bite but the only thing we conjured up was a small shark. We continued on for a bit and picked up a couple more reds including a tiny reddish looking shark and a 22 inch snook.


Making it Happen

Florida Sportsman Member: KingCatch The wind was blowing from the west around 15 mph. I just got up on the leeward bank and started poling down the flat. I ended up catching a few redfish and scouting some area that eventually led me to a little tarpon hole, catching a little guy to end the day.