What's Biting Now


Hot Bite Before the Storm

Florida Sportsman member: Slamaholic In that short time we landed 10 small tarpon and six snook. We worked structure with whitebait. Our chummers were getting blown up in every direction. Before we were pushed away by the thunderstorms, we dropped a lady fish on the bottom and landed a nice 20 pound goliath grouper.


Make It 1,000

Florida Sportsman member: RealSeabee The day was not over by a long shot. We kept catching them at a steady pace until about 9:20. When we finished, we had 10 bass each and Steph came away with the big girl. To my surprise we ended up with five fish over four pounds.


It’s all About Speed

Florida Sportsman member: Beto_Matheus Found a couple of peacocks sitting in the shallows in a canal in Boca and had a chance to pass three different flies by them. The same fly on a slow strip did nothing. Exact same cast but moved the fly as fast as I could and it got pounded.


Hot Weather, Hot Bite

Florida Sportsman member: Slug-O Water temp is around 88 degrees so keep your bait well pump going or you will have dead bait fast. One of my favorite things to look for on the banks of the ICW is popping shrimp. This is a dead give away there are fish in the area. Work the area well and you will be rewarded.


Tarpon and More

Florida Sportsman member: kmagnuss Forum member kmagnuss got into some solid fish recently, including 7 landed tarpon and snook.


A Bakers Dozen

Florida Sportsman member: LET”S GO We catch two or three more and work for some time and it was either quiet or the bells are ringing as we ended up with a baker’s dozen of decent size dolphin. They are not all that big but they are easy to clean and very tasty, we threw back several that did not meet the size limit and hopefully the next trip out they will still be around and have grown considerably and put up a lot more fight.

nic hog lobweb

A Keys Adventure

Florida Sportsman member: Fish Tails We stopped to check some fishy rips and a smaller weed line but Captain didn’t like the color of the water. And right about 28 miles off shore there it was. The mother of all weed lines, beautiful blue water and lines were in. Not three minutes later the starboard short goes off and my boy is on his first dolphin.


One Last Trip

Florida Sportsman member: dpdash Greg is off to college in Tallahassee this week so we wanted to squeeze one more island trip in before the real work starts. Made the 9am bridge on Friday and crossed without incident, into a pretty strong current. Got to Bluewater and JR and Leroy were waiting to greet us.


Mosquito Lagoon Reds and More

Florida Sportsman Member: Capt Michael Savedow Fall is a great time for locals to fish the Lagoon, tourist season is over so many less guide trips on the water most days, locals who hunt are focusing on the fall hunting season, not out fishing, so much less boat traffic on the flats which is very welcome change from summer.


Northeast Bottom Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: Bigchocolatelab Broke the jetty’s to light NE winds and pretty seas. Plan for the day was to load up on white baits and fish deep. Found all the bait we wanted at the barge and pointed her east. Arrived in 160 feet and didn’t see much on bottom. We dropped lines anyways and found bite to be sluggish at first. Finally found the fish and managed to get on an incredible drift.


South Florida Inshore

Florida Sportsman member: lemaymiami Daytimes are for the Everglades either out of Flamingo or Everglades City. Our most recent trip there was over on the Flamingo side for two days and the fish were biting…. I had Steve Benson, his 13 year old son Kobe, and Kobe’s friend Luke aboard. These two young men are already accomplished anglers, ready to go heads up with anything we found for them.


Summer Fishing Fun

Florida Sportsman member: MattBudd The snook fishing has been as good as it gets in the inlet and my charter customers have been taking full advantage of that. As you will see from the pictures I have attached. We caught and released a 51 inch slob in July which is still the big fish of the season but many others in the upper 40 inch range.

panama tuna

Pounding Them in Panama

Florida Sportsman Member: Pesca Pimp Panama The Yellowfin Tunas were still around in big numbers but unlike first week of June the Tunas were not up in feeding frenzies and eating everything we pitched at them. The bite slowed down a bit and the weather got a bit sloppy. We had to work for our fish as the Porpoises were keen to the boat traffic and were a bit shy.


Southwest Bottom Bite

Florida Sportsman Member: Angler22 Once we had our fill of that we headed back west and settle in 125 or so feet. We worked around but never really found anything much. After a few stops I did boat a nice 31 inch red grouper. We worked the area some more and picked up another red at 21 inches, a stout 28 inch red, and a few shorts.


New Personal Best

Florida Sportsman Member:Joe Snook This trip was extra special because I was able to be part of watching this avid and great angler catch the biggest snook of his life. The tide was a nice outgoing and the beaches were looking good with small baits around and moving water with easy access to deep water.


Sebastian Bull

Florida Sportsman member: TeamReelShady We left the inlet at 5:30am and went out to 130 feet, with signs of life we put out lines trolled all the way to 240 feet, when we saw a massive weed line, dragged baits all over with no takers.