What's Biting Now


Mini Season Success

Florida Sportsman member: greenie-slayer We didn’t get a chance to go out on day one so had to settle for day two. My brother and I found a decent number of lobster. 16 total keepers while having to pass up many shorts and one with eggs.


Full Moon Snapper and More

Florida Sportsman Member: harbison Mangrove snapper tend to go “crazy” during the full moon periods. The full moon for July is 7/19/16 ay 6:59 P.M. We will be fishing a few days after the full of the moon. The weather prediction is picture Florida perfect, this should be a great one!

steinhatchee scallops

Steinhatchee Fun

Florida Sportsman Member: HookemBookem Took my fiancé and the new boat to Steinhatchee this weekend. First time she has ever been out on a boat in the saltwater. Limited out on scallops in the morning and trout in the evening. All the trout were caught on white gulps.

ne red snapper

Northeast Offshore

Florida Sportsman member:Cast&Blast On Stef’s first drop, she was locked into something huge. Hunter and I were both doing our part to keep her from being pulled overboard. This fish took a couple great runs with the drag locked down pretty good.

choko snook

Chokoloskee Snookin’

Florida Sportsman Member: Beamer By this time it was around 1pm and I went to a spot where we always catch a bunch of trout on the last hour of the tide and man that was a great decision. The first bait that hit the water was a 36 inch snook!


Miami Live Baiting

Florida Sportsman member: Ghostrider In short order we managed to sabiki only a few threadfins and got a net full of ballyhoo. We made it to the edge and put the baits out, a few minutes later we missed a small dolphin that tried to eat a large ballyhoo.


Hot Weather, Hot Bite

Florida Sportsman member: ScottsFT Great day of peacock bass fishing. Big fish of the day pushing 7 pounds and 23 inches, many other fish landed up to 5 pounds as well throughout the day. Awesome stuff! All of these fish were landed on jigs. They are active and ready to be on your line right now!


Southwest Bottom Fishing

Florida Sportsman Member: Veikx We fished with a father and son that reside in Fort Myers. Fished in 160′ of water landed their limits of american reds, red grouper, gag grouper and a huge scamp (that they let me catch!). Knocker rigs on with 60 pound flouro produced with a whole squid.

ne red

Redfish Palooza

Florida Sportsman member: Morocco_madness The Big, breeder Red Fish have started their annual movement up river from the St. Johns River Inlet in anticipation of spawning season. These fish begin staging on the 40 foot dredge lines that edge the shoulders of the rivers shipping lanes every June. This period is what we call the “Pre-Spawn”. The breeders gather up in numbers and gorge on fish and crustacions to fatten up for the spawn that typically begins in the early weeks of August.


Weekend in Destin

Florida Sportsman member: LilOrange I did catch a really nice sized mahi mahi. It swam up to the boat while we were bottom fishing. I grabbed our flat line rod (still rigged with a wire leader) and tossed out a live cigar minnow. It hammered it immediately and took off like a rocket.


Islamorada Action

Florida Sportsman member: Captain Easy Even with the tough fishing we’ve managed to put a lot of nice catches together. We haven’t had many easy days though, but the last two days out this week saw a huge improvement and I’m hoping it’s the beginning of some red hot fishing. We got in on several large schools of mahi of mixed sizes from schoolies to some fish up to 30 pounds the last two days.

sarasota red

Sarasota Bay Drum

Florida Sportsman member: former bluefishinny We hit an area, and after a few little trout pops, Mark gets a nice boil on his Super Spook. Fish rolls, we can see its a red – “fire at him, see if he will eat you” Mark says. I present a smaller bait, different color. Swirl, and I am on to this just shy 28 inch red.

shark popper

SLI Bite

Florida Sportsman member: greenie-slayer For the next few hours no sardine lasted more than 10 seconds after hitting the water before getting a fish on, countless numbers of sharks and jacks. Jumped two poons on the day and saw a bunch of snook that weren’t fast enough to get to out baits before the jacks did.

wc snook

West Central Snookin’

Florida Sportsman member: CL604 Went fishing with our Son Capt. Mike ( Mangrove Bully ) out of Tarpon Springs. Despite the gusty winds we were able to find fish-able spots with a total of 11 snook and two reds in just two hours.


Money in the Bank

Florida Sportsman member: Ryanmc6884 Started trolling off of Boynton heading North. Got a king early on to get the team fired up and in gear. Next up was the grown man as buddy buddy calls the wahoo. Started screaming on the planer. After lines all cleared she popped up on the surface to make life a little easier.

glades snook

Road Trip to the Glades

Florida Sportsman member: SLW Urocane We used a combo of live shrimp under a cork, topwater, Gulp! swim baits and chunks of ladyfish. Caught 10 species throughout the weekend, including snook, redfish, trout, tarpon (small), bonnethead and blacktip sharks, ladyfish, jacks, tones of small mangos, catfish (surprise!), and sheepshead.