What's Biting Now

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Topwater Time

Florida Sportsman member: Net 30 Went out at 6:00pm and fished for 90 minutes last evening before lightning chased us off the water. Found a nice little piece of shoreline with good bait and had a blast with my oldest son.

keys perm

Permit, Cobia and a Surprise

Florida Sportsman member: NauticalWheeler The real surprise at this location was when I saw a small shark with interesting markings cruising around the boat. I thought it might resemble a tiger shark, but wasn’t sure. I threw out a live bait in haste and was only using 40 pound mono for a leader and was lucky to not get bitten off, but the hook was right in the corner of the mouth.

utb snook

Upper Tampa Bay Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: BryanC While I was taking pics of that, my rod bent over in the rod holder and I was hooked into a big snook! Unfortunately, she broke me off. Another one bit a little later, and I got her close to the boat, this one looked smaller, possibly a slot fish, but once again my 20 pound leader broke.


Ponce Offshore Fun

Florida Sportsman member: Koifarmer We then freelined some squid wrapped in chumdrop chum balls and it did not take long before we were hooked up . The fish were shy , 15 pound fluorocarbon and a small circle hook did the trick. We lost many many fish , but did manage to get 4 fish up to 9 pounds.


Peacock Bass on the Fly

Florida Sportsman member: Prhea36 Forum member Prhea36 put together an awesome video of peacock bass on the fly. “When the weather is not optimal we grab the 6wt’s and do some good ole bank hopping.”


Great Trip to the Other Side

Florida Sportsman member: e-money Ran about 15 miles off and I spotted a bundle of balloons and floats then Ryan spotted the right frigate! On the third pass I look back and see 4 20 to 30 pound phins chasing the spread! All 4 rods go off, but we went 2 for 4 with a 20 plus pound cow and about a 25 pound bull!

backyard drum

Backyard Drum

Florida Sportsman member: Let’s Go Amigo It was really slow for the first hour and then the dinner bell rang. We caught 7 Black Drum. I’m talking up to 18 pounds. All on light tackle, with 7 to 10 year old kids. Not to mention, it was pouring on us. I don’t know about the kids, but I had a blast!


Dinner and a Show

Florida Sportsman Member: sake138 We met the bait guy on the water around 730. The current was pretty strong and so was the wind. We ended up drifting north about 7 miles! I got two mahi mahi, one being a 50 inch bull, and my first sail on a yak!

ne blue

Northeast Blue Marlin

Florida Sportsman member: Captjeffcrabtree As we were talking about the conditions being too perfect for a billfish, the left flat gets hammered. As it’s dumping a 50 wide, we see a bill thrashing up top. At that point we knew we found him. Cleared the lines and 15 minutes later released a beautiful blue marlin in the 150 pound class.


Cobia on the Troll

Florida Sportsman member: Ruff One I picked a nice section and on the first run both rods go off, a double! This is a first, Gail has a grouper and I thought I had the bottom. My bottom starts shaking so, it’s a fish, and a second later it gets airborne and it’s a nice cobe.


Long Runs and Big Fish

Florida Sportsman Member: Veikx We left that spot and continued in, not more then two miles we found another spike. Very similar and could see the hard rocky bottom down 150 feet. Did a few more drifts and produced some more nice red grouper and massive scamps.


Spearfishing Cobia

Florida Sportsman member: nutsmagoo We had an epic day of spearfishing for cobia off of Jupiter yesterday! The seas were calm, the visibility was great and the cobia were plentiful. We ended up with 8 cobia and bluewaterspearo scored a solid blackfin tuna, which was the icing on the cake.

bb trout

Catching Fish, Day and Night

Florida Sportsman member: lemaymiami An hour later we were after big tarpon in a small river. The following pictures tell the story after we found a few big fish holding up inside a river, quietly poled near them and eased a live ladyfish over the side and allowed it to swim where they were holding.

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Charlotte Harbor Night Bite

Florida Sportsman member: Real V Took my friend Doug from Wisconsin out. He caught his first snook ever and some black drum. We got one keeper and I got a 38 inch snook. I don’t know why the black drum have moved in so early, but saturday night I got a 45 inch blackdrum.


Big Drum from the Beach

Florida Sportsman Member: Garbo Shannon gets tired after 20 minutes or so, she hands it off to lucky young Angler. Upon being handed the fully loaded rod he looked up to his mother and said “It is so strooong.”


Running the Bay Boat Offshore

Florida Sportsman Member: SouthshoreSlayer After about 2 hours of snapper fishing the flat lines start getting cut off. We didn’t have any wire or long shank hooks, we all rigged our big setups and the king bite was on for the next hour.