What's Biting Now

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Nearshore Mayhem

Florida Sportsman Member: SaltyRoots We went out of the Port in search of triple tail, flounder, redfish, and kings. Both times got blanked on the triple tail and flounder but that was because all of our time was spent reeling in kingfish and redfish!


Loxahatchee Largemouth and More

Florida Sportsman member: Fireman Bill The water is still higher than I like but it was manageable. The big bass was the only fish I caught for the day but I made it count. My friend caught one bass, 6 snook and a hoard on panfish as I paddled.


Grouper Grand Slam

Florida Sportsman Member: harbison That’s it! The boat has completely limited out on grouper; and that’s a two day limit of 8 each. We are still a very long ways from Madeira Beach, Florida. Let’s feast on that Chef Tammy steak dinner, with all the trimmings, and hit our bunks. We are tired, I mean really tired; grouper wore out tired.


Hitting the Lights

Florida Sportsman member: Snookslayer772 Went out on my buddy’s Jon boat yesterday evening to “test and tune” his new motor. brought the fly rods along, as we figured we might as well hit some dock lights once the sun dropped. The front pushing through really kicked up the wind once it got dark, but we were able to get tight on a few.


Catching with the Kids

Florida Sportsman Member: Scott Crown We headed to the first spot and started throwing topwater over some oyster bars. Got one 25 inch red and a stud trout right off the bat. Pulled the hooks on two over slot reds and had several misses before making a move. I then jumped up on the platform and turned the front of the boat over to the boys.


Swords out of Haulover

Florida Sportsman member: farinco Went out with forum member johnnywizman to try and get tight on a few swordfish. He guaranteed me a fish on this trip. We had an epic bite, landing 4 out of 5 fish, with 2 rat’s released, and two 52″ lower jaw to fork swords in the box.


Pine Island Inshore

Florida Sportsman member: GatorInPISound At this point we looked at some potholes and sandy bare bottom zones to see if the fish might be hanging around waiting on the incoming, and a few were.


Pompano from the Pier

Florida Sportsman member: Compleat Forecast said to pass on the offshore but my missus was in fishing mode. We tossed the rods in the car and hit the pier. We started off slow but picked three nice pompano.


Breaking in the New Boat

Florida Sportsman member: Lug Man We drifted the spot and put about 2 dozen baits in the live well anyway. My buddy decided he didn’t want to run another 15 miles in the slop so we just hung around 9 mile and drifted baits. We caught mostly sharks and red snapper which were released to swim free.


Dad and Daughter Fishing Day

Florida Sportsman member: Fishesman The kid finally started to rouse around 2pm and I asked her if she wanted to stop and catch grunts (she can’t handle grouper yet). She said “yes,” stood up, turned green, and asked to go in. We did just that. You have to love her fortitude though. On the way home she asked when we could go again.


Catching While You Can

Florida Sportsman Member: larrywitt First spot was only 7 miles out where i have had a good lane snapper bite plus some nice flounder in the mix. We set up on the spot the bite was constant grunts, porgys, mangrove snapper, and the first black sea bass I have ever seen caught on this coast.

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Mayhem Inshore

Florida Sportsman member: Tfoucher We probably ended up with between 60 to 70 fish maybe more since we were not really keeping tabs. We got snook, reds and trout with most of the fish being snook. I was the only one not to get a slam on the boat!


Fall Everglades Bite

Florida Sportsman Member: CaptainRapps Stock up on D.O.A. Baitbusters and Terror Eyz and head to the backwaters to battle with the Snook as they head way back into the creeks and rivers for the winter season. In a good moving tide, fish the eddy side of the points.


Port Everglades Dive

Florida Sportsman member: 23T Forum member 23T got himself some nice lobster on a recent dive out of Port Everglades. Although the jellyfish were thick, they were able to get around them and score these bugs in 20 to 30 feet of water.

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October in the ‘Glades

Florida Sportsman member: lemaymiami Redfishing has been good most days and we usually find them with small snook. The big surprise has been the number of sawfish we’ve encountered while working bait for those reds.

35lb black

Panhandle Offshore Bite

Florida Sportsman member: 85okhai We had some lunch and moved to a few more spots to pick up some beeliners. Plan was to be in pretty early but we still wanted some red groupers so we made the run in to fish state waters and were able to pull up a few red groupers and a couple of jacks.