What's Biting Now

black snake

South Florida Mixed Bag

Florida Sportsman member: chut03 Used primarily topwater rubber frogs for the snakehead, and the biggest bass attacked the frogs too. Peacocks on lipless crankbaits, and livebait. Plus one catfish on a rubber worm strangely enough. and even a needlefish that took a jig.


Bumping the Bridges

Florida Sportsman member: Real V Forum member Real V got into some nice Charlotte Harbor snook recently. The tactic used for these linesider was hopping D.O.A. Terroreyz along the bottom around bridge structure.

bb red

Catching in the Transition

Florida Sportsman Member: ripnlips For the past few weeks we have been seeing fish transition from Summer patterns to Fall patterns and this means that they are in the mood to eat. Now is the time to get out on the water and take advantage of it.


First Redfish on Fly

Florida Sportsman member: staysalty Forum member staysalty scored his first redfish on fly. This fish ate a small white minnow fly out of a docklight near Siesta Key. Congrats!

bb grouper

Grouper on the Troll

Florida Sportsman member: Ruff one She wanted to hit some nasty bottom area in 15 feet, so we were off. It seems like we pull a trophy gag out of this spot every time we visit it. Guess what? We didn’t have the plug in the water 1 minute and Gail’s rod is screaming!


Bull Reds on a Beautiful Day

Florida Sportsman member: Angler170. We were greeted with a beautiful sunrise just before the current began to slow and the fish began to fire off! We started the morning off with a 42 and a 38 inch fish. we then had one break 60 pound leader and another pull the hook.


Night Time Snapper Bite

Florida Sportsman Member: Veikx We used 5000 sized spinning gear with 15 feet of 20 pound flourocarbon leader. We used knocker rigs in the beginning and then switched over to 1/0 mutu light circle hooks free-lined with pilchards and squid.


West Central Offshore Bite

Florida Sportsman Member: harbison Whenever cold fronts move into the gulf the pressures starts to plummet, this causes the fish to go into a feeding frenzy because they know the coming storm will stir the water and prevent them from feeding easily.

nirl red

Putting the In-Laws on the Fish

Florida Sportsman Member: RealSeabee Top Water (Skitter and Sebile Slim Sticks) and Cut Mullet are the baits. We’ve been doing much better this go around. Don has caught 18 reds to this point and we will be out again today.

red mutton

Tearing up the Tortugas

Florida Sportsman member: Reef Bandit Motoring a few hundred yards, we all readied. It didn’t take long to find out that the next spot was loaded with big red snappers. We caught them one after another. The only problem was that they were out of season so we had to vent them and let them go.


Fishing on the Edge

Florida Sportsman member: ShallowSalt Biggest score of the week was a 19.5 pound blackfin tuna caught on 20 pound spin gear while drifting. We began to see the big boys skying about a quarter mile behind the boat and eventually they worked their way close enough and took a drifting bait behind the boat.

night trout

Indian River Night Bite

Florida Sportsman member: snookcook I prefer to fish at night or in the evening mainly to avoid the sun. Plus, the night time is the right time! The docks have been holding tons of trout and snook. The tarpon are here in huge numbers in the river and on the beach.

2 reds

10,000 Islands Inshore

Florida Sportsman Member: Oldfloridaangler We were also joined by a few skittish tarpon, that were darting in and out of view snatching the baits as they frantically evaded the frenzy. The reds openly accepted anything with a bronze or new penny color.


Sebastian Offshore

Florida Sportsman member: bighardey We put the lines back out and slow trolled at 5 knots and about 11:15 on blue & green Islander skirted ballyhoo the hoo hits hard, heads deep. Yanked her back to the boat nice and easy, gaffed and put in the box. It was a super day and good to be back.


Scalloping Fun

Florida Sportsman member: Big Bend Brian Finally found a spot with turtle and manatee grass and enough scallops to work. We didn’t tear them up but it was a fun family outing!

rain snook]

Flamingo Fun

Florida Sportsman member: lemaymiami Out of Flamingo things are getting more and more active with schools of bait all along the Gulf coast that seem to be getting larger day by day. We’re finding tarpon, snook, reds, trout actively feeding each day.