What's Biting Now

Creek Red

Hitting the Creeks

Florida Sportsman Member: FELLOW-SHIP Went out yesterday targeting reds up the creeks with my micro skiff, which is able to fish in a foot of water when I ask her to. We caught 12 reds half were keeper size, 2 were caught on shrimp the rest were caught on a paddle tail.

Northeast Red Snapper

Fishing with New Friends

Florida Sportsman member: model14 We next moved and found a goldmine of fish. Catch included many black seabass, numerous ringtail porgy, a big bull red, and a nice red snapper. I was really glad to see the boys get on some fish. Bait was squid, sardines, grunt and boston mackerel.

blacky (1)

December Inshore Bite

Florida Sportsman member: snookslayer772 Doa Terroreyz has been a major go to with the colder water, bouncing bottom in the deeper holes and ledges. The pompano bite has been pretty good, find 66 to 68 degree water and you should be in them, as well as a good tide, higher the tide, the further they push back, and a lot of people don’t realize this.

Miami Yellowtail

Limits out of Miami

Florida Sportsman member: miami mutton We have been getting limits of yellow tails each day and today we did get grouper and a nice cobia to ad to the 4 man snapper limit. The current is stronger to the North as of today. bottom bite picked up or should I say, we didn’t miss the bottom fish, because yesterday we lost 8 bottom fish.

Southwest Blackfins

Fishing the Ledges

Florida Sportsman Member: Veikx Live pilchards were the go to bait, we had bought a some shrimp to try for any hogfish as well. The bite picked up after we put in a chum block, with smaller fish around 13 to 14 inches. The larger ones starting biting as soon as we brought out the grill and cooked some hot dogs!

Mosquito Lagoon Black Drum

East Central Inshore

Florida Sportsman Member: Cavanaugh68 The spotted seatrout are thick along the drop offs and ledges. However the big boys, the gators, are back in deep thick backcountry waters. Searching the white holes or sand spots and always keeping in mind your posture, bait movement and signs of their presence.

Port Canaveral Dolphin

December Dolphin Bite

Florida Sportsman member: cflcycleparts The water temp was a bleak 70 degrees, our only hope was to make it into the warmer waters of the stream. We make our way out to the cones about 30 miles out and find 74.99 degree water. It’ll do. We happen to run by some debris including a floating log with weeds around it, and then pandemonium.

Caydens Grouper

Fun Weekend in the Keys

Florida Sportsman member: Lori Jo Fishing Cayden’s on the reel, gets him boat side and the phin goes crazy. Then the captain sees more phins and says get some more baits out. Me and Jeff hook up and we ended up catching all three.

Trout on Fly

Cold Weather Trout

Florida Sportsman member: SUPER D When I launched, the water temperature was 55 degrees. I found a lot of nice trout sitting in a foot of water. I caught a nice 22 inch trout on a white bend back, and a Nice 25 inch trout on a white shrimp fly.

12-13 Chad red

Tampa Bay Hot Bite

Florida Sportsman member: Tfoucher I really did not think the bite was going to be very good but I was wrong. We got 80 plus reds, snook and trout with it mostly being reds and snook with the few trout to round out our inshore slams.


Ten Thousand Islands Inshore Bite

Florida Sportsman Member: Joe Snook It was snook and redfish days like they were in september and october. My anglers were catching 20 to 30 Snook a day, not huge but not tiny. The Reds were the same with only one day mostly rats, which is good to see for the years to come.

j16 Sail

Small Boat, Big Fish

Florida Sportsman member: SkunkLife Forum member SkunkLife didn’t need a big offshore boat to get out there and catch some sailfish recently. Drifting live baits was the technique used to catch the fish from his Carolina Skiff j16.


Pine Island Flats

Florida Sportsman member: CoTroutGuy Forum member CoTroutGuy got out recently and chased some fish in the shallow water. Spotting tailing redfish in the overcast conditions at hand was tough, but he was able to land a nice red and a nice snook!


Hitting the Deeper Water

Florida Sportsman member: Doc Stressor The trick to finding the gags was to check out a lot of different areas with good relief and only fish the ones with bait showing. Wherever we saw bait stacked off the bottom we caught gags.


Lower Keys Bonefish

Florida Sportsman Member: torchkey The flats were active with sharks, barracuda, and bonefish. Had some good shots at bones and ended up with a couple of nice fish. Ended the day catching some trout for the dinner table. It was a good day to be on the water!

pc red

Pensacola Bulls

Florida Sportsman Member: pcola-reds The bull reds have made it into the bay and are everywhere. We went out for a couple hours on 11/19 and found the reds running in the bay. Finally total was 11 with the smallest being 30 inches.