What's Biting Now

bb groupers

Big Bend Grouper Bite

Florida Sportsman member: StandOutI2 First drops down and all we were hooking up with was lady fish, grunts, and some small grouper. Moved over another 75 yards and found what we were looking for. For several hours, as soon as the bait hit the bottom it was getting eaten.

shrimp snook

Small Lure, Big Fish

Florida Sportsman Member: Joe Snook I put my rod in the water to keep the fish from coming up and fraying the leader thumbed the spool a bit and within a minute I reached down and grabbed what was a 37 inch snook.


Hoo on the Troll

Florida Sportsman member: latitudeadjustment I put out a tuna spread in 150 feet or so and headed deeper, just wanting to nail a decent blackfin. Trolled some known spots for tuna but we did not get any hits, saw a nice jumping sail fish which was very cool but no takers on our rigs.

ft red

Reds in the Grass

Florida Sportsman Member: Maverick I use the yak to get close, very quietly, then slip out and wade to the fish. Makes it a lot easier to make a good presentation to the fish with a fly, especially in this wind. The fish were hungry and aggressive. I only spooked 1 or 2 with the line.


Shoreline Specks

Florida Sportsman member: Jiganomics Forum member Jiganomics got into a mess of specks, fishing from land. These fish were keyed into a bright colored “grapefruit” jig. Looks like a fish fry is in the near future.

spear aj

East Central Diving

Florida Sportsman member: Kapt.Hook When we jumped in to do some free diving the ocean came alive! We were using Pogy and Bonita chunks to chum with and two 4 inch disco balls suspended at 60 feet. The big kings were coming in and taking chunks really quick, we weren’t able to get in close enough to make any shots unfortunately.

ajs and grouper

Panhandle Reef Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: Capt. Mickey Locke We fished around 200 feet both days. The jacks wrecked us the first day but ended up with 3 nice fish and 18 groupers. The next day was a tough bite on the jacks for us but we ended up with 2 nice fish and limit of grouper.


Hot Bite in the Bay

Florida Sportsman member: Tidesright We had to force my buddy John on the bow as he is always quick to jump on the poling platform. He got a shot and the line started to peel off the reel as the fish screamed across the flat. A couple tense moments later and Permit was in the boat!

pi red

Fighting the Heat, Catching Fish

Florida Sportsman member: GatorInPISound They got fired up, eating both under and off of the bushes. When the sun went behind a cloud the fish came out very far off the shadow line, and when it was sunny they retreated to the sanctuary of the roots.

yak snook

Changing Tactics, Catching Fish

Florida Sportsman member: SnookStack I can’t seem to catch the specks, but being tempted to take my ladyfish and chunk it up was too tempting. I aborted trout fishing by 8 and the change in tactics paid off! I caught two beauties and was off the water by 10 am.


Kingfish Fun

Florida Sportsman Member: Bonecracker My daughter came home last week after doing a 3 month internship in New York City and she needed some boat and beach time badly before heading back to UGA. Trout and redfishing has it moments in August (mostly bad) so I decided to load up on some tasty bait fish and head offshore for some action.

big aj

Catching a Mountain of Fish

Florida Sportsman Member: harbison Three P.M. friday afternoon, Madeira Beach is under a severe storm warning. As we board the Florida Fisherman ll at Hubbard’s Marina, we can not help but wonder will this overnight trip produce, ‘A Mountain of Fish,’ or be a complete wash-out?


Grouper Grapple Win

Florida Sportsman Member: PigskinCapt We managed a 79 pound black to take first place. Also weighed a 23 pound gag and a 17 pound red grouper. The gag fishing this summer has been a little slow in the deeper water.

ec snook

East Central Snookin’

Florida Sportsman Member: Keystroke There are some big fish out in the ocean along the beaches, feeding on all that little bait moving along the coast. The trick is to fool them into eating in that clear ocean water. Can’t wait till all the big girls find their way up through the inlet and visit us this fall.

saint augustine redfish 011

St. Augustine Redfish

Florida Sportsman member: billy boy Took the grandsons to tolomato river for some shore fishing today, It was one of those spectacular days that does not happen very often. We caught 20 redfish, all slot or over in 2 hours on live finger mullet.

topwater tuna

Topwater Tuna Time

Florida Sportsman member: Snaphappy When we arrived we were the first boat on the scene and there were fish busting everywhere! We started casting poppers and it was game on immediately. For the next two and half hours it was wide open. We boated 10 fish on poppers and 6 on live bait.