What's Biting Now

Port Canaveral Spearing

Port Canaveral Spearing and Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: srokag44 Vision was marginal, but enough to shoot some snapper and lionfish. Had to fend off a big sandbar shark that circled us on the descent and showed back up on the ascent.

Big Pine Blackfin

Big Pine Blackfin

Florida Sportsman member: Northern There seems to be a lot of big blackfins around right now. Unfortunately, I’m losing too many boat side in the process of trying to get them in the boat. This one was 17.5lbs, but the two lost at boat side were bigger.

Panama Fishing

Panama Fishing Recap

Florida Sportsman member: Pesca Pimp Panama These guys got lucky as it started out slow on the first day, but we came across a pod of feeding porpoises that sure enough had Tunas hanging around them. They got a couple of real nice yellowfin tunas on live baits.

February Inshore

February Inshore Review

Florida Sportsman: Matt822 The trout bite has been really good as well with some fish in the 24-28″ range. I’ve been getting them on zman paddle tails, bouncing the edges of the pot holes in one to five feet of water. They usually hit it on the drop, so be ready.


Fernandina Offshore Reef Variety

Florida Sportsman member: dillon5458 Fished three different spots at KBY reef for about three hours. We only found one short sheep, but loaded the boat with some of the biggest ringtail porgies I have ever seen. They are fat. My wife picked up a nice drum. All in all great day, happy kids and wife.


It’s Crappie Time

Florida Sportsman member: stringwray It’s time to crappie fish. It took a while to find some willing to chew, but when I finally found them they were chewing the hooks off. The fish wanted no part of the minnows, but were more then ready for some jig action.

10K Variety Bites

10K Variety Bites

Florida Sportsman Member: Joe Snook Super Bowl Sunday I went out to fill the bait pen and get some triple tail with a friend and I got this slob, who was almost 30 inches.


It’s Crappie Time

Florida Sportsman Member: stingwray It’s time to crappie fish. It took a while to find some willing to chew, but when I finally found them they were chewing the hooks off. The fish wanted no part of the minnows, but were more then ready for some jig action.

Ponce Inlet Trolling

Ponce Inlet Trolling and Bottom Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: Mako224 We headed back to the ledge we started at and wanted to work some bottom. This paid off. Lots of vermillion, stud mangos, triggers, porgies and jacks.

Palm Beach Inlet

Palm Beach Inlet Mixed Bag

Florida Sportsman member: ControlledChaos We ended the morning with two sails, six mahi up to 26lbs, two kingfish, a big bull shark, a red grouper, an AJ, and short muttons. Round 2 was a completely different story.

Miami Snapper

Miami Snapper and Grouper

Florida Sportsman member: boneheadhunting We managed to get a couple yellowtail with a super strong current. The bite on the bottom was great.

Red and Black Drum

Full Moon Red and Black Drum

Florida Sportsman Member: SpaceCoast Slayer As we approached we could hear the sweet sound of croaking drum underneath us. We both put out two rods each, one with a mullet chunk and one with a halved crab. Within five minutes my mullet rod doubled over and it was on.

Eddie Creek Trout

Eddy Creek Trout and Reds

Florida Sportsman Member: Fl_Native61 While it wasn’t ideal conditions for boating, it was a good day of fishing. I landed two trout and four redfish with the best two being 26″ and 27.5″.


Birthday Amberjack and Snapper

Florida Sportsman member: butchbal We moved to a spot over a wreck and it was on! We caught ten or so amberjack, all in the 30″ to 33″ range. We finally got a keeper at 35.5″ and decided to head in, tired, sore and happy. We had some of the flattest seas I have seen and perfect weather all day.

Downtown Jacksonville Trout

Downtown Jacksonville Trout and Reds

Florida Sportsman member: Cast&Blast River was oil slick after the rainstorm and the trout were chewing.

Offshore Varitey Catches

Offshore Variety Catches

Florida Sportsman Member: RMD We wanted to burn more of the fuel so we headed out a bit deeper for some AJ’s. We managed to get two keepers, and could have had more if it weren’t for the giant cudas. The added bonus was four nice blackfin tunas.