What's Biting Now


Sebastian Chaos

Florida Sportsman Member: surfer23mg From the bridge to the tip of the jetty I have never seen tarpon exploding like they were. 130 plus pound fish completely skyrocketing out of the water as far as you could see.

stu red

Fishing with Dad

Florida Sportsman member: lunkerman Well today’s trip showed me that you should always listen to your papa! He dropped down a berkley gulp crab on a sliding sinker rig and boom! It wasn’t 30 seconds until he was hooked up.


Port Everglades Phins

Florida Sportsman member: NIghtOwl We picked up some blue runners at the sea buoy and ran out to 850 feet. Saw a free jumper and trolled the area but could not raise him. Stopped the boat by two weed patches pitched a livie, spro jig, and ballyhoo plug.

glades tt

Everglades Report

Florida Sportsman member: lemaymiami There were so many tripletail at this spot that a half dozen at a time would come up after any jig we tossed at them. My two anglers that day limited on a pair each for the table, while releasing a half dozen more on the same small lures.


Mangroves and More

Florida Sportsman Member: clarosa Slowly but surely the mango’s started coming over the rail. Got a few in the 6 to 7 pound range but the bite was kinda slow. Every once in awhile the flatline I leave out for tuna would get nailed and ended up being AJ’s just about every time, got a couple in the 25 to 30 pound range.


No Water No Problem

Florida Sportsman Member: barhopperAD Catching mullet paid off, first cast was a 26 inch red. Little bro was catching rat reds left and right. The water got higher and action got slower. So we moved around explored a little to find a fishy looking cove with lots of activity and that REALLY paid off.


Wade Slam

Florida Sportsman member: spydermonkey We stopped at Gandy and got some shrimp in case I couldn’t find any greenies on the flat. Got to the flat about 8:30 and started off with topwaters. I was throwing a livetarget mullet and my dad was throwing a spook in mullet coloration. After about 20 minutes I hooked up with a nice redfish.


Drifting the Sante Fe

Florida Sportsman member: Alex from Ga The first third of the float didn’t amount to much catching just trying to avoid all the canoes and kayaks. After the big shoal the fishing started to pick up with a bunch of bass caught. No big ones but some nice largemouth and suwanee bass.


Diving the Ledges

Florida Sportsman member: Veikx Nailed a nice 21 inch mangrove right when I made it to the bottom as he was quite curious to see me. Shortly after this beautiful hog presented himself and landed a good stone shot. Picked up a few more hogs and mangroves through out first and second dives.


Maiden Voyage Success

Florida Sportsman member: dpdash Found great conditions in 200′ and put a couple of ballyhoo’s out. Ended up finding an incredible edge with huge mats and flyers in 600′ with nobody around. After 15 minutes we found a few dollies and a little tuna for sashimi.

Jays First Big

Fishy Weekend

Florida Sportsman member: former bluefishinny Rising tide yielded a topwater redfish for Mark pretty quick. The wind picked up, and we decided to hit East Bay. I was rewarded with a topwater red as well. And a few minutes later, a snook to complete the slam.


Southwest Snapper Bite

Florida Sportsman Member: larrywitt Dropped a marker at the first number Med. spin rods 14 pound flouro leader, small no 2 circle hooks, squid for bait, grunt bite was instant. Most were small and sent back. After chum had been out for about 30 minutes or so I decide to drifted a shrimp back (keys style) just a small split shot , open bail just feeding the line out with the slick.

Sheepshead Pic

Sheepshead on Fly

Florida Sportsman member: E-type Was trying out a new spoonful pattern I tied. I was casting under the mangroves and had caught a few little snook. Then this guy grabbed it and wanted to go deep for the mangrove roots.


Middle Grounds Overnight

Florida Sportsman member: Shel That spot fired up immediately and I pulled up a 31 inch amberjack. Lee followed that with a stud red snapper and over the next hour or so, we put some decent fish in the box. I decided to fire down a special livebait and within minutes, had a very nice 25 pound plus gag grouper on the line and in short order, in the fishbox.


Playing in the Backcountry

Florida Sportsman Member: blewitupsir Headed to the deep back country today to check the bite. Been fishing out front mostly so didn’t really know how it was gonna be. Very solid bite, even with the huge tides we are going through.


East Central Dolphin Bite

Florida Sportsman member: DolphinTailin We leave the weed patch and head off to the Southeast and not too far off we find a big blue crate just under the surface, As we pass the crate we look behind the boat and see tons of dolphin greyhounding through our spread, three guys on the boat and all four rods go down.