Treasured Coast Kayak Fishing

Forum member evergladeskid243 put together a killer video with his gopro. Showing what the Treasure Coast has to offer, with the variety of inshore species, you can always keep a rod bent!

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Preparing a Lionfish

WTVJ’s (NBC 6) Jennifer Reeves speaks with Guy Harvey’s Dave Chafin, who demonstrates the art of cleaning/preparing lionfish. With the right preparation, lionfish make for a delicious meal.

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Freediving 101

Florida Sportsman’s Jeff Weakley joins World Champion freediver Martin Stepanek to go over some basics of freediving.


FS SEMINAR- Installing Hydraulic Steering

This Florida Sportsman boatmanship seminar gives step-by-step instruction on how to convert from cable/install hydraulic steering on your boat.

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Cleaning an Alligator

In the seminar above, Florida Sportsman’s Trey Wheeler met up with the staff at All American Gator Products in Ft. Pierce, FL to learn how to properly skin and clean a Florida ‘gator.


Spearfishing Cobia off Bull Sharks

The title says it all. Paul Dabill, free diver and underwater photographer, filmed himself and a dive buddies targeting cobia off none other than the backs of bull sharks.

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FS Review – DragonFly Marsh Hen

Florida Sportsman Boating Editor, Dave East, speaks with Mark Caslow of DragonFly Boatworks about the new DragonFly Marsh Hen. For more information visit


FS Seminar – Changing Outboard Engine Oil

This Florida Sportsman boatmanship seminar gives step-by-step instruction on how to change the oil in your 4-stroke outboard. Jay Warrick of Palm City Yachts shows us how it’s done.


How to Harvest a Stone Crab Claw

Recreational and commercial stone crab season runs from October 15th through May 15th each year in state and federal waters off the coast of Florida. Know how to preserve this truly renewable resource!


A Great Year

Forum member Jupiter Double D’s Put together the best of 2013. With many nice fish caught, it looks like it…»


Improve Your Boat’s Fuel Efficiency and Performance

Reel Time Florida Sportsman host, Capt. George Gozdz, discusses tips on improving your boat’s fuel efficiency and performance. Using proper trim, limiting weight load, keeping your bottom clean, and many other things will keep gas money in your pocket and get the best performance out of your fishing machine.


Low Life, Fly Fishing

Forum member Prhea36 put together this awesome video of fishing the low winter tides of Naples on the fly. With the awesome eats and action shots throughout the video, they definitely got it dialed in!

big bass

A Year In Review, Of Big Bass

Forum member Bass2Bucks shows his best bass of 2013 in this video.


FS Review- SeaVee 39 Center Console

Florida Sportsman Boating Editor Dave East speaks with John of SeaVee Boats about their new 39CC, featured at the 2012 Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show.


Launching Your Boat by Yourself

In this FS Seminar, Reel Time Florida Sportsman Host, George Gozdz, shows you how to launch your boat when you don’t have any one around to help you. He gives a few key tips for a successful solo launch.

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Bonefish Spawning Offshore

YouTube member FishForward posted this rare footage of bonefish spawning offshore in the Bahamas. This offshore footage in a great indicator of healthy bonefish populations back on the flats.


FS Review – Bluewater 160 & 180

Florida Sportsman Boating Editor, Dave East, speaks with Paul of Bluewater Sportfishing Boats Inc. about the new Bluewater 16 and 18-foot models: 16 Pro, 16 Fly Caster, 18 Pro, and 18 Fly Caster. For more information visit


Flyfishing Montage

For some, fly fishing is the only way to target inshore gamefish, well, any fish at all. The art of the cast and presentation proves to be tough yet rewarding, making memories to last a lifetime.


Diver Safety: Diver Down Flag

The law requires that a vessel display a divers-down flag whenever divers or snorkelers are in the water. The divers-down flag is red with a white diagonal stripe. It must be at least 20 inches by 24 inches and displayed at a high point where it can be observed 360 degrees around the vessel.


Fill the Cooler with Crappie

Black crappie is one of Florida’s favorite freshwater gamefish. Although a feisty fighter, it is known for its white, fine-grained meat, which makes for excellent table quality.