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Bowhunting in Florida: It’s a Rush!

A virtual tribute to bowhunting in the Sunshine State is emerging in an ongoing thread [...]

Savage Model 11/111FXP3 combo with scope, chambered for .243 Win (other calibers are available): $599.99.

Florida Deer Rifles for Under $600

Looking for a deer rifle-and-scope package for under $600?

Carrington's big bass 10.17.11

Fishing Featureless Ponds

From above, it looks like there’s not a single piece of structure to hold bass in that retention pond, golf course lake or canal along the road. But from below, bass are almost assuredly hanging near some sort of feature, even if it’s nothing more than a deviation in bottom contour.


Pole Spears

It’s the basic tool for divers spearing fish, but if you’re just getting into the sport, which pole spear do you buy? What brand, how much, what style—one piece or multi— what tip, where to buy?

Last Mango's Thai-Style Whole Fried Snapper.

Last Mango’s Favorite Fish Recipes

FS member Last Mango has put together a terrific list of a few of his favorite fish recipes, with photos of the finished dishes.

Ready to Fry

Alligator Mardi Gras

Florida Sportsman member RexLan was graciously given some gator meat, from this past season, from fellow FS member eorlando. Obviously, this called for trying out a new recipe.


FWC Program Aims to Improve Boating Access Across State

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has announced the recipients for the 2012-2013 Florida Boating Improvement Program (FBIP) grants.

Grilled blackfin, seared.

Grilled Blackfin Tuna

You’ll find some good recipes here for blackfin tuna.


Give your Cast Net Some TLC and Catch More Bait

You don’t need live bait to catch fish, but a lot of the times it helps. So, for the days you want to catch live bait, make sure your cast net is in good shape.

Electric Smoker

Electric Smoker Tips

How to make sure smoke gets in your food
when you want it to.


Reel Tease’s Lobster the Dominican Way

Can’t get your fix of fresh lobster? Or looking for a different way to prep those bugs you just caught?…»

The new Weber E-330 in position.

Panhandler 80′s New Grill Review

  It’s one of the most important decisions a man has to make about cooking equipment: What’s the new grill…»

smoked eye of round

Flash’s Smoked Eye of Round

Looking for a good food project for the coming weekend? FS member Flash has simple directions and photo illustrations for…»

A simple recipe like this stuffed baked redfish often does the trick.

Stuffed Baked Redfish

A quick recipe for stuffed baked redfish.

Big Bert's shot of his Firecracker Wahoo dish.

Big Bert’s Baked Firecracker Wahoo

  The August full moon is coming up next week and for a lot of folks, that means wahoo fishing.…»

GT Fish's floured and fried triggerfish with a dill-wine sauce.

How to Cook Triggerfish

Ever wonder how to cook triggerfish? The same way the popularity of eating monkfish got a boost about 20 years…»