Redfish to Keep, Guaranteed

Super fishing guide that I am, I can take you tomorrow to a spot where you’ll catch plenty of redfish, guaranteed. And you can take some home for the freshest fish dinners anywhere. The usual size and bag limits don’t apply


Our Cup Runneth Over, Again

March 2012 Issues affecting the Florida Sportsman’s way of life are as pressing as ever. Here are our top priorities.…»


Is That You, Mr. or Mrs. Florida Sportsman?

The idea is to feature you and others who want to be identified as part of a group of folks…»


An Institution Takes Flight

Well, Vic, you’re much too kind. And besides, you don’t look anything like a swan. But a swan song it…»


After all this: Increase Sales of Trout?

It would seem an impossibility, but the state has been planning to allow greatly increased commercial sales of spotted seatrout.…»


“Teddy, Dante, Where Are You?”

I’m looking everywhere but can’t find you, or anyone like you. Either of you would have made short work of…»


Unorganized Chaos

I’ve got inside word from high in federal red snapper management. Here’s a top official’s cogent analysis: “It’s chaos.” That’s…»


Farming to the Rescue

Farming fish makes very good sense. I’d even urge my grandson to skip plastics and grow fins.


Be a Good Snitch

If you see a fisheries violation, should you report it? Or keep your trap shut. “None of your business,” say some. These folks think it is clever or even sporty to break the law or ignore others who do so.


Mercury Threat

There’s really scary and startling scientific news clouding our day.

seafood counter

We Propose

It would be a one-sentence law that would clear up a lot of confusion.


Sector Schmecter Squeckter

That may be a more accurate term for all the talk going on about creating a new hybrid category of recreational fishing.


Keep It Simple, Please

We’ve joked (half seriously) that fishing laws seem to be changed with the moon phases, and that not even law enforcement folks may know the latest wrinkles.


New Sugar Deal: Too Bitter to Swallow

Very sadly, the grand sugar buyout, heralded worldwide two years ago, has turned so bitter it’s indigestible.


Good Reassessment Coming, or… Same Old Stuff?

Critics of the total closure of all Atlantic red snapper fishing are desperately hoping that an upcoming reassessment will cause a re-opening of the popular fishery.

shore angler

Legislators (and Us) Fumble the License Ball

We’ve seen really bad laws slip through the legislature now and then. But usually we smell some advance odors of bad things afoot


And in First Place: The NICE GUYS

AN OLD, somewhat cynical saying is that “Nice Guys Finish Last.”


Color Them Bright Green

The biggest threat to our fish populations has been commercial overfishing.

half full

Three Battles Worth Winning

* A new assessment of Atlantic red snapper stocks surely will show abundance to be much higher than was divined in the suspect data leading to a total fishing closure.


Modify Ineffective Manatee Creep Zones

New evidence is overwhelming, we suggest, that the emotionally driven imposition of hundreds of square miles of no-wake zones has done little or nothing to save manatees, which are prospering as never before.