Park waters, we all own them.

Hallowed Waters

You gotta love the feel of the place. Good vibes are everywhere. Spreading out over a million acres, this plainly amazing place is bigger than the state of Delaware.


Poisoning the Waters

Savvy inshore fishermen, and certainly savvy applies to Florida Sportsman fans, look for seagrasses. The anglers know that rich fields of underwater plant and marine life are crucial to the life histories of sportfish.


Gamefish Quiniela: Cobia and Trout

So you can buy and sell that prized fish cobia all day long in Miami. But you can’t sell one ounce of that great fish in Charleston. Why in the world is that? We’d like to think that the difference is a matter of science and good research. But no.


Me More than You, Please

FS Openers: October 2012 “I’ll take more fish than you are allowed, because I’m selling my catch. And on some days I’ll load up while you have to sit back at the dock.”


Snook Imbroglio Calls for Help

Some of my best friends may want to shoot me for this column (they’ll need to get in line). But…»


Polluters Win Big, Again

Very sadly, the Pollution Establishment still rules supreme in Everglades restoration.


Vic Dunaway: Light Touch, Big Results

No, Vic, your passing is unacceptable. I deny that it’s happened. And yet I can imagine my denial of this…»


New Red Snapper Research Encouraging

We’ve now enjoyed (heavy sarcasm intended) more than two years of a completely unwarranted and discredited closure of all Atlantic red snapper fishing.

Seatrout should be for anglers--not for market.

Ban All Trout Sales

Let’s roll ahead with a solid, strong campaign to stop all sales of saltwater trout in Florida.


Redfish to Keep, Guaranteed

Super fishing guide that I am, I can take you tomorrow to a spot where you’ll catch plenty of redfish, guaranteed. And you can take some home for the freshest fish dinners anywhere. The usual size and bag limits don’t apply


Our Cup Runneth Over, Again

March 2012 Issues affecting the Florida Sportsman’s way of life are as pressing as ever. Here are our top priorities.…»


Is That You, Mr. or Mrs. Florida Sportsman?

The idea is to feature you and others who want to be identified as part of a group of folks…»


An Institution Takes Flight

Well, Vic, you’re much too kind. And besides, you don’t look anything like a swan. But a swan song it…»


After all this: Increase Sales of Trout?

It would seem an impossibility, but the state has been planning to allow greatly increased commercial sales of spotted seatrout.…»


“Teddy, Dante, Where Are You?”

I’m looking everywhere but can’t find you, or anyone like you. Either of you would have made short work of…»


Unorganized Chaos

I’ve got inside word from high in federal red snapper management. Here’s a top official’s cogent analysis: “It’s chaos.” That’s…»


Farming to the Rescue

Farming fish makes very good sense. I’d even urge my grandson to skip plastics and grow fins.


Be a Good Snitch

If you see a fisheries violation, should you report it? Or keep your trap shut. “None of your business,” say some. These folks think it is clever or even sporty to break the law or ignore others who do so.


Mercury Threat

There’s really scary and startling scientific news clouding our day.

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We Propose

It would be a one-sentence law that would clear up a lot of confusion.