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Abu Garcia Revo/Venerate Spinning Combo

Are you looking for a finesse spinning setup, with a fast action and a light tip? The Abu Garcia Revo Spinning reel, paired with the Abu Garcia Venerate rod just might be the combo for you.

Taco Carbon Fiber Center Rigger Pole Swivel Roller 2

Taco Marine Carbon Fiber Outriggers

Taco Sport Fishing introduces their first ever Carbon Fiber Outrigger Poles. The “Patent Pending” innovative design was built to meet the demands of today’s modern fishing techniques and for those who need to get the most out of their high performance fishing boats on the market.

2000RGB_Cydro GRP

Cheeky Cydro Spinning Reel

Cheeky reels are known for making a quality fly reel that can handle big fish and withstand the saltwater. Breaking into the spinning reel market, Cheeky recently launched the Cydro line.

mojo cat

St. Croix Mojo Cat

St. Croix has recently released a new line of rods, the Mojo Cat series. Using St. Croix’s specialized S-Glass blanks, these offer a lightweight blank with great performance. “Built on blanks with a dynamic blend of premium SCII graphite and 100-percent linear S-Glass, Mojo Cat rods provide exceptional strength and lifting power, plus enhanced sensitivity and tip flex,” says St. Croix V.P. of Brand Management, Jeff Schluter.


Mitchell MagPro R

Founded in 1939, Mitchell has been making a quality fishing reel for the fresh and saltwater market. New for 2016, Mitchell released their new MagPro R series of reels.


Raw Accessories Bait Bucket Insulator

Hot water and low oxygen level is a recipe for dead bait when it comes to your livewell. Raw Accessories came up with a bait bucket insulator, to keep you baits cool and healthy until it’s time to fish.


Raw Accessories Lure Logistics Bait Organizer

Looking for an easy and efficient way to store your plugs, soft plastics and other tackle? Raw Accessories offers the Lure Logistics Bait Organizer, that takes care of all the above.


Berkley Lightning Rod Combo

The Berkley Lightning Rod has been around for decades, providing anglers an affordable, quality fishing rod. New for 2016, Berkley is releasing the Lightning Rod Combo. Offered in both spinning and baitcasting combos, to cover a wide range of angling opportunities.

fands pliers

Field & Stream Aluminum Pliers

What do you need when removing a hook from a green cobia, or a toothy bluefish? A good pair of pliers. Not only do a good pair of pliers need remove hooks, they need to crimp wire and cut many different types of line.

boat bully

The Boat Bully

After a long day on the water, most people dread cleaning the boat. The Boat Bully is a three in one cleaning sponge made to knock your cleaning time in half. No need for any soap, just wet the sponge and start cleaning.


Bubba Blade 9″ Serrated Fillet Knife

A good knife is essential when it comes to filleting a fish. Bubba Blade came up with the 9″ serrated fillet knife, a perfect match for cutting through tough scaled fish such as triple tail and redfish.


2016 Hobie Inflatable Collection

Hobie introduces their collection of inflatable kayaks including the new Hobie Mirage i11S with MirageDrive® technology. Like the other three kayaks in the inflatable line, it combines Hobie’s Vantage Seating System comfort and their patented MirageDrive with Glide Technology propulsion. Unique to the i11 is its distinctive low-profile design. The i9S and i12S single kayaks and i14T tandem, long staples in the line, were also visible with totally new looks and features.

mambo mullet

Egret Mambo Mullet

Egret Baits recently released a new line of baits to their line up, the Mambo Mullet. Similar to the existing Vudu Shrimp and Vudu Mullet, these baits are made of TPE plastic, making it very durable. The reverse hydro cups on the bait allows for a great side-to-side wobble when reeled.


Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System

As all outdoorsmen know, quality knives are essential tools for filleting fish or dressing an animal. These knives tend to come out of the box razor sharp, but even the best of blades tend to dull over time. Work Sharp has come out with the Guided Sharpening System, a product that can sharpen all of your knives, even fishing hooks.

Rich Vidulich demonstrating his casting stance on a Stuart Beach.

Surf Fishing Gear the Pros Use

Akios Reels and Cast Pro Rods paired up for max-cast distance. While researching for the new Sportsman’s Best: Surf Fishing book, written by Florida Sportsman contributor David Brown, I checked in with surf fishing pro Rich Vidulich on some casting technique and tackle questions.

Lobster Inn page

Keystone Dive Products Upgrades the Original Lobster Inn Catch Bag

Every year thousands of novice and experienced divers try their hand at hunting for spiny lobster. Experienced divers have learned the hard way that having the best catch bag on the market is important to keep from losing a lobster when opening the catch bag to add another catch.