Angler's Cookbook


Stone Simple

Stone crab claws are best left simple, only to be served with melted butter or a tasty mustard sauce, like that served at Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant in Miami Beach.

Redfish and red beans and rice is good food.

Blackened Redfish

When it comes to grilling redfish fillets with their skin and scales intact, known as redfish on the half shell, there’s no better recipe than the one given me by my fishing buddy and Cajun chef, Joey Landreneau.


How to Make Crab Cakes

Luckily, St. Valentine’s Day 2013 doesn’t fall on a weekend fishing day, giving each of us the opportunity to spoil our sweethearts with a special home-cooked meal. And what’s better than delicious, easy-to-prepare, crab cakes?


Eat That Jack

Surprise! They’re really not bad to eat. Oh sure, you say, you’ve long heard of eating amberjack. But we’re not talking AJs, or any of their first cousins, or any fancy jacks like rainbow runners or bar or even yellow jacks. We’re talking plain old everyday crevalle jacks[...]



In his or her kitchen repertory, any Southern cook should have the successful preparation of grits. Not fancy grits, but just plain grits. Many don’t, and I suspect that’s because they can’t boil pasta or cook rice either.


The Second Best Clam Chowder

When it comes to clam chowder, mine’s good. But I’ll be the first to admit that the chowder at Tony’s in Cedar Key is number one. A three-time International Award winner in the Great Chowder Cook-Off at Newport, Rhode Island is hard to beat.


Make Mine Mullet

Which one of Florida’s many fine food fish grace more of our tables than any other? You’ll probably never guess so I’ll end the suspense. Our No. 1 favorite fish is…the black mullet.


Fish or Eat Bait

Spread the shrimp around. Can a case be made for bringing home your leftover live shrimp and stashing them in the freezer? Sure, several cases, the most obvious being that they can be cut up and used as jig-sweeteners on future trips.


The Anglers Cookbook

The Anglers Cookbook brings together Vic Dunaway’s more than 65 years of catching and cooking experience into a colorful, informative volume on cleaning, preparing and enjoying fish and seafood.

FireStarters Low Res 1

FireStarters for Camp (and Grill) Convenience

Excellent for outdoor cooking or any other fire generation application.  Each FireStarter packet, the size of a matchbook, burns at…»


Fried Seatrout Recipe

Fried seatrout is not only a Southern tradition, it’s classic American fare. Learn the best ways to cook it!

two web

What Is Perloo

Rice and Spice and other things nice. Perloo—that’s what Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings called it in her book, Cross Creek Cookery.…»

Grillput Assembled.

Grilliput – The Lightweight, Stainless Steel Grill-in-a-Tube

Fire it up and pack it away in a snap.

Steak and backstrap grilled to perfection for a fall-winter feast.

Grilled Backstrap

If you’re a past master of grilling beef you’ll have to rethink your procedures a bit when doing venison.


Hi Mountain’s New Sausage Seasoning Kit for Game Birds

Press on a new seasonings blend for makers of homemade sausage follows. For most waterfowlers and turkey hunters, the extreme…»

avocado shrimp web

Avocado Stuffed With Shrimp

The delights of Avocado

Southern-style mac 'n cheese, with lobster chunks baked right into the savory mix. Or, substitute scallops. Or use both.

Lobsters and Mac ‘n Cheese

You’ve got the lobsters or the scallops (maybe both), now here’s an idea for what to do with them. From…»

A scene you don't see too often--ray at the cleaning table.

Cooking Stingray and Skates

Stingray and relatives do make good eating. Next time you crank up a stingray instead of your intended catch, don’t…»

The Swedish Fireknife with built-in fire flint.

New Knife from Light My Fire Features an Integrated FireSteel

This dual-purpose knife will appeal to campers.

The Shed at MacRae's, Homosassa.

Florida’s Best Dockside Restaurants

Waterside Feasts Restaurants not to miss on summer fishing trips. Below is an excerpt from “The Sportsman’s Kitchen” in the…»