Angler's Cookbook

Grillput Assembled.

Grilliput – The Lightweight, Stainless Steel Grill-in-a-Tube

Fire it up and pack it away in a snap.

Steak and backstrap grilled to perfection for a fall-winter feast.

Grilled Backstrap

If you’re a past master of grilling beef you’ll have to rethink your procedures a bit when doing venison.


Hi Mountain’s New Sausage Seasoning Kit for Game Birds

Press on a new seasonings blend for makers of homemade sausage follows. For most waterfowlers and turkey hunters, the extreme…»

avocado shrimp web

Avocado Stuffed With Shrimp

The delights of Avocado

Southern-style mac 'n cheese, with lobster chunks baked right into the savory mix. Or, substitute scallops. Or use both.

Lobsters and Mac ‘n Cheese

You’ve got the lobsters or the scallops (maybe both), now here’s an idea for what to do with them. From…»

A scene you don't see too often--ray at the cleaning table.

Cooking Stingray and Skates

Stingray and relatives do make good eating. Next time you crank up a stingray instead of your intended catch, don’t…»

The Swedish Fireknife with built-in fire flint.

New Knife from Light My Fire Features an Integrated FireSteel

This dual-purpose knife will appeal to campers.

The Shed at MacRae's, Homosassa.

Florida’s Best Dockside Restaurants

Waterside Feasts Restaurants not to miss on summer fishing trips. Below is an excerpt from “The Sportsman’s Kitchen” in the…»

A cool and refreshing shrimp salad that's not light on flavor.

Easy Seafood Salads

Looking to make some easy seafood salads? No matter which treasures of the sea you might fish up, dip up…»


North Florida Paella

It’s not just for South Florida any more.

That's Brad Barker with a black grouper caught off Key West. That's a great fish to eat fresh.

Eat fish. Stay healthy. And alert.

Eating fish is healthy. We all know that. But did you know it’s also healthy for your mind?

Fish Sandwiches 005

Fish Sandwich Recipes

Special sauces that go great with fish sandwiches.

The Esbit BBQ, portable and small.

Grill to Go: Esbit Foldable BBQ Box

A portable grill with quick setup and durable parts.

A grill for your pan, campfire or campstove.

New Grill for the Pan

A new way to grill in a single pan.

Smoked mullet ready to eat.

Best Smoked Fish

Tips from the kitchen for smoking fish, and a dip recipe.

kitchen 01

Fish Fajitas

Spice and grill to lock in the flavor. As a Mexican food novice of many years standing—one who seldom orders anything except fajitas on a Mexican menu I can vouch for the fact that tasteless chicken breast [...]

The new Nu-Ice packs.

Nu-Ice Releases Marine Series for the Boating World

This month, Nu-Ice is proud to launch the addition of the new Marine Series freezer packs.

Fish stew, Florida style bouillabaisse.

Seafood Stews and Soups

What’s the difference between seafood soup, seafood chowder and seafood stew? Not sure, eh? Well, neither was I, especially since the overlapping and ambiguous dictionary definitions didn’t clarify anything. In desperation I finally had to concoct my own definitions.

Pompano in foil: simply unwrap and enjoy.

Pompano en Papillote? It’s a Wrap.

A 19th-century chef at Antoine’s restaurant in New Orleans is credited with creating Pompano en Papillote.

Looftlighter Grill

The Looftlighter—What It Is

Here’s a new product to make lighting grills over wood and charcoal faster and cleaner–the Looftlighter.