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Sportsman's Challenge: Reef Roundup

1.)St. Lucie County
Offshore Reef 02
27-23.892’N, 80-02.531’W

2) Bay County
Cox Memorial Reef
29-54.260’N, 85-27.704’W

3) Manatee County
Bridge Reef
27-32.870’N, 82-40.426’W

4) Lee County
USS Mohawk
26-33.075’N, 82-43.481’W

November 2012

Here’s the challenge: Each month, we’ll feature coordinates for artificial reefs around the state. That’s four new reefs—many virtually unfished—in every print issue of FS.

Mark one of these spots on your next fishing trip, send us a screenshot or digital photo, and if you’re one of the first 10, you’ll win great prizes.

The chart on the left has this month’s Reef Roundup numbers. Check it out!

Learn how to screen capture here.

September 2012

1) Bay County
North Site Reef
29-47.187’N, 8541.758’W

2) Franklin County
Rose City Reef
29-39.600’N, 84-30.000’W

3) Martin County
Donaldson Reef
27-12.330’N, 80-06.198’W

4) Sarasota County
Lynn Silvertooth Site
27-17.221N, 82-35.983’W

August 2012

1) Okaloosa County
Conch Reef
30-09.548’N, 86-22.407’W

2) Palm Beach County
Boynton Inlet Rock
26-32.710’N, 80-02.210’W

3) Volusia County
Site 12 E
29-11.881’N, 80-46.095’W

4) Dade County
Mercy Hospital Pile
25-44.328N, 80-12.599’W

July 2012

1) Dade County
Golden Beach
25-57.771’N, 80-05.874’W

2) Martin County
Lee Harris Reef
27-12.228’N, 80-06.146’W

3) St. Lucie County
North County Reef
27-32.272’N, 80-10.769’W

4) Franklin County
Redding Memorial Reef
29-39.613N, 84-30.016’W

June 2012

1) Volusia County
Port Authority 10
29-21.199’N, 80-49.753’W

2) Sarasota County
Lynn Silvertooth
27-17.146’N, 82-35.943’W

3) Pinellas County
Rube Allyn Reef
27-56.021’N, 83-01.514’W

4) Bay County
Ferro-Cement Sailboat
29-54.385N, 85-32.405’W

May 2012

1) Okaloosa County
Monica Lee Tugboat
30-09.342’N, 86-22.224’W

2) Flagler County
Grady Prather Reef
29-40.419’N, 80-58.330’W

3) Martin County
Kyle Conrad Reef
27-15.972’N, 80-00.991’W

4) Palm Beach County
Everglades Island Site
26-41.296’N, 80-02.688’W

April 2012

1) Franklin County
Rose City Reef
29-39.600’N, 84-30.016’W

2) Dade County
Project Pile A
25-41.808’N, 80-05.275’W

3) Escambia County
Bob Quarles Reef
30-19.738’N, 87-10.871’W

4) St. Lucie County
North County Reef
27-31.632’N, 80-10.371’W

March 2012

1) Bay County
Raymond Miles
29-55.063’N, 85-32.577’W

2) Martin County
Evinrude Reef
27-12.211’N, 80-05.696’W

3) Duval County
Floyds Folly
30-10.299’N, 81-09.050’W

4) Pinellas County
Silver Nail
27-41.768’N, 83-17.479’W

February 2012

1) Palm Beach County
Everglades Island Barge
26-41.271’N, 80-02.687’W

2) Volusia County
Steel Barge
29-03.067’N, 80-42.892’W

3) Okaloosa County
Conch Reef
30-09.313’N, 86-22.121’W

4) Sarasota County
Deep Cover South
27-17.052’N, 82-35.847’W