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Panhandle Offshore With a Surprise

Florida Sportsman member: mahiwahi Several casts in I hooked a fish and it went flying into the air. I thought I had foul hooked a bonita but my friend yelled “it’s a dolphin”. Since it’s January I was in disbelief but as it got closer and I saw yellow I knew he was right.


Southport 29FE

If fishing is something you like to do but extreme luxury is something you demand you can have a boat with the same amenities such as bow and stern seating, a head in the center console, including plush seats behind the helm but all at a higher level of fit and finish.

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Jacksonville Reds on Fly

Florida Sportsman member: FlyFishJax Forum member FlyFishJax shared some videos he put together of some great wintertime redfishing with the long rod.


My Catch Monday

Want to win great prizes and show off your catch at the same time? Participate in My Catch Monday (MCM)! MCM is a Facebook contest designed to encourage fans (like you!) to share photos and descriptions of their catches from the weekend on Monday morning. MCM encourages and rewards anglers, hunters, and all outdoors fans for doing something they’re already doing, sharing and liking on Facebook!

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Florida Pro Redfish Series

Florida Pro Redfish Series, boasts two divisions: east coast division and west coast division. There are three tournaments in each division and an all-inclusive championship hosted in Panama City.


Hodgman H3 Waders

Hodgman waders have totally revamped their wader lineup for 2015. New models, designs and some very innovative features, that are sure to help you when on the water. They have integrated all these things into their new H3 Waders, and at a price point of $99- $109 it’s hard to beat.


CCA Star Tournament

Join local recreational anglers, fishing celebrities, political figures and other media for the launch of the inaugural Coastal Conservation Association Florida State-wide Tournament (STAR).


Researching Regulations

Can we change regulations to promote a stronger trophy bass fishery in this state? That is a good question. I’m glad you asked. The angling culture is changing; subsistence angling for bass is not as common as it use to be and everyone seems to be gunning for that trophy.


Best Boat Fuels Big Dreams

The next generation of boaters already has some ideas about their future rides. It’s good to see that the Best Boat magazine and TV show, about to start their third year in 2015, have found their audience in Florida—even if some of them, like Mavrick Kampff, are a bit younger than we expected.


Reds Love Flies

Around the state, redfish on the flats provide a nearly perfect target for flycasters. As a fly fisherman’s meat and potatoes, you could hardly dish out anything to improve on the redfish.


Deep Dropping Out of Haulover

Florida Sportsman member: farinco Got to the first spot and after a nice tangle on the first drop, we reset and BOOM, nice golden tilefish in the box. We got another golden, and then moved on to try to get other species. We managed 2 golden tilefish, 1 gray tilefish, 1 snowy grouper, and 1 yellowedge grouper before calling it a day.


Rod Guides Basics

Budget or breakthrough, it’s hard to imagine fishing rods can get any better than this. For the average angler, if your rod guides are in good condition, showing no signs of wear or cracking, there’s little reason to obsess about the technology.


Florida Sportsman Best Boat – 20’ to 28’ Dual Consoles

If you’re looking for the comfort amenities of a deck boat and the cockpit size of a much larger center console then check out the Scout 245 Dorado, the Sailfish 275 DC and the World Cat 296 Dual Console boats in the 20’ to 28’ range.

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Take the Scenic Route

Redfish and seatrout, solitude and scenery along the Big Bend Saltwater Paddling Trail. A 5-pound redfish towing a 45-pound kayak, burdened further by angler and gear, harnessed by a wisp of 10-pound-test thread. This surely mocks some obscure law of physics.

Cobia dash

Touch Screen Electronics

Manufacturers of marine electronics were quick to embrace glass touchscreen technology, giving anglers touch-reactive control over sonar, chartplotters and radar. Now, segments of the boating industry are poised to bring the same kind of control to nearly every aspect of the ship’s systems, from battery switches, to nav lights, to bilge pumps.

Backing on litespeed

Fly Line Backing

Since fly line backing can cost only pennies per foot, the function of taking up space is cheaper with backing. Most importantly, backing helps you catch fish. In Florida, we grow fish that require long casts and that run when struck with the hook. They will bring your backing to hand and make you glad that you paid attention to it.

10k Trout

Trout Fishing with the Kids

Florida Sportsman Member: Charlemagne The first spot we stayed at for about two hours, turned into a trout fishing competition between the two. I believe final count after two hours was Anna Maria with 45 and Paul with 31 (Just trout), she kicked his butt! There was tons of bait all around us and she caught a few macks mixed in with her trout as well.

WC Gags

Catch and Release Gags

Florida Sportsman Member: OU-Pilot The water was pretty nice all day. Temperature was 62 on the surface. We trolled some Rapala Mag 30′s and a stretch 25′s. Trolled about 2 hours from 3pm to 5pm on either side of high tide. Managed 5 gags with 2 double headers!


Coming Down to the End

Florida Sportsman member: FowlMouth824 We hunted till 11:45, and finished up with 14 birds for 3 hunters. A nice mixed bag with teal, shovelers, ring necks, scaup, and yes, a drake red head for my buddy. The drake was the last bird killed so it was a heck of a way to finish up the day.

Around the Bend Jan 14

HD – Around the Bend

Around the Bend, photo by Sean Murphy. “There’s nothing like trolling around a North Florida creek bend to find a broad shouldered redfish showing off her tail,” Murphy says. He was fishing with Capt. Cole Scheaffer. See more of his work at www.spmphoto.com.

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CCA St. Johns River Reef Creation Project

Over thirteen hundreds tons of concrete reef material has been successfully placed in the St. Johns River. The purpose of the this project was to create habitat benefitting the river environment while providing a recreational fishing destination.


Wintertime Trout Fishing

Winter is a great time to target trout, but the setting and methods may differ sharply around the state. According to our updated Florida climate data in the 2015 Fishing Planner, average low temps for the month of December differ greatly from one end of the Florida peninsula to the other.


Bluegill Bounty

Flies fool plenty of panfish. They’re often underrated as a sportfish; often overlooked by Floridians whose egos tell them they’ve advanced beyond their panfish beginnings. Nevertheless, bluegill present a ton of rod bending opportunity and catching these precocious panfish on flies is some of the most fun you’ll have in fresh water.


Sea Born SX 239

If you plan on taking several anglers on the majority of your trips offshore or you have a need for a boat with more features for the family look at the Sea Born SX 239 for a boat that will better fit your lifestyle.


Lawsuit over Fertilizer Runoff In Rivers in Iowa

It is hoped that lawsuits, similar to the one mentioned in the below article, will continue to attack fertilizer runoff problems – as we have in Florida, big time. Des Moines, Iowa, is confronting the farms that surround it over pollution in two rivers that supply the city with drinking water.