Miami Live Baiting

Florida Sportsman member: Ghostrider In short order we managed to sabiki only a few threadfins and got a net full of ballyhoo. We made it to the edge and put the baits out, a few minutes later we missed a small dolphin that tried to eat a large ballyhoo.


Hot Weather, Hot Bite

Florida Sportsman member: ScottsFT Great day of peacock bass fishing. Big fish of the day pushing 7 pounds and 23 inches, many other fish landed up to 5 pounds as well throughout the day. Awesome stuff! All of these fish were landed on jigs. They are active and ready to be on your line right now!

Andros 32

Andros 32

Anchoring in deep water or running down a wild fish headed for the horizon, an open bow configuration may be better. Add to that enough in-deck storage for all of your tackle and a week’s worth of provisions and you have a serious island-hopping machine.


HD – Summertime Scallops

Emma Krupa and friends with a nice haul of scallops they harvested in Crystal River.


Release 196 RX

An offshore capable boat with everything you need to fish beyond the jetties without the upkeep of added features.


Southwest Bottom Fishing

Florida Sportsman Member: Veikx We fished with a father and son that reside in Fort Myers. Fished in 160′ of water landed their limits of american reds, red grouper, gag grouper and a huge scamp (that they let me catch!). Knocker rigs on with 60 pound flouro produced with a whole squid.



It pays to become a proficient caster with either hand, but until then, here’s a shortcut. The redfish materialized at 2 o’clock. I told my fisherman where they were and started turning the boat. He couldn’t wait.

wade pic

Wade Light

There’s something to be said about grabbing a handful of lures and hitting your favorite spot, just your two feet and your fishing rod. Covering a lot of ground may be out of the question, but with careful planning you can cover it thoroughly.


2016 Florida Waterfowl Summit

Join fellow duck hunters from around the state on Friday, August 12th for the 7th Annual UW-F /FWC Florida Waterfowl Summit.

Collapsible Dive Buoy System from www.pocketbuoy.com.

DAN Delivers Series of Presentations for Florida Lobster Mini-Season

Pursuant to its mission, Divers Alert Network® (DAN) will offer a series of presentations addressing lobster mini-season and risks associated with this two-day event. The series will start one week prior to this year’s mini-season throughout Southern Florida and the Keys.

camera mounts

Kayak Camera Mounts

Taking photos and videos from paddle craft has always been a challenge. Many great catches go unrecorded, leaving you with only a story. With new camera mounts on the market, getting that perfect shot is easier than ever.


Blackfin Tuna Basics

Right here in Florida, the fisheries lab at Nova Southeastern University (NSU), in Fort Lauderdale, has emerged as a fountain of useful research into blackfin tuna. Under the direction of Assistant Professor Dr. David Kerstetter, three research papers have contributed much to the scientific and common understanding of the species’ habitat, growth and reproduction.


South Florida Peacock Bass

When you hear the word bass, most think of sparkly boats, baitcasters and big tournament payouts. But for fisherman in South Florida, the peacock bass is the staple in the local freshwater systems. With their aggressive eats, strong runs and beautiful colors, these fish have become prized gamefish.


Finesse the Pads

Lily pads make great sunshades for late-summer largemouth, but they are difficult to fish without snagging. One solution that works very well is casting small, weedless-rigged soft plastics along the outer edges of shoreline pads.

ne red

Redfish Palooza

Florida Sportsman member: Morocco_madness The Big, breeder Red Fish have started their annual movement up river from the St. Johns River Inlet in anticipation of spawning season. These fish begin staging on the 40 foot dredge lines that edge the shoulders of the rivers shipping lanes every June. This period is what we call the “Pre-Spawn”. The breeders gather up in numbers and gorge on fish and crustacions to fatten up for the spawn that typically begins in the early weeks of August.


Weekend in Destin

Florida Sportsman member: LilOrange I did catch a really nice sized mahi mahi. It swam up to the boat while we were bottom fishing. I grabbed our flat line rod (still rigged with a wire leader) and tossed out a live cigar minnow. It hammered it immediately and took off like a rocket.


HD – Tampa Bay Morning

Tampa Bay Morning, photo by Jarine Dotson. Jarine caught the shot one summer morning off Safety Harbor Pier Park recently with her Samsung Galaxy phone.


Florida Sportsman July 2016

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Islamorada Action

Florida Sportsman member: Captain Easy Even with the tough fishing we’ve managed to put a lot of nice catches together. We haven’t had many easy days though, but the last two days out this week saw a huge improvement and I’m hoping it’s the beginning of some red hot fishing. We got in on several large schools of mahi of mixed sizes from schoolies to some fish up to 30 pounds the last two days.


Pork for Dinner

Florida Sportsman member: BAJAOKLA We got in the stand about 4:30 pm and soon saw three “scout pigs” come to the edge of the feeder area. The real activity started about 7:30 pm we watched two separate sounders of hogs come to the feeder. One sounder had sixteen hogs and the other had over a dozen. They weren’t big hogs but just the right size for the smoker.


Buying the Right Kayak

How to choose a purpose-built fishing platform. The sit-on-top kayak in the 12- to 14-foot range has become the most popular paddle craft for fishing, and for good reason.


Three Tips On The Hook Set

It is one of the set-apart moments of our sport. In the instant we connect to the fish, we are still anticipating the excitement of the strike and the satisfaction of success.

sarasota red

Sarasota Bay Drum

Florida Sportsman member: former bluefishinny We hit an area, and after a few little trout pops, Mark gets a nice boil on his Super Spook. Fish rolls, we can see its a red – “fire at him, see if he will eat you” Mark says. I present a smaller bait, different color. Swirl, and I am on to this just shy 28 inch red.

Capt. George Gozdz displays an average St. Johns largemouth.

New Fishing Regulations Go Into Effect to Improve Bass Fisheries Statewide

New regulations simplify rules to more effectively manage the quality of black bass fisheries
New black bass fishing regulations are in effect throughout Florida, beginning July 1. This regulation change will streamline existing rules, allow anglers to keep smaller, more abundant bass and protect larger bass in order to ensure that Florida continues to produce trophy bass in the future.

ACR press image-2

Sea Tow Foundation Launches New EPIRB and PLB Rental Program with Support from ACR Electronics

Sea Tow Foundation has launched a new emergency beacon rental program, allowing boaters across the nation access to Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) and Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs) for rent.