Flamingo Reds and More

Florida Sportsman Member: Today went much better. Finally got my first Florida redfish and my first redfish from the kayak. I caught two redfish, one mangrove snapper and two jack crevelle, my buddy caught one juvenile tarpon, six redfish, and a handful of mangrove snapper.

Bait struggling against a float rings the dinner bell for dolphin. The float itself may be an appetizer of sorts.

Fishing a Float Offshore

I’m convinced that pegging a foam cork about four feet above a live bait is one of the best tactics for mixed-bag drift-fishing on the summer ocean.


Blue Wave 2400 Pure Bay

Performance meets style is the best way to describe the Blue Wave 2400 Pure Bay. Computer engineering combined with over 40 years of boat building experience has produced a bay boat that meets the needs of the most demanding angler and looks good doing it.


Hot Weather, Hot Bite

Florida Sportsman member: Slug-O Water temp is around 88 degrees so keep your bait well pump going or you will have dead bait fast. One of my favorite things to look for on the banks of the ICW is popping shrimp. This is a dead give away there are fish in the area. Work the area well and you will be rewarded.


Using Scented Soft Plastics Offshore

In this FS Seminar, Rick Ryals shows us that heading offshore for tasty bottom creatures doesn’t always require picking up frozen baits or stopping to throw the net or sabiki rig, it can be as easy as grabbing a pack of scented soft plastic lures.


Filling the Tags

Florida Sportsman member: bgeorge Put the boat up on plane and made a run at him. Visually marked him with a wind shear line on the water and he went down with 150 yards to go. Shut the boat down as we got close and with a few casts from the crew we had him on the 12/0. Worked him for a little while and got another rod on him. My dad who is 72 shot him with our double trouble dart mounted to the spear gun.


South Florida Peacock Bass

When you hear the word bass, most think of sparkly boats, baitcasters and big tournament payouts. But for fisherman in South Florida, the peacock bass is the staple in the local freshwater systems. With their aggressive eats, strong runs and beautiful colors, these fish have become prized gamefish.


Tarpon and More

Florida Sportsman member: kmagnuss Forum member kmagnuss got into some solid fish recently, including 7 landed tarpon and snook.


Recreational Harvest of Hogfish in South Atlantic Waters Closing

Press Release NOAA Recreational harvest of hogfish in South Atlantic federal waters will close, at 12:01 a.m. (local time) on…»

Grass Fishing Aug 19

HD – Grass Fishing

Grass Fishing, photo by Capt. Rich Santos. “The Jacksonville-St.Augustine big Spring tides during the MidSummer – early Fall seasons bring out the ultra light tackle and sight fishing angler to hunt for tailing redfish, sheepshead & black drum that are gorging themselves on fiddler crabs over the flooded grass flats,” says photographer Santos. See more of his work at www.flyfishjax.com.


Choosing a Kayak Color

Kayak color can enhance more than fishing pictures. Beyond economics, exercise and access to shallow backwaters, a major impetus [...]

Rich Vidulich demonstrating his casting stance on a Stuart Beach.

Surf Fishing Gear the Pros Use

Akios Reels and Cast Pro Rods paired up for max-cast distance. While researching for the new Sportsman’s Best: Surf Fishing book, written by Florida Sportsman contributor David Brown, I checked in with surf fishing pro Rich Vidulich on some casting technique and tackle questions.


A Bakers Dozen

Florida Sportsman member: LET”S GO We catch two or three more and work for some time and it was either quiet or the bells are ringing as we ended up with a baker’s dozen of decent size dolphin. They are not all that big but they are easy to clean and very tasty, we threw back several that did not meet the size limit and hopefully the next trip out they will still be around and have grown considerably and put up a lot more fight.


Systems Check

Captain Ron said, “If anything’s going to happen, it’s going to happen out there.” No truer words have ever been spoken. Proper maintenance of your boat’s systems is critical if you want to have worry-free days on the water.

Lobster Inn page

Keystone Dive Products Upgrades the Original Lobster Inn Catch Bag

Every year thousands of novice and experienced divers try their hand at hunting for spiny lobster. Experienced divers have learned the hard way that having the best catch bag on the market is important to keep from losing a lobster when opening the catch bag to add another catch.


207 Scientists Petition for Sending Water South

Following is the complete list of independent researchers in the science community who have signed a petition calling for excess Lake Okeechobee water to be stored, treated and sent south. (See September FS Openers column.)

nic hog lobweb

A Keys Adventure

Florida Sportsman member: Fish Tails We stopped to check some fishy rips and a smaller weed line but Captain didn’t like the color of the water. And right about 28 miles off shore there it was. The mother of all weed lines, beautiful blue water and lines were in. Not three minutes later the starboard short goes off and my boy is on his first dolphin.


Northwest Florida Weekend Fishing 4Cast

Florida Sportsman Fishing 4caster Capt. Brent Romiti
Covering St. Vincent Island to Steinhatchee, including Apalachicola, St. George Island, Carabelle, St. Marks and Keaton Beach


Help South Florida Bonefish Populations

If you fish or have fished for bonefish in Florida Bay, the Florida Keys, or Biscayne Bay, we need your help! Please tell us about your bonefishing experiences.


Bridge Fishing Basics

Coastal bridges are excellent places to fish for redfish, sheepshead, grouper and many other species, but there are some secrets to getting the most out of the opportunities.

Redfish like this one caught by Jerry Coleman can be sight fished via kayak by standing and poling the flats.

On the Spot

Feel the urge to hunt? Now’s the time to give standup redfishing a shot. When kayakers ask about sight-fishing for giant Indian River Lagoon spotted seatrout, most recommend they stay seated and content themselves with casting. Redfish may be another story.


FWC Announces Details of 2016 Python Challenge with Partners

Press Release FWC Building on the success of its 2013 Python Challenge™, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)…»

Cameron McCullough awards

Florida Oceanographic Society Youth Fishing Tournament

Florida Oceanographic Society recently announced the winners of its Inaugural Youth Fishing Tournament. The tournament, which was open to all participants in Florida Oceanographic’s Game Fish and Fish Games youth fishing clinic, gave young anglers more than two months to put their new fishing skills to the test on our local waterways.

snowy grouper

Snowy Grouper in the South Atlantic Re-Opens on August 20

The recreational sector for snowy grouper in the South Atlantic Region will re-open on August 20, 2015, with an annual catch limit of 23,647 pounds gutted weight or 4,152 fish.


World Cat 295

Cat hulls are famous for their ability to lay down a chop and when you combine that with the extra beam that carries forward, you end up with a very large, stable platform. All of this additional square footage of cockpit lets the manufacturer add in features normally reserved for much larger vessels.