EKFT Sailfish

First Sailfish

Florida Sportsman Member: Tuffstang After my second drop the drag clicker on my live bait started screaming. Dropped lever into strike and started cranking. It was just a dead weight no pull or flutter on the line. We went from depths of 200 feet to 400 feet in minutes when the sail leaped out and danced across the water. A couple more leaps and literally jumping over Devodud’s bow, the sail tired out.

marathon bull

Family Fun in Marathon

Florida Sportsman member: ReelObsession The rest of the school comes up and we can see 4 or 5 other fish and 1 big bull. My dad pitches a whole ballyhoo to him and he takes it. The fight is on my dad works him closer and closer to the boat. After about 20 minutes we get him next to the boat and he is still pretty green. I sink a gaff into him and flip him over the rail.


Cobia 344CC

If you want to have the fish catching features of a tournament machine and be able to cruise the islands in comfort, a boat with a double-stepped hull for performance that’s loaded with a long list of standard creature comforts might be the perfect blend.


Women’s Fishing Clinic in Panama City

Learn the skills to successfully cast your line into the sea by attending the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) Women’s Fishing Clinic in Panama City Beach on July 11.


It’s Celebration Time

Lighten up, anglers. In fact, cheer a bit. Enjoy a major victory. Savor it. We’ve reached and surpassed a milestone recovery goal for seagrasses in Florida’s huge Tampa Bay.


Florida Sportsman July 2015

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NuCanoe Announces New Pursuit Model for Fishing

NuCanoe Inc. is proud to announce that our newest model, the Pursuit, is now shipping to NuCanoe Dealers and will be on display at iCast 2015.


Applying Non-Skid

As I get the opportunity to test many boats throughout the year, one thing I see all too often is manufacturers that don’t spend enough time on the water using their own products. If they did, switches would be easier to see and systems would have better access. Along these same lines some boat builders use anti-skid as more of a design pattern instead of its intended use of a secure place to step.

keys mang

Night Time is the Right Time

Florida Sportsman member: PBG POOLGUY The mangrove bite was red hot! Got out a couple hours before dark, had the chum flowing and picked at some smaller snappers and managed a nice rock hind, but when the sun went down it was on! All the big whitebait you wanted in the light all night long, bug a bait, drop it down and bam!

flamingo tout

First Time to Flamingo

Florida Sportsman member: duke6543 Within minutes of dropping the anchor it was one after another. Gulp shrimp was a good producer for trout and mangrove snapper and when the lady fish showed up and sacrificed themselves to allow us to use fresh dead bait the fishing took a turn for raising the excitement level.


Using the Rest of the Clock

A good fly fisherman understands that time, effort and practice cultivate technique and successful execution. Among those techniques is the dreaded “wrong side” cast. Adding this to your arsenal will greatly improve the outcome of each day on the water.


Three Tricks With Spinnerbaits for Bass

You can do a lot more with this lure than just cast and reel it. There are a lot of ways to use a spinnerbait, and a number of different retrieves that can make it more effective. Here are three retrieve methods that can increase your catch.


Tangling with Triple Tail

Florida Sportsman Member: voltman I got up early today and decided to target some tripletail, I caught one last week so thought I might find one this week ,started off losing a bruiser and snapping a fishing rod in the process, but all in all the wife and I caught 4.


Casting Weighted Flies

Casting weighted flies certainly brings challenges. An angler might struggle just to get the fly and line out of the water. Then, once the fly is airborne, our favorite rod and our favorite skull are at risk from these sharpened anvils.

tampa bay tarpon

Tampa Bay Tarpon and More

Florida Sportsman member: Capt. Jared Inshore snook, redfish, mackerel, and snapper have been keeping the lines tight for the anglers that haven’t wanted to tangle with the silver king. Red fishing has seemed to be improving in the areas of the bay that I have been fishing and most of the fish have been over slot, cut bait has been the most effective with the heat.


Andros Tarpon 26

A slight departure in styling from many of the bay boat hull designs in use today, the Andros Tarpon 26 looks more the look of a Panga. This style of hull has been battle tested over the years, especially in the Islands, and has the same great attributes.


Finesse the Pads

Lily pads make great sunshades for late-summer largemouth, but they are difficult to fish without snagging. One solution that works very well is casting small, weedless-rigged soft plastics along the outer edges of shoreline pads.


The Devil in Your Fuel

If it’s been three months or longer since you last ran your boat, consider having the fuel system serviced. If you’re buying a used boat which has sat idle for an indeterminate time, definitely get her in the shop before firing her up.


Add Distance to your Cast

On my beautiful, state-of-the-art “fast-action” graphite Winston $1,000 outfit, I was able to cast the Sharkwave line farther than the $79 Wind River outfit…but only by 6 feet!

Wooten FL281 Choko6.21.15

STAR Tagged Redfish Caught!

CCA Florida STAR Tournament presented by Yamaha has more than 70 days of fishing left. Plenty of time to fish for the next winning STAR tagged redfish.

End of the Day June 17

HD – End of the Day

End of the Day, photo by Jason Rebol. The final spot (Charlotte Harbor) after a long 4 days fishing of fishing. Heading back to our temporary abode on Useppa Island.


Reel Time Florida Sportsman – Tarpon in the Magic City

Miami shows off its incredible tarpon fishery in this episode of Reel Time Florida Sportsman. For more information on Reel Time Florida Sportsman, including the full-episode guide and access to full HD episodes, visit www.floridasportsman.com/rtfs.


Kids Win Big Hospice Horizons Fishing Tournament

The 16th Annual Hospice Horizons Fishing Tournament took place, June 20th at Riviera Beach Marina. Catch One for the Kids caught much more than fish, capturing the attention and charitable hearts of local anglers, individuals and businesses, alike.


New Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic at Sandestin Record Set with 899.6 Pound Blue Marlin

For the captain and crew of Cotton Patch, the 13th Annual Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic (ECBC) was anything but…»


Lunker Lures for Lunker Bass

There’s something that just doesn’t compute for me when it comes to tying a $50 bill on the end of my line and throwing it out there for the Fates to intervene. But for a growing number of bass anglers, the opportunity of hooking a lunker largemouth is worth the risk.