Florida Sportsman Expo Comes to Tampa

For the 24th year, Florida Sportsman Magazine will host the Florida Sportsman Expo at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, October 8th and 9th.


Women Anglers of Florida Sportsman Calendar Signing This Saturday

St. Petersburg area fans of the popular Women Anglers of Florida Sportsman Calendar might want to get to St. Pete…»


Tandem Fly Rigs

I have long used tandem rigs, both in fresh and salt water. If you’ve ever fished topwater poppers and bugs and dealt with half-hearted strikes, it may have been during cold weather or when the surface was flat-calm under a high sun. That’s when a dropper fly can seal the deal for you.

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Day Trip Success: Wahoo and Snapper

Florida Sportsman member: e-money Jeff ran right over his head as soon as we put lines in! Doc and Jordan tag team on cranking, E$ is on the leader. The fish pops up alongside the boat and my freaking jaw dropped.

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Tampa Bay Redfish Bite

Florida Sportsman member: gettinwet We started in the backwaters focusing around mangrove points and cuts between islands as well as schools of large black mullet. After a lot of short strikes on topwater plugs we did manage to hook up a couple of nice reds.

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Fishing the No Motor Zone

This is East Central Florida’s fabled No Motor Zone, 10,600 acres of water nestled in the Banana River, east of the Indian River Lagoon. It was established in 1990 to protect the manatee population. Merritt Island forms the west bank of the N.M.Z.; the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station is the barrier from the Atlantic Ocean.


Applying Non-Skid

As I get the opportunity to test many boats throughout the year, one thing I see all too often is manufacturers that don’t spend enough time on the water using their own products. If they did, switches would be easier to see and systems would have better access. Along these same lines some boat builders use anti-skid as more of a design pattern instead of its intended use of a secure place to step.


Gator Hunt: Teaching the Next Generation

Florida Sportsman member: bgeorge Passing on our outdoor activities to the next generations is so important to us. Here are a few pics so far of gators from the public water hunts. Just a little over a month left and still have many more to fill.

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Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day September 24th

Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Saturday, September 24th, by getting outdoors and appreciating the contributions to conservation and wildlife that hunters and anglers make daily.


Sign the Petition – Keep Biscayne Open

Over a year ago, Biscayne National Park officials approved a plan that will place over 10,000 acres of prime fishing areas off limits to recreational fishermen, despite strong opposition from anglers and the state, and a total lack of scientific backing.


10K Islands Nearshore

Florida Sportsman Member: blewitupsir Now that the winds laying down more days than not been really spending more time offshore. Tripletail fishing has been good lately, with free swimmers being found all through the region as well as the typical fish hanging around the floats and crab traps. Live shrimp as well as artificial lures will get the job done.

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Fishbrain App

Fishbrain is the world’s most popular mobile app and social network for anglers, and the fastest, easiest way to log fishing activity and share it with anglers worldwide.

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Fishing with Dad

Florida Sportsman Member: ghostrider8 I see Jay putting on a paddle tail and I STRONGLY suggest that he use live bait as we had a bait well full of shrimp, pinfish and mud minnows and I figured it would increase his chances. But no, he stubbornly insists on using it and then promptly pulls this 29-inch snook out from under the mangroves on his first cast.


Beach Fishing for Tarpon

An east coast skiff guide divulges his secrets for locating and catching beach-run tarpon. Good numbers of tarpon are off the beaches in east/central Florida from late-May through October, as they are along Florida’s Gulf of Mexico shores.


Getting the Most from Power Anchors

It was easy to see the advantage of the device immediately, but I’d guess even Oliverio at that time had no idea just how successful the product would become. Not only are power anchors now standard equipment on all well-equipped flats boats, but most tournament bass boats sport a pair of them on the transom.


Flood Tide Fun

Florida Sportsman member: Black Clouser We had some pretty high flood tides and calm conditions today and it was a perfect time to get out in the grass. The highs for this morning was the great surface slurpee bite on gurglers just awesome takes.

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East Central Slammin’

Florida Sportsman Member: duckmanjr I think I see a red up really shallow. I make a slow approach and notice one of those tiny shorebirds standing nearby and when it takes off, it scares the red….dang it! I toss out in the direction that the fish spooked and boom.

Here's a lionfish taken in one of many tournaments to help rid our waters of the invader from the South Pacific.

Let’s Kill’em…and Eat’em

Whatever, the <em>Pterois volitans</em>, best known as the lionfish, is one big pain in the anal fin for those interested in the future of Florida fishing.


Fishing Shrimp Offshore

Live shrimp is one of the most familiar baits for inshore fishing. But shrimp have a lot of utility in the offshore waters, too.


Wahoo from the Kayak

Florida Sportsman Member: John Mckroid I caught this fish on the first live goggle eye bait in the water, drifting in 200 feet of water off Boynton Beach.

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Pine Island Variety

Florida Sportsman member: slobouf I stopped in the creek across from Pine Island to catch more bait. I got lucky and caught a nice ladyfish while netting some mullet at sunrise. We went south and found a few places that looked fishy. By 9AM, (2 hours of fishing) we had five 22 to 24 inch redfish and a nice 25 inch trout.

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Florida Sportsman September 2016

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Southwest Grouper and Snapper

Florida Sportsman Member: larrywitt Bait was shrimp, squid, fish heads from my last trip and cans of chum. The bite was steady on the lanes and short reds and mangos the two keepers came on lane fish heads.


Frog Modifications

A big, protein-rich mouthful — that’s what frogs mean to bass. Anglers mimick this top-tier forage with topwater frogs that tempt fish hiding under mats or lurking in open water. Here’s a rundown of tips for maximizing your frog success.


Beach Shark Break-Away Weight

A modification to a popular block-weight system has helped us catch more fish without leaving unnatural gear in the water.