Mayport Inlet: Sheepshead, Flounder, Redfish and Trout

Florida Sportsman member: Morroco_madness The transition from late October to November is always prime time Sheepshead fishing. The largest concentration of fish come through Mayport Inlet every year at this time. They quickly disperse throughout the river, the ICW, and neighboring estuaries. The best fishing tends to be at the tips of the Mayport Inlet Jetties.


Cold Water Wetsuit Advice

A bit of advice on buying a wetsuit in Florida. As we get in to our colder seasons here in Florida, wearing a wetsuit while diving is necessary as water temperatures drop about 10 to 15 degrees. There are many different factors that go into buying a wetsuit including the style of suit, the thickness, and color.



Florida Sportsman Member: jmsnookman The snook were chewing this morning! The fish were amped up in the cooler water, punishing baits, screaming 15 lb braid off my stradic CI4, exploding out of the water, shaking their gills, trying to throw the hook before splashing back into water and ripping more drag.


Hillsboro Offshore Variety

Florida Sportsman Member: John McKroid Total count was one Mahi, three Almacos, five Rainbow Runners, one yellowjack, one for two on Amberjack and King Mackerel, 0/1 on sailfish, and half a dozen big blue runners and small Little Tunnys


Miami Beach: A Trip To Remember

Florida Sportsman member: reelchoas27 We followed for a bit and slowly pulled up to this mammoth whale shark finning down sea. It was loaded with Cobia of all sizes. We sprung into action and started pitching baits. We all hooked up, had a few tangles, and a couple remoras to make things interesting.

lemonbay copy

Lemon Bay Mixed Bag

Florida Sportsman member: kmagnuss All we did was drift and catch fish. Pretty much non-stop action for a couple hours until the tide went slack. Caught several trout, snook, jacks, and one bluefish that she couldn’t handle herself.


Easy Seafood Pizza

Pizzas have, in my opinion, moved from the sublime to the ridiculous. A simple “tomato pie” topped with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni is now hard to find. So how about a fancy pizza that’s easy to prepare and one that will excite your family and friends when they come to your dinner table?


Homosassa Reds and Trout

Florida Sportsman Member: SassaWhaler Made several drifts catching trout on each pass. Stopped counting at 25 trout with 11 keepers in the box. Got 2 more keeper reds in the box with one being my friends son’s first redfish.

The roomy bow deck is perfect for kite fishing.

Contender 35ST

An offshore center console, with a performance-enhancing double-stepped hull, will require less horsepower to push but the big advantage will be fuel economy, something not normally associated with a large bluewater boat.


Wahoo in the Keys

Florida Sportsman member: flbluerunner We decided to make a quick Wahoo trip since the wind laid down and I had a good tide. On our second pass in one of my favorite areas, we got 45lb-er in the box.

Challenge any pelagic species to battle in this boat.

Florida Sportsman Best Boat – Sea Born LX21, Sea Fox 266 Commander, Contender 35 ST

If you’re finally ready to venture outside of the inlet, we’ll be taking a look at the Sea Born LX21. For those who have decided that most of their adventures will take them offshore, but don’t want to leave the family behind, we’ll be looking at the Sea Fox 266 Commander. If you’re serious about fishing in bluewater and want to be the first at the bait stop, we’ll be taking a look at the Contender 35 ST.


Bull Reds on Fly

Florida Sportsman member: HeartNShoal Caught over 20 reds on fly, two 30 pounders. As a novice fly angler it was really exciting to get so many shots and practice playing the fish.


FWC’s New Angler Recognition Program

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) challenges you to Catch a Florida Memory and participate in any of three fun and exciting Saltwater Angler Recognition Programs, two of which are available for the first time starting October 19th.

Bait struggling against a float rings the dinner bell for dolphin. The float itself may be an appetizer of sorts.

Fishing a Float Offshore

I’m convinced that pegging a foam cork about four feet above a live bait is one of the best tactics for mixed-bag drift-fishing on the summer ocean.


Jigging for Bass

Florida Sportsman member: Livinwide Since my Tortugas trip this summer I’ve been trying a 3/4 ounce pink and white BPS Freestyle jig every once in awhile in the backyard lake. I finally connected two weekends ago while fishing with my nephew.


How to Cast a Popper Fly Better

Heart-stopping topwater strikes don’t have to be followed by casting fatigue or an aching elbow or wrist. Fly casting, if your mechanics are poor, can cause physical pain. Throw a big ol’ popper into the mix and it can get worse. But that is avoidable—all it takes is some adjustments in both the construction of a popper and in the way you cast it.

Bus Tour Map_New

Everglades Foundation to Hold Bus Tour to Promote EAA Reservoir

The Everglades Foundation will hold an 11-day bus tour throughout Central and South Florida from October 27, 2016, to November 6, 2016, to help persuade the next President, Congress and Florida lawmakers to support the construction of a water storage reservoir in the Everglades Agriculture Area (EAA) that will protect Florida’s water and help restore the Everglades.


Jupiter Snook Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: timswriter Sunday morning we arrived at Dubois Park by 6:15 am and the moon was absolutely incredible. We immediately started to hear the water crashing and looked into the lagoon area – the mullet were so thick that you could have walked across them!


Father and Son Deer Hunt

Florida Sportsman member: Baccala We started our walk and didn’t even round the corner and had a few does in our site, but wanted to move into better range and cover. We crawled up on a big bush with this one in our sites at about 75 yards. Now we are set up perfect wind in our face and all the cover we need, my son has the rifle on the bi-pod and the deer is broad side.


Flip a Worm for Bass

Flipping the reeds is classic Florida bass fishing. It works basically year-round on our shallow, bowl lakes where bulrush, cattail and Kissimmee grass comprise the dominant bass habitat.


Success in the Everglades

Florida Sportsman member: lemaymiami As we poled along we began seeing a few reds and snook along a very shallow shoreline – Eric pitched his jig ahead of us and hooked up a big redfish and we were off to the races. It took us almost 15 minutes to beat the fish to where I could get a Boga Grip on it.

Forum Member down4dacount arrowed this South Zone buck recently. Check out reports from other Members on the General Hunting Forum.

FWC On Hunter Safety Courses

If you’re between the ages of 16 and 37, and haven’t yet taken the state’s hunter safety class, now is the perfect time to be thinking about it …


Shearwater 23LTZ

The low sheer and sleek looks of this bay boat match its high-speed performance. The forward casting deck is recessed which provides a nice toe kick. Twin rod lockers, which can handle up to a 10-foot rod, flank an anchor locker and dry storage compartments.


Southeast Offshore: Epic Catch

Florida Sportsman member: dcheek2112 While fishing in the Southeast, Forum member dcheek2112 snags an epic assortment of wahoo, grouper, snapper, tiles and porgies. He caught a limit of grouper: gag, scamp, snowy, kitty and yellowedge. Nice!

With a 60-hp outboard and a side console, this boat is a blast to drive.

Florida Sportsman Best Boat – Salt Marsh 1656V, Shearwater 23LTZ, Glasstream 240 CC

​If skinny water fishing for the weariest of fish is the mission, we’ll be looking at the ​Salt Marsh 1656V. Do you want to get to the fish, in a hurry, inshore and offshore? If so, we’ll be looking at the ​Shearwater 23LTZ. For those who want to get a little further offshore, with budget in mind, we’ll be taking a look at ​Glasstream 240 CC.