West Coast Tarpon May 27

HD – West Coast Tarpon

West Coast Tarpon, photo by David Danforth. When you have been out all day, watching the tarpon rolling and bursting into the air all around you, you milk every last ray of sun light in the day to catch just one more,” said Danforth. See more of Danforth’s work at www.relogear.com.


Jacksonville Tarpon

Florida Sportsman Member: unincom Eventually the tarpon figured out which direction it wanted to go and pulled my anchor free from the bank and started taking me south. It pulled me back into a side creek above a submerged sandbar, which was a blessing as it allowed to to hop out of the kayak and fight it standing up.


Florida Freshwater Catfishing

Besides their willingness to bite when other fish won’t, catfish are crowd favorites at fish fries. The farm-raised channel cats, in fact, are among the few seafood offerings I find consistently satisfying at restaurants. Shrimp, salmon, lobster, and saltwater catches of the day such as mahi and grouper seem to arrive at my table in varying and unpredictable degrees of freshness and doneness—usually over-doneness.


From Generation to Generation

Florida Sportsman member: jonesz28 My father, uncle and grandfather got to come in town from West Virginia and were looking to get on some fish. I did my best looking for some bulls with my boat it was a little rough for the jetties. So we headed into some onshore spots and did pretty well on the fish.


Dorado 23

The Dorado 23 is a boat that can fish offshore in the morning and the backcountry in the afternoon. It is 23 feet long and can easily accommodate 4 anglers with all of their gear. The use of a Porta Bracket on the transom allows you to have the outboard mounted behind the transom so you can use every square foot of the cockpit.


FS Classics: Fly Fishing For Tarpon

The idea of catching a 100-pound tarpon on “regula­tion” tackle was looked upon by most fly fishermen as not merely a dream, but a fantasy as far-fetched as interstellar travel.


Backwards Texas Rig

Hidden in the name is the essence of the concept—a backward Texas rig. Tekisasu—Texas, in Japanese—is phonetically reversed to form sasuteki, just as the weight is placed below the lure to turn the Texas rig itself upside down.

florida Keys 46# black grouper

Islamorada Offshore Variety

Florida Sportsman member: Captain Easy Dolphin fishing has really picked up for us over the past week down here in Islamorada. Every day has been a little different, and it can still be a little hit or miss, but we had a few outstanding trips over the weekend.


Using the Rest of the Clock

A good fly fisherman understands that time, effort and practice cultivate technique and successful execution. Among those techniques is the dreaded “wrong side” cast. Adding this to your arsenal will greatly improve the outcome of each day on the water.


Shallow Water Action

Florida Sportsman member: Salt Crazy So we deployed the chum ,anchored up and sent out 2 more pin fish. It wasn’t long before gags started slamming everything we put in the water which was a blast on medium weight spinning tackle in 10 feet of water.


Wrapping Your Boat

Most boat manufacturers have some shade of white as a standard color and for good reason. They are interested in selling you on the qualities of their boats and not wanting to also have to sell you on a color. But what if you want to set your new boat apart from the crowd? A hull color can add a rich look to even the most simple of boats. There are three basic ways to add a color to the sides of your boat.


One Plot at a Time

How Florida landowners can help restore wild quail populations. Experts say the decline of native quail is related to habitat loss. It’s up to Florida landowners to take an interest and create what the birds need to thrive once again.

sw snook

Sarasota Snook

Florida Sportsman member: SRQSkinnywater We followed it for a ways throwing lures at it and i ended up hooking up on it with a 7 inch mullet that it inhaled. All in all it was a great day with my personal best snook at 40 inches even!


SLI Sailfish Bite

Florida Sportsman member: Sea Monkey Too Quickly caught 3 dozen baits and headed out to 270 feet. Wasn’t long before we had a double header sailfish. We got one and mine spit the hook. Soon after that settled down we had yet another double header sailfish hookup. This time we got both to the boat.


Saddle Creek Bassin’

Florida Sportsman member: Bassin Assassin The heat is oppressive. The bite is tough. Sweating bullets and my back is killing me. I cast out my trick worm on a point. I work it a bit and lean forward to ease the tension in my back. I begin to reel in and my line is coming to me. I set the hook and a big bass has taken my bait.


Maxims for the Flats

Tips for more successful saltwater fly fishing. The old saw, “Ten percent of fishermen catch 90 percent of the fish” might go double for saltwater fly fishers, given the technical nature of fly fishing. Even more so for sight fishing the flats.


My Catch Monday

Want to win great prizes and show off your catch at the same time? Participate in My Catch Monday (MCM)! MCM is a Facebook contest designed to encourage fans (like you!) to share photos and descriptions of their catches from the weekend on Monday morning. MCM encourages and rewards anglers, hunters, and all outdoors fans for doing something they’re already doing, sharing and liking on Facebook!


Woman Catches Record Flier Fish

Twila Gates, from Marianna, established a new Florida freshwater fishing record with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) this month. Her catch of a 1-pound, 5.6-ounce (1.35 pounds) flier on May 9 from a Jackson County pond beat the old record of 1.24 pounds.


Old Salts Support a Friend in Need

The Old Salt Fishing Foundation is hosting an online auction to raise funds to help a friend of the Gulf Coast fishing scene in his fight against cancer.


102.5 The Bone Fishing Slam & BBQ Festival

The Old Salt Fishing Foundation presents the 5th Annual 102.5 The Bone Fishing Slam and BBQ Festival. This family friendly, inshore – offshore FREE fishing tournament will be held June 18th, 19th & 20th, 2015.

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Calling in “Sick”

Florida Sportsman Member: hausw Not more than 5 minutes later I hooked into a much larger one and battled him for almost an hour. Hoisted him in the boat for a few pics and released him. After that I was exhausted and called it a day.


CCA STAR Redfish Already Caught!

For those who think it will not be possible to find one of these STAR tagged redfish guess again! We just received our first call reporting the capture and RELEASE of one of these prize winning fish! Capt. Josh Fritz reported the fish that his client caught this morning in the Chassahowitzka area.


Buying the Right Kayak

How to choose a purpose-built fishing platform. The sit-on-top kayak in the 12- to 14-foot range has become the most popular paddle craft for fishing, and for good reason.


Reel Time Florida Sportsman – Hogs on the Hook

Capt. George Gozdz learns the art of light tackle bottom fishing for hogfish with Cody Chivas along Florida’s central gulf coast. For more information, including the full episode guide and access to full HD episodes, visit www.floridasportsman.com/rtfs.


Silver Wave 250 Island SB

The SilverWave 250 Island SB Tri Toon with a big V6 outboard will give you astonishing performance. With this much horsepower and a tow bit at the stern the boat can pull a multi-person tube, wake board or slalom water skier with ease.