In the turbid water, snook rely on their lateral line to find forage.

Reel Time Florida Sportsman – Send the Water South

<em>The crew of reel time Florida sportsman investigate Florida's water dilemma and fish the surrounding areas.</em>


Wind-on Swivels

There is one time where we always include a swivel in our wind-on leader system: when we are chunking dead bait for yellowfin tuna. Unlike all of the other wind-on leader applications such as trolling and live baiting, retrieving chunked dead bait can cause severe twist in your main line and leader. To help reduce line twist, we connect the wind-on leader to the main line with a high quality barrel swivel.


Seafox 186 Commander

Many of the luxurious features of a larger center console in a smaller package. Perfect for a limited size tow vehicle.

choko red

Summertime Patterns

Florida Sportsman Member: Fowlplay87 Headed west and arrived at the first spot and in short order we release a small snook, followed by a keeper trout then a slot size red joins the box followed by a mangrove the hit my spook. Switched over from the topwater to a jig and added 2 more trout to the box and another snapper and around that time it was getting hot and tide was dead low.


Sound, Peer-Reviewed Science Guides Florida Bear Management

FWC invests considerable staff expertise in bear conservation programs and places great emphasis on using the best possible science. We employ 13 biological experts with more than 110 years of collective science and management experience directly focused on black bears.


Big Bend Reds

Florida Sportsman Member: Billy They were around, even saw one with it’s fins out of the water, but they were reluctant to feed. We kept trying and eventually put eight keepers in the boat all around the 22 inch size.

Grouper (1024x768)

Hollywood Offshore

Florida Sportsman Member: Dude-On-A-Kayak Went out yesterday afternoon, the king bite was on in 100 feet of water off the Diplomat. I was starting to think my fish finder sucked, but I started marking fish and dropped the jig right on them. This was the first time I have actually been able to see several kings chase my jig back to the boat.

south black

Family Outing

Florida Sportsman member:miami mutton Here is a day I wait for every year as both my boys, join me every year. my oldest Benny Jr. had a herniated disc last week so he was on the electric and got the feel for it and started catching mutton after mutton and had a very nice black grouper surprise as i had another black on the bottom rod on the other side.

cca tagged red

You Ate a Boat?

What happens when you catch a tagged redfish, which is part of the CCA STAR fishing tournament, and eat it instead of being a registered CCA STAR member, you eat a boat.

Get a bait down to these fish and hold on, because they pull hard.

Reel Time Florida Sportsman – Blue Water is Calling

Capt. George Gozdz and crew explore the best techniques for blue water success.

pompano cast

Fly Fishing for Pompano

Stealthy hunts, visual fishing and great fights are what we enjoy, right? Pompano on their annual migration offer great opportunities for fly fishermen.

wc snook

West Central Snookin’

Florida Sportsman member: CL604 Went fishing with our Son Capt. Mike ( Mangrove Bully ) out of Tarpon Springs. Despite the gusty winds we were able to find fish-able spots with a total of 11 snook and two reds in just two hours.

Troys Wahoo

A Trip to the Rigs

Florida Sportsman member: Billme Packed up the FN PAIR-A-DICE and headed for the rigs again last weekend. The tuna bite was not what we had hoped for, but we managed a few and turned the trip into a mixed bag bonanza with dolphin and wahoo.

Seal_of_the_United_States_House_of_Representatives.svg (1)

Gulf State Red Snapper Bill Moves Forward

Some good news from American Sportfishing Association: HR 3094 has passed the House Natural Resources Committee. Now would be a…»

seth casting

Presenting a Fly

You’re on the flats, hunting. You’ve spotted a fish, or perhaps a school. What you do in the next 60 seconds determines whether you taste the thrill of victory, or the agony of defeat.


Money in the Bank

Florida Sportsman member: Ryanmc6884 Started trolling off of Boynton heading North. Got a king early on to get the team fired up and in gear. Next up was the grown man as buddy buddy calls the wahoo. Started screaming on the planer. After lines all cleared she popped up on the surface to make life a little easier.


Frog Gigging Fun

Florida Sportsman member: Big Bend Brian This past Friday my 15 yr old daughter & I were fortunate enough to have a good friend named Winfield who took us frog gigging on one of his local lakes.


Big Bass, Big Smiles

Florida Sportsman member:syd7792 First cast was under some suspending tree limbs. I took my eye off the line to look at Bert as I hear him fighting a fish. I look back at my line and it is slowing moving away from the limbs into deeper water. I set the hook and all of a sudden I was in a fight of a life time!


Pathfinder 2600 TRS

Versatility best describes the Pathfinder 2600 TRS that gives an angler the ability to fish the bays and light offshore in the same outing. The shoal draft will give you access to many of the flats reserved for much smaller boats. The bays and just inside the inlet would rarely be rough enough to be uncomfortable.


Two Consecutive Marlin Tournaments Set for Florida Keys in July

Two back-to-back July marlin tournaments are on tap for anglers in the Florida Keys.

Palm Beach kdw

Super Weather, Slow Fishing at KDW Classic

Light southeast winds and calm seas were a welcomed sight for the 220 boats entered in this year’s Palm Beach County KDW Classic headquartered out of the newly renovated Riviera Beach Marina and Marina Village on June 4th.


Season Finale

Florida Sportsman Member: Strippedmyclutch! Snapper season extended two days meant we were itching to get back out. Friday had some decent rain storms and we were hoping for better weather on Saturday 6/11. After watching the radar we said go, go, go at 3 am, glad we didn’t call it.

glades snook

Road Trip to the Glades

Florida Sportsman member: SLW Urocane We used a combo of live shrimp under a cork, topwater, Gulp! swim baits and chunks of ladyfish. Caught 10 species throughout the weekend, including snook, redfish, trout, tarpon (small), bonnethead and blacktip sharks, ladyfish, jacks, tones of small mangos, catfish (surprise!), and sheepshead.

The Nervous Rex is similar in size to a magnum spook

Soft Plastic Topwaters

When bass are tight to cover or buried beneath it, getting a lure in front of them can be difficult. Plugs with treble hooks are suited for nibbling around edges of cover. If fish are active such an approach may work well. However, when bass hunker in places inaccessible to most lures, as they often do, a weedless offering is a must.


Live Chum for Offshore Flyfishing

The first time I live chummed offshore I had my angler standing beside me with a fly in the water waiting for a fish to cast at, only to have a 15-pound bonito make an arrival that just about ripped the rod out of his hand. There was no need to set the hook, as all his concentration and strength went into retaining possession of the rod as the fish dumped the 8-weight well into the backing.