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Rich Vidulich demonstrating his casting stance on a Stuart Beach.

Surf Fishing Gear the Pros Use

Akios Reels and Cast Pro Rods paired up for max-cast distance. While researching for the new Sportsman’s Best: Surf Fishing book, written by Florida Sportsman contributor David Brown, I checked in with surf fishing pro Rich Vidulich on some casting technique and tackle questions.


Father’s Day Gift Guide 2014

Check out our 2014 Father’s Day Gift Guide picks for the fishing dad on your list, including many new products…»


Speak Up : Petition to Stop the Lake Okeechobee Discharges

The River of Light has made an online petition to stop the Lake Okeechobee discharges into the St.Lucie River and surrounding estuaries. Signing and sharing this petition can make a big impact on our local waters.


2012 Holiday Gift Guide

For the Sportsman who’s been there, done that, a fresh challenge: Catch a toothy critter and haul it home for the table. This Holiday season, let’s look at outfitting a Florida Sportsman for the ultimate inshore adventure.


St. Croix Fortified Resin System Explained

The result of FRS is a rod that’s 33% stronger than rods built with standard resins and curing practices. FRS prevents microbuckling by keeping the carbon fibers in proper alignment.