Cedar Key Fly Fishing

Lose yourself (and maybe a few flies) in the tangly wilderness of Cedar Key. Cedar Key is flyfishing central for Big Bend waters. The island offers access to a sprawling salt marsh complex of tidal creeks and channels, Spartina grass, oyster bars, and islands covered with pine, cedar, and cabbage palm.

Shiner in hand

Shining the Way to Your Biggest Bass

Florida-grown livies are still the killers for trophy fish. We’ve got plastic worms, spinnerbaits, topwater toads and all kinds of monster killers, but the closest thing to a can’t-miss is a live wild shiner.


Bass of the Wild Wacissa River

Fly fishing a pristine North Florida stream for Suwannee bass. The Wacissa River is not a place where you concentrate on fishing and just give the scenery a once over when things are slow. Instead, it’s a place so beautiful and so alive that it’s hard to stay focused on the task at hand-namely dropping a fly in just the right spot to entice a lurking Suwannee bass.


Everglades National Park Announces Seasonal Extension of Idle-Speed Area

HOMESTEAD, Florida: Everglades National Park Superintendent Dan Kimball announced that the opening of the seasonal extension of the Jimmy’s Lake idle-speed area will begin on July 15, 2013. The area is located within the Snake Bight Pole and Troll Zone, a 9,400-acre non-combustion engine use zone in northern Florida Bay, just east of Flamingo.


How Sense of Smell Helps in Fishing

How an under-appreciated sense can help your fishing. Sharp, melon-like odor of fish may have led this angler to the…»

watermovement copy

FS Seminar – Water Movement

Florida Sportsman’s Mike Conner joins Capt. Greg Snow in Block Island, RI and learns quite a bit about fishing in a heavy rip current. The day turns into a success, with the crew landing some nice-sized striped bass just off the rip, in the moving water.


Finding and Catching Tripletail

Learn to spot, and hook, delicious tripletail. The tripletail is an odd-looking fish that to unsuspecting anglers might resemble a piece of floating debris. They are certainly among the widest ranging of Florida sportfish, found in coastal waters, bays and lagoons, and far offshore in the Gulf Stream. And among the best-eating.


Pompano Old School

Before pompano jigs and jigging spoons, there was the shell lure One of the downsides to innovation is that proven methods sometimes go by the wayside. Some really neat fishing techniques have been lost in the shuffle over the years. One good example is the utilization of seashells as lures for catching Florida pompano.


Casting Call for Florida Anglers: New Competition-Reality Show Looking for You

The producers of Top Shot, Dirty Jobs and The Ultimate Fighter are seeking America’s best and boldest fishermen to take on Animal Planet’s extreme fishing competition, Top Hooker …

shawn scenic 1NE

Surf Fishing Twist in Florida

Hit the surf, then the flats, for an exciting combination. Resembling three Navy SEALS hell-bent on a beach invasion, we scurried through the darkness and over a walkway that crossed the dunes and led to a noisy surf below.