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    Suzuki outboards--lack of support - 27 Aug, 2018

    I've always been a proponent of Suzuki outboards. 30 years ago, I purchased my first new boat propelled by a 70hp Suzuki oil injected 2 stroke. I kept it 3 years and over many trips in the Tampa Bay Area, it never even hiccuped. A perfect motor. My next series of boats came with different engines, Johnson & Yamaha. Recently, I bought a small Gheenoe which happened to be equipped with a 2014 4 stroke 20 Suzuki. The motor looked new out of the box. I was elated.

    On my 4th trip the motor suddenly stalled and the alarm horn engaged. I thought the water intake passages had become blocked, but no. A nice guy towed me back to the dock.  I called around to Suzuki dealers and found a minimum two week wait before anyone could look at the motor. After two weeks I took it to a dealer  Who reported my problem was a computer component controling the timing.  The part was ordered and after several weeks it was delivered, unfortunately this didn't solve the problem as now, although the new part fixed the timing issue, the motor isn't getting any spark. The mechanic determined it needs a new coil, however the coil is unavailable, backorder in the United States with zero expectation of an availability date.

     I'd heard from various sources to stay away from Suzuki, due to corrosion issues and service problems. I'd always dismissed of these as  complaints concerning a worthy competitor.  Now, after two  weeks waiting for an appointment and six weeks waiting on parts, I'm very disappointed. I find it incredible in 2018 such a  major manufacturer, Suzuki cannot seem to attract enough service in dealers and, worse, cannot provide parts? Luckily, this was a second boat as I still have my running  flats skiff.