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    2004 Yamaha 25 4 stroke losing power - 29 Jun, 2020

    Remote control on a J16, topped out at 24 with a 9.9x11 prop, no tach

    Long story short: in March i had the boat in for not making power and to fix a bearing and they found the timing was off. 3 months later I get it back and still no power. It felt like it wasn't getting over 2k rpm. Took it back to the shop and they found the carb was leaking and rebuilt it. Shop owner said it was making perfect compression, too. 1000 bucks later and it ran good for 30 minutes and loses power again, this time not getting much more than 19 mph. All things being equal.

    I do not feel good about the shop i went to, and before taking it to another shop and spending more, does anyone have any insight on what could be the culprit? I'm mechanically inclined so I can do some things short of a rebuild