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    2001 Prokat 2650 resurrection project - 22 Sep, 2017

    So this project came out of no where from a buddy I work with at the fire station. A friend of his wasn't so lucky last year when Mathew came through the Sebastian area causing the boat to break free and capsize in the river. After acquiring the title and rebuilding the trailer that I was given for free along with the boat it was time for the fun to begin. 903007e0ed977898170512cdcffbb05d.png99b2ab99271738e04626382aca8bbe83.jpgc0b45ca7b9d6e60385a86dfc64fb5529.jpg5c9445ae36b42dd135dec809b4a94061.jpg0a9fe1e82032b336fe6f1843ddfb6209.jpg

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