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    FUEL FILLER HOSE ON 1986 AQUASPORT - 01 Mar, 2021

     Darn , I replaced my gas  tank in my 86 17' aquasport about 8 years ago and also replaced hoses to vent and to motor but I couldn't
    remove the fuel filler hose, it just would not come out. I pulled ,twisted and  cussed but it would not come out. Now of course the last time I put gas in the boat some ( a lot ) gas leaked into the bilige and out the drain plug in the transom, NOT GOOD. I can see the top of the tank through the inspection plate on the deck above the tank and every thing looks ok The tank is almost full and no gas is leaking , and I don'T
     smell any gas. I believe the problem is the filler hose, has any one replace this hose on a 17' aquasport
    and if so HOW THE HECK did you do it. Thanks in advance Mike