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    Consequences of a flooded bilge? - 22 Jul, 2018

    My buddy recently purchased a new 21’ center console. Upon having the 20 hour service on the motor, the bildge filled up completely on the voyage home from marina. He noticed the water only after it was pouring from the speakers on the gunnels. Needless to say, he’s still not sure what happened. No visable cravks in the hull. No loose or pulled hoses. Everything looks ok. We suspect the livewell high-speed pickup is allowing water into the hull, but he’s still not 100%.

    We took it out today, got it on plane and there is definitely water coming from somewhere. It’s not pouring in, but there is a slow but steady rise in the bilge water level while on plane. 

    The dealer rep and a tech are coming to look at the boat later this week, but my buddy’s main concern is what are the consequences (if any) of bilge full of salt water. The wiring has been submerged, radio speakers exposed, as well as the batteries. My buddy just wants to be sure the dealer replaces or repairs anything that might be compromised and of course fix the problem.  

    Thanks in advance.