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    Bay boat buyers what you think???? - 14 Nov, 2019

    I'm in the market for a 22', 23' Pathfinder. 2017 and above. I'm looking at a few different boats that fit the need and look to be priced right,as we all do. I've seen a few (4 in 3 months!!) that sold for a little less and had the same or very close to same features then the two I got my eye on. Of course, the motor is the same "200hp", just the right timing is the key. My question is....

    Buyers what would you pay for the below. Considering, I have my eyes on other boats such as a 2018 model instead 2017 like below. It has all the same specs and options as below but no trolling motor but does have a T-top with only 40hrs engine time. (No optional Keel guard as with the 2017 but an item I don't really want or care about). Personally I feel T-tops get in the way and weigh the boat down for something I don't really need, IMHO nice but unnecessary) 
    Of course, I can see all the sellers posts now trying to jack it up, I will respect all your opinions and discord, but let's be fair, you paid for a new boat, like a new car, it's value drops as soon as you leave. Everything on the boat is 4 years old now for a 2017. Options, Motor warranty , and more. 
    The above are my thoughts and opinion but I want to know what you all think? I'm in Florida.

    So what would you all pay for the below boat if you had the chance and it was a rather large purchase in your budget but can afford. Thanks for all your opinions and knowledge. Please let's see what current buyers are seeing out there BUT would actually pay.

    Please keep taxes, tag, title in mind to..... Again it's a large purchase for my cheap **** and supporting a full blown family like most of us, but I can afford the price range somewhat comfortably. 

    2017 Pathfinder TRS

    200XB 92hrs
    Garmin 7610
    10' Blade Power Pole
    Atlas Jack Plate
    MinnKota Riptide Auto Deploy I Pilot 112# 60"
    3 Bank Battery Charger
    4 Batteries
    Strip of keel guard on front for sliding in when beach or island hopping. (Nothing I care about but cool. New $80 to $120 item)
    AmeraTrail Pathfinder tandem axle Trailer
    Fresh & Raw Water Wash-down
    Does not have the LED lights that are standard on 2018 and newer. Only one light in live well. Not a big deal but a nice to have for early mornings. 

    Buyers what are you looking to pay?? Also, not caring about a T-top or should I say it is way less priority than a trolling motor. The 2018 listing at the same cost, but has T-top and no trolling motor. The trolling motor might take me a while to get, especially with the holidays and how I hate spending things on myself and the not the family. I also need to save for boat cover. 

    If it was you????????? How much!!!!