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    Lowrance HDS with totalscan giving wrong bottom read - 21 Jun, 2018

    I have a HDS gen 3 with a total scan transducer mounted to a 1720 key West sportsman. The unit gives me an erratic bottom read in even the slightest of chop. I've spoken with lowrance customer service and they have confirmed that it is mounted correctly. They basically said that it is normal for the bottom to mimic waves in a smaller boat but admit it seems extreme. It happens sitting, trolling or running. The only way I can minimize it is by maxing the scroll speed which washes every If that's the case my unit is basically useless because I can not read rock piles or structure unless it's oil slick calm. I'm at a loss and would like to see if anyone here might have a suggestion on what may be wrong or if it something I need to learn to live with. I'm hoping that is not the case, if so I feel like I should have just bought a less expensive unit. Thanks in advance!