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    Main oil tank not sending to secondary tank on Motor - 14 Jul, 2020

    Motor is a Yamaha 2004 2 stroke with fuel injection.   The main oil tank is not sending oil anymore to the secondary tank on the motor now, I confirmed this yesterday by siphoning what oil I had in the secondary tank then turning the key on the ignition.  I immediately got the low oil alarm but the pump never filled the reservoir.   So i pressed the manual override switch, still nothing.  I had my son hit the switch while I had my head almost inside the hatch to listen for the pump to kick on and I did not hear anything.   I thought maybe a clogged filter but now I believe it's the pump itself that is shot.   I have not checked all the wiring yet for a bad connection.  I'm going to just go ahead and replace the pump and the filter/screen that's on the tank.   
     It's a 2004 so probably due for a replacement anyway and no sense tearing it apart only to put all the old parts back on.  Is it as easy as it looks?   Looks like a wiring harness, a hose that's held on with a zip tie and boom.   the mounting bracket rusted away so prob have to replace that as well.  I might post pictures when i fix it but it's so dirty I'd be embarrassed.