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    Looking into getting a new (or used) boat - 21 Jan, 2021

    I currently have a 13 ft 1976 whaler. This is my first boat. I've learned a lot in a short period of time on it but i just get so beat up in even a little chop. Looking into getting a bigger boat. budget is around 20 - 25k. 

    I live on a lake and it's great for tubing/wakeboarding, so i'd like to be able to get a boat that can do that plus go offshore to fish sometimes. The max size allowed is 22ft. I like the idea of getting a new boat, but it's just so expensive. I've been looking mostly at center consoles. I like the robalo r160. Is this a good boat? How about Bayliners?  Would these boats handle chop well? Also saw a used grady white 208 adventure for around 20k and i like that a lot. What would you do with a 25k budget? Any opinions/input is appreciated, thanks.