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A beauty spotted sea trout!

Searching for Big Trout and Crashing Snook

My fishing schedule has diminished over the last few weeks with every day life getting in the way. Who needs to work anyway, oh yes…reality check.

The Osprey Inflatable Fishing SUP

A Few New Rides to Consider For Your Next Trip

Osprey Inflatable Fishing SUP is most stable stand-up paddleboard on the market and designed for fishing….The new Hobie Mirage Sport is an extremely stable 225-pound capacity, easy-to-use watercraft that excels for fishing in-shore and on smaller bodies of water.

Weedless 1/16th oz Logic Lures did the trick on trout in warm skinny water.

NPB Kayak Tournament In the Heat of Summer

It’s getting hot quick! Where do you go to cool down? The nice cold air conditioned house I’m assuming, right? Same thing for the fish, they like going to their cool and cozy mangroves or other structure that gives them protection when the blaring sun rises.

Got snook?!

The Classic Slam and the Silver King!

  It’s that time of year again! When the water warms up and our silver sided fighters flock through our…»

The captain's meeting.

Jacksonville Classic: Behind the Trophy

This is going to be a different kind of write-up about kayak fishing. Most of the ones I’ve done so far are of successful and awesome trips showing some crazy good fishing, and others that I’ve read on the internet are lovey dovey every cast was a fish-blah blah blah.

The winner's circle.

The 2013 DOA Paddler’s Tournament

It just seemed like yesterday that we were getting excited to see the relaxing tiki hut sitting in front of a beautiful view of the Indian River Lagoon.

The competitors at the first ever Adventure Fishing World Championship, put on by Native Watercraft.

The Amazing Kayak Championship in the Everglades

  Another kayak tournament? In the Everglades? These questions rolled around in my head from being asked by teammate Vickie…»

Russel's pretty snook that put on a show.

Weekend Warriors? How About Midweek Mornings!

So you’re sitting at your desk pecking away at your keyboard or putting up some sheetrock on the construction site,…»

Boondoggle 2013!

And I’ll Say It Again…BOONDOGGLE!

After coming home and trying to re-live the memories that were made this past weekend, I can’t help but smile…»

This quality trout gave me a nice swirl for the camera.

West Coast Slammin’

Living on the east coast of Florida presents itself as one of the best fishing locations in the world. With such a variety of fish to be caught in a relatively small traveling area leaves the predicament of wanting to travel somewhere else to fish [...]

Kevin shows off a nice striper specimen.

Florida to Maine Trip – Freshwater to Saltwater (Part 3 of 3)

Our last trip for stripers was with Captain Vince Miniutti with Big Fisherman Charters. My long time friend, Kevin Alley, was able to drive south a few hours to meet up with us, catch up on some old times and also to catch a few fish.

Beautiful schoolie striper caught near submerged grass.

Florida to Maine Trip – Freshwater to Saltwater (Part 2 of 3)

Going after freshwater fish such as feisty northern smallmouth bass and vicious pickerel always make for a fun day. But after getting our fill and camping out under the stars for the night near Silver Lake, we headed down to the saltwater coast near Saco, Maine, visiting the grounds we used to fish over a decade ago.

My dad was pretty excited to kayak our old stomping grounds!

Florida to Maine Trip – Freshwater to Saltwater (1 of 3)

My father and I have been wanting to plan a trip back up to Maine for nearly a decade, which is where we used to live for roughly seventeen years.


Return the Fish Like You Caught ‘Em!

The more I learn about conservation and the importance of its practice, the more I see the impacts it can have on future generations in the sport.

Brian Nelli and Jonathan Hoke show off the day's epic catch.

Offshore Kayaking For Tuna (video)

I have run across a lot of people who are hesitant to set their kayaks in ocean water and trek out a few miles into the deep. Something about fish as big as a kayak and teeth as sharp as a knife may have something to do with it.

Happy anglers Paul Phipps and Russell Loucks, holding up some schooling redfish!

It’s That Time of Year Again – Redfish! (video)

Don’t you just love those days, when you look back, smile, and wish you could relive them? Your new baby being born, a hundred dollar bill you just found (I wish), walking into your new house – mine was a recent trip we had on the Indian River Lagoon with some schools of hungry and feeding redfish!

Step 5

So How DO You Load That Kayak?

Today’s kayak parts market has a plethora of options that may be used to suit a particular automobile and/or storage…»

My first big trophy redfish! What a fight out of the kayak!

No Motor Zone – Trout and Redfish (Video)

“So bring some boots or shoes that won’t come off, we’ll be getting into some mud that will go up to your knees”, Dee Kaminski, a friend and owner of Reel Kayak Fishing Charters, tells me as we’re talking on the phone and making plans for our fishing trip.

Chris giving the approval on my freshly picked Hobie Revo 13!

Check Out Estero River Outfitters

  Usually it takes some time to see exactly what you want in a kayak – from the shape, style,…»

Snook going air born on a topwater plug.

Seawalls for Snook

It’s great when a plan works out for a certain type of species and you get to capitalize on it with multiple solid fish.