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The Importance of Supporting a Fundraiser Fishing Tournament

  I have fished several fundraiser tournaments over the last few years and there is something about them that separate…»

Clear water, tidal flow trout.

Small Tip to Catch More Fish!

My dad recently came to visit Florida from Pennsylvania, where I was born and semi-raised before we moved to Maine. We packed in a ton of fishing within the four days he was here, including inshore and offshore; dolphin, snook, trout, snapper, pompano and more were on the catch list.

Making it easy on momma!

Moms Love to Fish Too!

I grew up with a great family; always loving, caring, protective and one that encouraged me to try my hardest. My dad loved the outdoors and passed his traits on to me, teaching me mostly everything he knew.

Pops getting his first slot snook out of a kayak!

Kayak Fishing Report: Snook Are On Fire

The weather has been breaking it’s winter patterns and the flats are finally starting to gradually warm up; along with…»


Get Some Salt On Your SeaDek

When I’m out on the kayak for several hours in a day, or trying to be as quiet as possible when casting to a shallow water redfish, I try to look for ways that will either give me an advantage on getting a bite or at least making it a bit more comfortable when confined to my plastic watercraft for hours on end.

The VISICarbon Pro easily folds/unfolds when needed.

Light It Up!

Safety is one of the biggest concerns when kayak fishing. There are a many different things to keep in mind when going out on even the smallest of trip – turn the lights off, and the precautions add up very quickly.

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3, 2, 1 ….REDFISH!

I had set out for the day with friends Vickie Sallee and Justin Ritchey, in the Merritt Island area in search of redfish, the bigger the better. We had beautiful conditions, with minor wind and good water clarity. I have never seen so many black drum in such a small vicinity, but picky as usual, very cool to see.

Tails ahead?!

Gear Review: YakAttack ParkNPole

Fishing out of a kayak is quickly evolving as more and more people are getting into this great sport. The gear is keeping up with the pace of the industry’s growth, especially by a company called YakAttack out of Virginia, owned by Luther Cifers.

A beauty spotted sea trout!

Searching for Big Trout and Crashing Snook

My fishing schedule has diminished over the last few weeks with every day life getting in the way. Who needs to work anyway, oh yes…reality check.

The Osprey Inflatable Fishing SUP

A Few New Rides to Consider For Your Next Trip

Osprey Inflatable Fishing SUP is most stable stand-up paddleboard on the market and designed for fishing….The new Hobie Mirage Sport is an extremely stable 225-pound capacity, easy-to-use watercraft that excels for fishing in-shore and on smaller bodies of water.

Weedless 1/16th oz Logic Lures did the trick on trout in warm skinny water.

NPB Kayak Tournament In the Heat of Summer

It’s getting hot quick! Where do you go to cool down? The nice cold air conditioned house I’m assuming, right? Same thing for the fish, they like going to their cool and cozy mangroves or other structure that gives them protection when the blaring sun rises.

Got snook?!

The Classic Slam and the Silver King!

  It’s that time of year again! When the water warms up and our silver sided fighters flock through our…»

The captain's meeting.

Jacksonville Classic: Behind the Trophy

This is going to be a different kind of write-up about kayak fishing. Most of the ones I’ve done so far are of successful and awesome trips showing some crazy good fishing, and others that I’ve read on the internet are lovey dovey every cast was a fish-blah blah blah.

The winner's circle.

The 2013 DOA Paddler’s Tournament

It just seemed like yesterday that we were getting excited to see the relaxing tiki hut sitting in front of a beautiful view of the Indian River Lagoon.

The competitors at the first ever Adventure Fishing World Championship, put on by Native Watercraft.

The Amazing Kayak Championship in the Everglades

  Another kayak tournament? In the Everglades? These questions rolled around in my head from being asked by teammate Vickie…»

Russel's pretty snook that put on a show.

Weekend Warriors? How About Midweek Mornings!

So you’re sitting at your desk pecking away at your keyboard or putting up some sheetrock on the construction site,…»