Offshore Fishing


Help Stop Unnecessary Bluefin Tuna Mortality

For almost a century, bluefin tuna have been one of the most important big-game species sought by recreational fishermen. However, the development of a lucrative commercial industry, largely catering to the demand for sushi in Japan, has contributed to significant declines of this now-threatened species.

Mike Harris, far left, hoists a 46-pound kingfish caught this week by anglers aboard the Miami charterboat Free Spool Too.

Big Kings Showing off Miami

Quick update on the light tackle kingfish bite off Miami, from Capt. Dennis Forgione of the Free Spool Too. Forgione is interviewed in the January 2014 issue of Florida Sportsman, in the how-to article “Returning to the Light.”


A Great Year

Forum member Jupiter Double D’s Put together the best of 2013. With many nice fish caught, it looks like it…»

Slick calm days are fewer than in summer, but the average fish is bigger. This one's 130 pounds, taken by the Three Buoys crew off Palm Beach County.

Warming Up to Winter Swordfish

Many of the largest swordfish of the year are caught as they migrate through our waters in winter. Each year as the weather turns cold, Florida east coast anglers begin targeting sailfish as they migrate south with each passing cold front. When chasing sailfish, the best fishing usually occurs on the leading edge of the cold front when the wind is blowing the hardest and the seas are rough.


Top Shot

Monofilament is great stuff for trolling. Its elasticity gives valuable shock resistance to help keep the hook from pulling under the surging of a big marlin or other fish.

share the gulf

‘Share’ Campaign Smells Fishy

First, a terrific idea: Future increases in red snapper allowable catch in the Gulf of Mexico would be dedicated in greatest proportion to recreational anglers, helping ensure a longer fishing season for the general public.


Marlin Jumps In, Man Jumps Out

Big game fishing for marlin is something that will always get anglers blood pumping, but when these big pelagic species decide to join the party in the boat things can get a little dangerous.


Fish Heads of Stuart Invitational

You are cordially invited to compete in the inaugural Fish Heads of Stuart Sailfish Invitational December 1st – 3rd, 2013.


Sailfish Alley North

High-leaping Atlantic sails gather at the northern end of Sailfish Alley in early winter. Ft. Pierce, at the north end of Sailfish Alley, heats up when temperatures drop. A walk down Fort Pierce docks reads like a Who’s Who list of sailfish chasers.


Fishing in Islamorada

That slim stretch of land halfway down the Keys is a stroke of geological genius for anglers. Only three miles to Islamorada’s south stands the reef, home of snapper and grouper. From there, the sea floor quickly drops off to the continental shelf.


Dropping for Deepwater Kings

A downrigger plan for big kings and other striking fish. More commonly, kings are scattered over sandy bottom, suspended at midwater depths beneath the bait schools, or perhaps holding over ledges or other deep structure.


Florida Sailfish Fishing Basics

Get ready…Get set…Go for Florida’s state saltwater fish! It’s finally here: November, start of sailfish season in South Florida. You wake up one morning and there’s a cool wind out of the north. Out on the reef, packs of spindlebeaks are heading south, black etchings in vivid sapphire seas.


Forget the Turkey, Serve Wahoo in the Bahamas this Thanksgiving

What’s better than turkey, football and relatives you haven’t seen all year? Easy answer: wahoo, high-speed trolling and a boat only big enough for six of your best friends or family.


Florida Shark Fishing

A battle worthy for any angler, sharks are worthy of protection. Though some anglers talk contemptuously about sharks, they sure can be tough to catch. A mix of muscle and sharp-edged teeth, coupled with a demeanor similar to a pitbull.


Braid Carbon Fiber Fighting Belts

The Carbon Fiber Fighting Belts will come in three sizes and four colors to each size. Carbon Fiber Fighting Belts will enable fisherman to battle and land the biggest of predators that swim while minimizing fatigue and discomfort, while allowing the angler to maintain concentration on the fight.


The Basics of Kite Fishing

Host of Reel Time Florida Sportsman Capt. George Gozdz shows us the basics of kite fishing. Kite fishing is a great way to present live baits to pelagics. Capt. George breaks down the essentials required for rigging the ideal kite fishing setup.


FS Seminar – Tying a Bimini Twist

Andrew Jones joins the FS crew to explain some of the finer points of offshore big game trolling. During this FS Seminar, Andrew explains how to tie a bimini twist, a must-know knot for any offshore fisherman.

Father  Son, John & Patrick Murphy from Tucson Arizona. The Wahoo & dolphin were caught as a double hookup 14 miles off of Grassy key (Marathon). John And Patrick caught 27 dolphin up to 16 lbs ,most were released but a few did join them for dinner. If photo is good enough to publish I'll send them a gift subscription. Father and son team, John and Patrick Murphy, landed this wahoo and dolphin 14 miles off of Grassy Key (Marathon) near an offshore current edge.

Finding Offshore Currents and Eddies

Easy ways to find currents and eddies offshore. Tracking weather fronts has long been a big part of offshore fishing. Pretty easy, too. Just turn on the TV or check the Internet. No excuse for getting caught in a norther on your way to the marlin grounds.

basicboatlayout copy

FS Seminar – Trolling: Basic Boat Layout

Andrew Jones joins the FS crew to explain some of the finer points of offshore big game trolling. During this FS Seminar, Andrew explains how to set up the rods and reels in the cockpit of your boat for a worry-free spread of lines.


Serve ‘em a Cold Sardine

Ocean fish of all sorts love these versatile baits. Spanish sardines are among the best live baits when they’re available, but don’t discount the frozen ones. Partyboats, charter skippers and private anglers have been using them for a long time.