Inshore Fishing What's Biting Now

Boca Grande Big Snook

Boca Grande Big Snook

Florida Sportsman member: dorian kennedy Last year, my son caught three huge snook in one day with a personal best of 40 inches. We went out the first time this year and he bested it with this 41 1/2 inch snook.

Crystal River Trout

Crystal River Trout, Mackerel and Whiting

Florida Sportsman Member: xmuskyguide We wanted to fish for cobia, but it was too windy to head out of the bay. We still managed to produce some fish to take home.

Redtail Catfish

Rare Canal Redtail Catfish

Florida Sportsman Member: tarponfly49 This redtail catfish bottomed out a 50lb boga grip and taped well over our 36″ ruler! This was one heck of a fight on 15lb spinning gear, but my wife landed her after a 45 minute fight!

Vilano Surf Fishing

Amelia and Vilano Surf Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: creekgeek One of the boys was struggling to get the pole out of the holder and I looked out to see our big toothy customer come out of the water three times in succession. I knew it was a big one and thought, “Well this won’t last long. It’s just a bit too big with this tackle and this surf.” I was wrong.

Fishing for Cobia

Fishing for Cobia with Eels

Florida Sportsman Member: PanhandlePoon With the fish still down and out of sight, Jonathan dropped the eel over the side and the big one ate it, pulled drag for about five seconds and spit the hook. Jonathan free spooled his bait, and she ate a second time. 25 minutes later, she’s in the boat.

Everglades Inshore Slam

Everglades Inshore Slam

Florida Sportsman member: lemaymiami That day we were working mostly small artificials on light spinning gear. Out near the coast, Randy tossed a 1/8 oz lure up against a downed tree and we were off to the races with a nice slot snook that fought all the way until I was able to grab it for a quick photo. It measured right at 30″ and was Randy’s first snook ever.